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Goya Outrage Shows Cancel Culture Out of Control

goyaIt was the kind of program that, ordinarily, liberals would cheer.

To hear them tell it, expanding the opportunities for minorities has always been their party’s idea. But when President Donald Trump took a stab at it, announcing a business and educational project aimed directly at Hispanic people, the left wasn’t about to cut him some slack. And worse than that, they’re out to destroy anyone who does.

For Goya CEO Robert Unanue, Thursday’s executive order had been a long time coming. Like most Hispanic Americans, he was eager to work with the administration to improve his community’s way of life.

When Trump invited Unanue to join his Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, he eagerly accepted. And, at the signing ceremony, he praised Trump, saying: “We are all truly blessed … to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder. We have an incredible builder, and we pray. We pray for our leadership, our president.”

No sooner had he spoken the words than the cancel culture, led by ringleaders like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., started the hashtag #BoycottGoya.

To Unanue, who pointed out that he’d done an event at the White House with Michelle Obama too, the backlash was unbelievable.

“You’re allowed to talk good or talk praise to one president but … all the sudden that’s not acceptable,” Unanue told Fox News. “If you’re called by the president of the United States, you’re going to say, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m busy, no thank you’? I didn’t say that to the Obamas, and I didn’t say that to President Trump.”

Asked if he would apologize for the comments, Unanue said absolutely not. In fact, he made his feelings clear that a liberal boycott was just another attempt at “suppression of speech.”

He’s right. These same people who claim to care about minorities—phonies like AOC and her followers—have never given two figs about real America. If they did, they’d have set aside their political agendas long enough to realize that Unanue is no enemy.

They’d have seen that Goya—the same company they’ve decided to blacklist—just pledged to donate 2 million cans of food to needy U.S. families. And instead of applauding that—or, frankly, just remaining silent—they did what liberals do: proved they care more about politics than people.

Cancel culture is absolutely out of control. This is a man who simply said something good about Trump, and what are the mobs doing? Threatening to take down his brand. We might as well be back in the French Revolution, lining people up in the guillotine yard.

As Americans, we can’t afford to be passive about this leftist revolutionary agenda. Fortunately, there are men of conviction like Robert Unanue who refuse to bend to the angry fringe.

But there are far more, warn the editors of National Review Online, who “believe they can pacify the mob by throwing it a sacrificial lamb or two. In that, they are mistaken.”

There is no appeasement. There is only courage or surrender. And only one will guarantee that our country and freedom survive.

Reprinted with Permission from - Daily Signal by - Tony Perkins

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Bob Hegerman
22 days ago

I will support GOYA by purchasing as many of their products I can and cancel the other brands that appease the left. Thank you GOYA for saying it how it really is and standing by our president!

M Steelman
22 days ago

I am sure tired of this cancel culture. Brought to us by destroyers…not builders. Afraid for our nation if the leftists gain control of the government. Support Goya…and support Tucker…and may God bless America!

22 days ago

Great products! Great Company! Buy Goya! Buy a lot and donate to local food bank to help those in need. We must support Goya and reverse this Cancel Culture crowd which sounds like they are right out of Orwell’s 1984, scary!

gia ricottone
22 days ago


Jon M
22 days ago

Never really aware of Goya before, not the case anymore. I am actively looking for their product now.

22 days ago

You really can’t make this stuff up. Let them boycott. It shows their stupidity and their hate not only the President but also for the Hispanic people that want to become better citizens and maybe get ahead in life.
I have never had Goya products but I think I will now.
The left and their media cronies have really lost it
MAGA. vote for some who cares for all the citizens of our great country

Charlotte A Mahin
22 days ago

Have never boycotted anything the Progressives and terrorist mobs condemn. No one has the right to tell others what they HAVE to do.

Dr. Dulcelina Stahl
22 days ago

It’s sickening that people want to boycott GOYA instead of being proud of its success as a minority business. Let’s support GOYA!!! It’s products are awesome. BUY!!!!BUY!!! GOYA PRODUCTS! GOYA’s CEO deserves strong commendation for His Courage to express what he thinks and great deal of appreciation for his company’s contributions to those in need during COVID-19 challenges. Unlike the other corporations that succumbed to pressure of these destroyers of our country, Pres. Unanue is not afraid to stand up for what is right and for the good of the hispanic minorities who will be positively impacted by Pres. Trump’s… Read more »

s frazier
22 days ago

I just -purchased 10 products. Thank you Goya.

22 days ago


Stephen Russell
22 days ago

Buy Goya negro/black canned beans, best value & other products.
$$$$$ awesome Yes

@garyowen on Twitter
22 days ago

I’m a Hispanic legal immigrant. Got my US Citizenship while serving in US Army (May 1972). I used to be a Democrat. The Democratic Party is unrecognizable. I became an Independent in 1987 and have voted conservative since then. This is no longer the party of John F. Kennedy, but the party of haters, which embodies incongruent elements such as Islamists, the LGBTQ Community, persons of the Jewish Faith, all ready to hurl the most hateful ethnic epithets at those of us who are supportive of our President, Donald J. Trump & his programs. Democrats are all to ready to… Read more »

Last edited 22 days ago by @garyowen on Twitter
22 days ago

I am tired of the hollywood bolsheviks telling the world what to do – whatever they are against, I am for it!

Sherry Stuckey
22 days ago

I will continue to support Goya products, I have used them for over 30! In fact I will buy more! Don’t back down!

Linda Goodman
22 days ago

Now I will buy Goya products whenever I can.

Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson
22 days ago

The left bases its politics on feelings and emotions, not as Conservatives who use logic and facts to form its politics. Anything which attacks how they think makes them feel bad, They emote rather than think.

Paul Revere
22 days ago

Drew Breez are you listening?! You’ve shown us what weakness, fear & cowardice looks like. This is what courage, integrity & self-respect looks like. Also, love of country! 🇺🇸 Drew, eat your heart out & forever live with your disgrace! 🏈

22 days ago

I am heading to the store and buying GOYA!

22 days ago

I fully support GOYA! They make a superior product and I will never let a progressive democrat dictate what I purchase at the grocery store. AOC needs to stop this cancel culture stuff.

Jeff Noncent
22 days ago

I wear will support Goya all the way

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