Government Run Healthcare Sentences Another Child to Death in the U.K. Warning Against Death Panels in the U.S.

observation inpatient outpatient hospital vaccines flu government healthcare deathIn his failed presidential bid, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) ran on a platform of socialized medicine, and he is still pushing the issue in the Senate today. The Senator and his fellow travelers hailed government-controlled healthcare as the solution to all problems, despite glaring failures of socialism around the world. For the second time in less than a year, a nation with government-controlled healthcare has sentenced a child to death, and the question must be asked. Why are Democrats trying to infect the U.S. with the same disease that is killing children in the U.K.?

If you have been paying attention to international news, you likely know about British child Alfie Evans. Alfie is the 23-month-old child of Tom and Kate James. Alfie has been at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital since December 2016. The doctors have been unable to diagnose what is wrong with him, but believe it could be a rare degenerative neurological condition, the same condition Charlie Gard had. Another child the U.K. sentenced to death.

The hospital, which is run by the National Health Service (NHS), has decided that it is no longer in the child’s best interest to live, and intended to take him off life support. The parents did not agree with this and have fought the U.K. government to keep their child alive. The family went to court for permission to take their child to Italy for further treatment. The Pope and Italian government recently gotten involved and offered to treat Alfie at Vatican’s Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital at no cost to the NHS. The Italian Defense Ministry has stated they have a plane on standby ready to retrieve the boy and bring him to the Vatican.

The NHS denied the family’s request to move their son, and by mid-afternoon, on April 25 the family lost their petition to the Court of Appeals. The three judges rejected the families appeal backing the decision of the High Court the previous day. The decision is a death sentence for the child.

How can this happen? How can a hospital filled with doctors and nurses kill a child? Isn’t part of the Hippocratic oath “first, to do no harm”?

This is able to happen because in a nation with socialized medicine, the patients and family do not make decisions, government bureaucrats and courts do. This is what happens when a government gets too much power.

Section 15 of the Mental Capacity Act of 2005 sadly gives the courts in the UK, not parents, guardians or caregivers, the power to make these end-of-life determinations: “Power to make declarations (1)The court may make declarations as to—(a)whether a person has or lacks capacity to make a decision specified in the declaration; (b)whether a person has or lacks capacity to make decisions on such matters as are described in the declaration; (c)the lawfulness or otherwise of any act done, or yet to be done, in relation to that person.” This is a state-run system of death, where courts get to decide to pull the plug even when families are not ready.

When the government has the power to order an action that leads directly to the death of a child in a hospital it runs, doesn’t that seem like too much power?

One must ask, where is the harm in letting the child go to the Vatican? If the Vatican is willing to take on the expenses in providing for the child, why would the NHS be so vehemently against it?

The only entity harmed by letting the child go to the Vatican hospital is the NHS. Perhaps if the child were to go to a non-NHS hospital and improve, the NHS would be utterly embarrassed. In a society with socialized medicine, government-run healthcare must be the ultimate arbiter and never challenged.

Bernie Sanders and his fellow travelers have admitted their goal is complete government control of healthcare. Where are the human rights groups challenging Sen. Sanders and his fellow travelers on the ethics of sentencing a child to death?

In socialized medicine, when the government decides it is time to die, there is nothing to be done about it. This is the lesson that must learned from the debacle at the NHS in the U.K. While in the U.S. we value life and pursue it at all costs, societies with socialized medicine tend to lean towards death. The U.K. should be ashamed of itself for letting this happen, but more importantly, Americans must look at how the right to make decisions over death has been ceded to the government overseas and vow never here.

From - Daily Torch - by Printus LeBlanc

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Patricia A. Lidstone
3 years ago

You can bet this would never happen to those “above the law.”

3 years ago

Government run anything is a massive waste of money, resources, efficiency and integrity.
Guard our shores and stay out of my life.
Big government is only getting bigger.

3 years ago

We’ve been told the importance of getting a second opinion, right? Well, it’s becoming more evident doing so challenges the credibility of the first prognosis if not the criminal act itself. There was no reason for the NHS not releasing the child for a second opinion or care if not for the reasons already stated. We are surrounded by evil designs in government, business and relationships right down to families that make up our communities. The upside to it all is that evil may win battles but ultimately will lose the war.

