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This Was a Great President…NO DOUBT

You do not have to be a veteran to have goose bumps run down your body. This is an incredibly great video.  Humbles you right down to your toes.

It’s from a time when the United States had a President who actually loved his country…

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5 years ago

Frankly speaking, I think this awesome video should be shown to everyone in this current administration, from president on down to the office clerks so they will all see and perhaps recall their memories of who and what a great president Ronald Reagan was! This ought to put a lot of those in office today to shame for doing what they have and are still doing to bring this wonderful county or ours’ down to what it is! I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Reagan when he was then governor of CA, and found him to be a charismatic… Read more »

5 years ago

Marshall, A Viet Nam Vet. LAK, You are correct. ” We earned it!” Not just those of us who went to war, but those who lived through the great depression, those who lived and worked and payed taxes and started a business and bought a home or worked in an American factory or farmed or drove a truck or built our infastucture. Americans, living their lives without free stuff. THEY EARNED what they had. Now we are becoming “useful idiots” as the secular progressive liberals try to destroy the America that we know and love. Don’t let them! Vote, don’t… Read more »

John Sharp, Korean War Veteran
5 years ago

Let it be known that the ongoing demise of our Freedoms can & MUST be stopped by the continuous dismantling of our Constitution & Bill of Rights by the Progressive political factions in both parties in ALL local, State, & National government bodies..& this action to do so is available to US via Article V on our Constitution wherein EVERY State thru it’s legislation legally vies to participate in a ‘CONVENTION OF STATES’.. NOT Congress..to advise by vote..(one state has one vote)..to make corrective amendments to our Constitution where Congress MUST take action on the amendments presented..Such amendments for Term… Read more »

Bruce W.
5 years ago

This video struck me to my core. It is so clear for anyone that can still think for themselves that this country has gone so far afield that we may have crossed a line that might be too far behind us. I still have hope that enough people may wake up that we might still reverse our course and reclaim our greatness that made the USA the light of the world.
I would like to know where a can find a copy of this video so I can share it with everyone I know.

5 years ago

I agree with LAK whole heartedly and add to his statement this, the present administration has been sickeningly successful at promoting “Entitlement” beliefs and at making America a laughing stock among nations! We have a traitor in the Whitehouse and another she devil traitor hoping to secure the liberal nomination for the highest office in the land! God please help us!!! The following link is about a man was one of the greatest presidents in American history and who may well be the most successful in the last one hundred or more years and strengthening and keeping America strong, healthy… Read more »

5 years ago

Our national pride is being eroded and replaced with “entitlement and more” mentality. Witness Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, the list goes on. There is no national sacrifice, just the “fleecing” of those Americans who have been trying to achieve and live the American way of life. For our nation’s wealth, we as American’s should not be ashamed or apologetic to the rest of the world–as a people and nation–WE EARNED IT, the military cemeteries in this country and around the world with our men and women who have died in her service have given us this right! We should be… Read more »

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