Ground Truth on Stopping Those Caravans – Facts, Law and History

caravans facts law history truth stoppingHere is “ground truth” on the latest immigration crisis, governing law and what should be done about it.  Bottom line:  The President is right, “caravans” should be stopped, American law matters.

Thousands of foreign nationals (in “caravans”) are headed here from Central America.  Their goal, gain asylum in America.  Despite empathy among Americans, there is no “get into America free” card.  Never has been.

We are a country of laws. Saying so boldly does not make you a racist, xenophobe, bigot, or promotor of inhumanity.

Quite the reverse – those who defend fidelity to rule of law, original understandings of our Constitution and statutes, are preserving health and safety of Americans citizens, modeling rule of law for foreign nationals.

Legal, factual and testimonial factors define whether a person gets asylum in America.  We are a nation built on legal, naturalized and assimilated immigrants, who proudly call themselves Americans.  We generally oppose illegal immigration.

Absent law enforcement, America would not be the beacon we are.  No one in their right mind believes a world without borders or laws would be desirable. Those who do, even in jest, ignore inexorable consequences of such a policy.

Absent enforcement of immigration laws, the world’s impoverished nations would overwhelm America.  There would be no America, no limits on immigration, no assimilation, and no order – let alone prosperity, to share with the world.

Our streets would be awash in a billion fleeing Venezuelans, Syrians, Yemeni, Somali, Chinese, Indian, Iranian, Afghan, Russian, Lao, you-name-it economic opportunity aspirants.

How odd that mainstream media – caught up in midterms – overplayed their hand, attacking a president for calling “caravans” with tens of thousands of aspiring law breakers something like an impending “invasion.”  If your house was on the border, might you not feel that way?  Do they condemn him for making our porous border sound, enforcing our laws, deterring what seems a lawless mob?

Media anchors, living in gated communities have the gall to say that he is off the mark.  What constitution are they reading?  What American citizens are they defending?  What planet do they live on?  Americans are empathetic, but no civilized nation on Earth abandon borders, or operates without rules for entry.

Who gets refuge, then? An individual who proves objectively a “well-founded fear of persecution” in their home country.

Unpack that – and apply the standard to these “caravans.” We do not admit groups as groups.  Asylum requests are individual, must be proven individually – meaning each person must have a unique basis for believing they are targeted.

The vast majority of asylum requests are false. We do not knowingly grant asylum to hardened criminals, or those who participate in criminality. We do not grant asylum to those who wish a better life, or want access to welfare.

We do not grant asylum to a nationality because they hail from a poor country, suffer corrupt governments, or feel unsafe as citizens due to violence, disease, depression or disappointment.  Think with me:  Can you imagine if we did?

There is more:  “There is a presumption persons fleeing persecution will seek protection at the first opportunity… or first country they reach.”  Here, that is Mexico.  If they did not seek asylum there, scales tip.  They are unlikely to get asylum.

Why?  If you fear life in country A, escape to country B, then shoot for country C, you are no longer escaping country A, just angling for country C.  Asylum is denied.

Moreover, the “burden of proof is on the applicant” to show they are suffering likely persecution based on “race, religion, nationality… social group or political opinion,” effectively being “singled out.”  If not, no go.  Caravan membership does not cut it.

If you fear persecution, but that fear is purely subjective – asylum denied.  And then there are the refugee number ceilings, regional limits, usually quickly filled in a year.  ‘

So chances are not good for the caravan.  What should be done?  Five things.

First, Mexico should immediately stop these caravans. Tend to the sick, sad, deceived and unruly mass of humanity headed for us – before they arrive.  That is what allies do.

Second, countries from which the migrants originated should be pressed to accept them back, no persecution. If they accept human rights accords, we will work with them to firm up rule of law, seed development, help them import our ideals, stop exporting their people.

Third, US politicians should stop all the chicanery.  Unify in upholding US laws and borders.  The notion that some American politicians think there is political gain in undermining our laws, endangering our health and safety, is both incorrigible and dishonorable.  They should be held to account.

Fourth, politicians who defend undermining federal laws, blocking US law enforcement from protecting American citizens in “sanctuary cities” – where illegal aliens have license to commit immigration, drug and other crimes, should be turned out of office.

Finally, yes, all presidents of the past half century have placed military, at one time or another, on our southern border. Some focused on support to immigration enforcement, others drug enforcement.  The president is well within his rights to place a clear military deterrent on our southern border, reinforcing outnumbered US law enforcement, preserving our border, making real our laws.

That is ground truth, nothing emotional, nothing whipsawed by electioneering, no media marketing of outrage.  Just facts, law and what most knew before they read this piece.  Now, let’s vote.

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Donald Warner
1 year ago

Well said. Thank you for this.

General Patton
1 year ago


Marie J. Conger
1 year ago

Extremely well stated. Thank you so much to whomever wrote the article.

Burton Pauly
1 year ago

No one deserves a free pass to our nation. Anyone who desires to enter our USA can dictate how they may enter. So stop them at the border and vet them thoroughly. There is our laws that must be obeyed without any other thought. And all of the liberals can take a flying F, at the moon on this subject. Most of these so called refugees are just looking to get here for a free ride. And we certainly don’t need any more free loaders to support. And just to enter for any reason isn’t enough to make it a… Read more »

1 year ago

Let in a thousand and they will be back with ten thousand, then one hundred thousand, etc.

1 year ago

I think immigration is one of the biggest threats we have to our country. I’d put it in second place, just behind a Congress, the members of whom don’t appear to want to review immigration law, interpret the 14th Amendment correctly, or build a border wall. When Congress gets lined out, maybe we can drop them on the list, maybe even from the list.

1 year ago

Protect the Boarders. What ever it takes. Law breakers should pay the price. Including our politics who break or help someone else break our laws

Paul W
1 year ago

Completely spot on! Excellent article Robert. The fact the the lawless left condemns efforts to stop the caravans only highlights their true aim. Bring America down and have its citizens groveling to the government for help. The left are, by their condemnation of immigration law, seditious ant-America to the core.

1 year ago

America is the target of envy among all nations. No other border is tested and violated like this. It is pure envy and evil wished upon the US by some of our own citizens.

1 year ago

Very well said!

1 year ago

Why would you carry the flag proudly from the country that you just suffered persecution in ?

1 year ago

Thank you for such a well written, truthful article. The comments are just as encouraging as the actual column!

Larry Peterson
1 year ago

If Mexico can’t or won’t stop than we, all of us, must.

Mary Blaylock
1 year ago

Well said, every one needs to read this. If we can help them stay in their own country and make life better there that would be good as well. Leaders in other countrie need to learn how to look out for the welfare of their citizens, control crime and create opportunities for their own citizens to do great things and contribute to their communities.

John J Butler
1 year ago

I totally agree with you on this situation , can only thank Our Politicans for failing to work together and pass common sense immigration laws. That’s why we pay them to due, work to protect American Citizens

Susan Laughlin
1 year ago

Well written and so true! We should teach our children about the laws of the country and then insist that they obey the rules! The president is more than right to take the actions he has taken…he’s obeying the rules he was taught!!

1 year ago

Thank you, excellent article. One small typo: “…If your fear persecution,” [shows that I read the entire thing :) ]

1 year ago

The two young Saudi women recently found duct taped together had applied for asylum, but got none. Mean while, their family exacted revenge and ‘convinced them to to commit suicide’ in thee Hudson River. The NYC PD found no evidence of violence, much like the cases of Clintoncide. No problem found, move along !

Julia T.
1 year ago

Finally the valid reason why that Caravan headed to America should be STOPPED!

Jackie Kinsley
1 year ago

I agree.

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