Sue S
3 years ago

Shame on you for such an inflammatory title to the article-and for a biased article.
This is a child with a severe, rapidly progressive neurological disorder that would not only make him ventilator dependent but would make him living on a machine and non-responsive. As he grew older he would continue to experience other medical issues, including infections, skin breakdown, muscle wasting, possible contractures, kept alive only by machines.
It is hard to lose a child, but it will be harder, through the years to see the “life” you have sentenced him to. I know a mom whose child had died of a similar disease at a young age. She was crying -she had just seen a child with the same disease, but about 8 years older. She was crying for her child, but also crying, grateful her daughter did not survive and continue to suffer because of the medical interventions that family had insisted on using. The difficult decisions are made as you listen with your mind and your heart. Sometimes you come to the decision your child has suffered enough and you are only prolonging life thinking it will prevent suffering and grief. Instead, it only prolongs and multiplies it-for you and your child. Then there are new decision about care to be made on a regular basis-but you have less control-withdrawing life support on a non-responsive 10 yr old or removing a feeding tube after 20 years is harder than not initiating care in the first place.
That is why the medical team is part of an “Ethics Panel”, not a “Death Panel”. Ask:What are we doing to this person? What are we doing for this person? Why are we doing this? What will the outcome be for the person? (How does this fit into the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm”?) In the US, generally, you and medical staff are involved in these decisions-not the “government”.. Sometimes the decision is for a pain-free, peaceful death at home, supported by hospice.
As with end-of-life care, the goal is to promote life, not to prolong dying. This is true regardless of the age of the person.
The danger is when “government” or unreasonable people take their “rights” to extreme degrees

3 years ago

We just joined AMAC, and we are so proud to support the efforts to get this news out and warn people about exactly what PaulE and so many others are saying (see the comments). THANK YOU, AMAC!!

Charlotte Kern
3 years ago

Please hire me as a proofreader. I’m very good. I can catch glaring mistakes like there were in this article, and I can catch obscure grammatical errors, as well. I want your articles to be taken seriously. I can start tomorrow!

Mar. W.
3 years ago
Reply to  Charlotte Kern

You are correct. I picked up two incorrect statements in Mr. LeBlanc’s article.
(see my replies above) I certainly hope you are hired.

3 years ago

When I lived in Mi. Detroit area which is across the river from Windsor Canada. When a person in Windsor had a heart attack they were taken to a Detroit hospital, because their chances for survival were dramatically increased. I’m not sure if this practice is still used, I left there about 5 yrs ago. Oh we do have “Death Panels” in some hospitals today in America, The name they use is “Ethics Board” Not quite as bad as Britain but the foundation is in place.
Something else I’ve noticed just this year, the regular Dr. I go to now, (I live in S. Ga. now) been going there since I moved here. Great Dr. My wife and I walked in the Drs. office, (Small Medical Center about 10 Drs. there) with my wife on a follow up for a test on her, Well they said she had to pay, I asked since when did they start charging on a follow-up. on a test her Dr. ordered? Well they informed me that a new place had taken over the Medical center. Well I did get a little pissed. And asked a couple of the girls up front “what is more important to you the patient’s health or money. I know loaded question, one of the girls got insulted which would be a normal response, the other girl replied “money” I almost fell over. Make a long story short, I switched Drs. my wife stayed there, she likes her Dr. I went home a started checking on this so called medical service place that had taken over. The guy that started it worked in another medical place, wehere they would go to the government and get contracts for set amount of dollars. And now he has started his own medical company with hopes of doing the same thing. So the girl who answered me “money” was really telling me the truth. Now this idea I believe has a lot to do with Obamacare and socialized medicine taking effect. It is hard to follow these things because the lawyers really know how to hide things in documents.

3 years ago

As I shall not judge lest I be judged may I say That a Judgement may well be in order for the ones holding the pen that could have signed a different warrant for this beautiful child.
God, vengeance is yours and may your will be done as you bring forth judgement for any who would hurt a child.
My first grandchild was laid on a cold countertop at birth to die because her mom and dad didn’t have insurance and she was a premature baby, I have a cousin who was born at a little over half her size that will start college soon. Why did my grandchild not even get the tent or a warm blanket or a chance to try. She was a Tncare baby? It has been in the US for years already for some. We need to grow a set and quit letting the left and weak right rule, Vote For Better!!!

3 years ago

It’s important that each of us vote and support, in contributions and volunteer work, the Republican candidates. Dems tend to favor socialism, abortion and other negative programs that put lives in jeopardy.
Little Alfie’s fate was decided by the flawed socialist health system. Just remember that pride goeth before the fall. People are wondering why the Queen remained silent. We also wonder what would have happened if Alfie had been a royal. Does no one in authority in the U. K. have a heart? Even the Pope offered assistance but in the U.K., the silence was deafening.

j. Miller
3 years ago

They are having such a fuss over naming the new baby prince which is ok but what if the situation was reversed? Would they royalty be able to take their new prince out of the country freely for help? Makes no sense. England’s honor and class is an embarrassment.

3 years ago

This is what happens when you adopt Socialism and institute socialized “health care”. The so-called National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom is an utter disaster. Like virtually all such government-run health care, the NHS controls the individual citizen’s access to health care, and virtually outlaws the ability of an individual citizen to buy the services of a doctor. Then they ration expensive life-saving procedures like heart surgeries, organ transplants and advanced techniques like stem-cell therapies. (This is assuming the socialist medical bureaucrats will even allow the use of some advanced procedures.) This miserable system is the reason that several hundred thousand citizens of the UK and other countries with similar ‘systems’ come to the U.S. for life-saving medical treatment every year.
Warning: This is the kind of horrible stupidity that Bernie Sanders and his “socialist comrades” want to force on you if they ever come into power. They will try to take away our money, take away our ability to hire our own physician, and set up “death boards” of bean-counting non-medical bureaucrats to determine when our time is ended. “Nope, you cost too much for your advanced age. It’s better to spend our socialist collective’s money on young people’s health care.” Just you watch….

3 years ago

In addition to my comments below, I want to add that a woman I work with has a son who was born with only part of a brain. He was not expected to live past infancy and yet he is now in his teens. His life has strengthened their family and sown compassion and love. God has a purpose for every life and none of us has the right to take that life away. God numbers our days; man never should.

3 years ago

This is for everyone, but especially for LEN.
If you look into Alfie’s case, you will find that not only was he not brain dead, his eyes were open and followed movement, he smiled at his father, he responded to physical touch, he sucked on a pacifier. There are pictures and videos that you can see. No brain death, no vegetative state, at least not at the points when the courts were deciding and they could have made a difference; plenty of hope and people who were willing to do what it took to help, including transport the child at no cost and doctor’s care in the Vatican hospital at no charge. It wouldn’t have cost the Brits a dime. And remember – the hospital didn’t know what was wrong with Alfie; they ASSUMED he was incurable!

I recommend this site as a starting point: http://www.christianheadlines.com/slideshows/10-things-christians-should-know-about-the-alfie-evans-case.html . Then please move on to the legality of the courts’ power to insist on death at: www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2018/april/heres-the-legal-reason-why-the-uk-can-force-alfie-evans-to-die.

We must fight to ensure that the US never goes this route; if we do, there is no return.

3 years ago

They don’t want the child hanging on and being a drain on their health-care (education and social) system. They are medical bean counters. It won’t end with children, anyone who is a potential burden can be denied health care.

Thomas Haj
3 years ago

Government-run healthcare want ad: Position for Apprentice Plug Puller available – Applicant must be devoid of all sympathy for the severely disabled

3 years ago

NEVER with my Vote!!

Geraldine Carlton
3 years ago

OMG! This should never be allowed to happen in this country! Only God can give life and only God can take it away! What these people are doing is committing murder and forcing the parents to watch. This just blows my mind that this child could have a chance in Italy but the UK government would rather kill the boy instead. There is a special place in hell for people like that! Hope every person who made this decision goes there!

Ron Skeleton
3 years ago

I don’t want to be ghoulish BUT what would happen if little baby Louie would be in the same situation?

3 years ago

This is an important message to get out to the public. Instead the media covers Kate’s royal birthing, how little it cost thanks to the NHS in the UK. She had a trouble free birth of a potential heir to the throne. Does anyone believe she didn’t get top notch healthcare not available to the mere plebian masses?

3 years ago
Reply to  Andie

None of the royal family use the NHS garbage healthcare system. They all have access to top notch doctors and private hospitals, as do most of those in the U.K. who have the means to pay for real medical care. The socialized medicine system of the NHS is what the average people are stuck with. Just like Obamacare here is what average folks are stuck with.

3 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul E you are right as the average people are stuck with medical care just like Obamacare here because I have relatives there are they say that their
medical system is no difference than here.

D McNamara
3 years ago
Reply to  Andie

It would not surprise me at all if she was also attended by a Homeopathy or a Midwife educated in the PROPER use of Homepathic protocols in childbirth.

3 years ago

Does the royal family have no say in these final decisions? They just added a new baby to the system; must they remove one to make room? How can a royal family with their own newborn held in their arms consent to the murder of another familys’s precious little one? Where is the mercy and grace and compassion that supposedly under girds a Christian nation? I am devastated for the James family, and deeply disappointed in the nation of Britain and the “royal” family.

3 years ago
Reply to  Carol

The royal family has no say in how the government runs. The royals are figureheads.

3 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

You are right, Paul E. I know because my father and mother were raised in England before coming to this country.

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