Gov. Scott Walker States: “Obama’s Machine Spending $60 Million to Defeat Me “

from Newsmax – by David A. Patten and Kathleen Walter  –

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says President Barack Obama’s political machine is pulling out all the stops to defeat him in the pivotal June 5 recall election — a race that could determine the future of many efforts around the country to curb runaway government spending.

“I think you’ll see the most radical elements on the left are going to be involved in this recall, because again for them, this is so critically important,” Walker told Newsmax in an exclusive interview.

“I think they understand that when we win, this will send a powerful message not just to other Republican governors, but to even some of the discerning Democrats who hold governorships and even mayoral positions across the country.”

Asked during the Newsmax.TV interview if he believes President Obama and the White House are working to defeat him, Walker replied: “Oh, I think Organizing for America, which obviously is connected to the president’s political machine, groups like, and others are involved.”

Organizing for America (OFA) is the ongoing campaign arm created by  Obama shortly before he took office. It superseded his Obama for America campaign organization, which boasted an email list of over 13 million names.

Due to laws intended to separate politics and governance, Obama directed OFA to work under the aegis of the Democratic National Committee — which in turn is controlled by the incumbent president.

Walker did not specify OFA’s involvement in the looming recall election. But during the protests that virtually shut down Wisconsin’s government in February 2011 following Walker’s decision to rein in public-sector collective bargaining, OFA reportedly organized phone banks and bused protesters to the state capital.

If he loses the June 5 recall election, Walker would be just the third governor in U.S. history to be recalled. Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four GOP state senators are subject to recall elections as well.

But a GOP victory in June would signal a “huge success” and could have national implications in November, he suggested.

“I think the message it sends is if you’re a candidate who can not only talk about [entitlement reform] but who can legitimately make the case that that’s what you’ll do when you’re in office, that there will be a majority of voters in our state, and hopefully around the country, who will want to put people like that in office,” he said.

A recent PPP poll showed Walker with a 50 to 45 percent edge over his leading Democratic opponent, Milwaukee County executive Tom Barrett. He also holds a 50 to 43 percent advantage over his other potential rival, Kathleen Falk, the former Dane County executive who is the unions’ favorite. The Democratic primary will be held May 8.

In his Newsmax interview, Walker estimated big labor will invest as much as $60 million in its bid to defeat him.

By any measure, the outside money pouring into Wisconsin’s recall showdown — which is seen as an important test of President Obama’s ability to keep Wisconsin in the blue column in November — is staggering.

Consider that the previous record for campaign expenditures in Wisconsin was about $37 million. This was for the 2010 gubernatorial race that saw Walker defeat Barrett.

The estimated price tag for the recall will shatter that record, perhaps going as high as $80 million, according to Mike McCabe, director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign government watchdog group.

McCabe called the epic battle “a shock to the system” of Wisconsin voters, who are unaccustomed to the national political spotlight.

“We’ve never seen these amounts of money raised and spent in state elections in Wisconsin before,” said McCabe, who expects Walker to marginally outspend Democrats and the unions. “We’ve also never seen these levels of outside interference. The amount of money flowing from outside into Wisconsin is just unprecedented. We don’t have anything in our past that you could compare this too.”

PACs and activist groups on both sides are gearing up for a battle royale. Tea Party Express and FreedomWorks have been active on the right. The heavy hitter on the left so far is We Are Wisconsin PAC, a union-oriented organization that has spent $10.7 million so far, according to McCabe.

McCabe said his organization was able to determine that about $10.1 million of We Are Wisconsin’s money came from just three national unions that are headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said he is “highly concerned” the democratic process is being warped by the outside money pouring into the campaign in what may shape up as a replay of an election held just two years ago.

“There’s certainly a percentage of even Democrats who think this recall process just is being abused,” Johnson told Newsmax. “This is only the third recall of a governor in U.S. history. A recall really should be saved for a true malfeasance in office, not policy disagreements.

“I’m hoping a majority of Wisconsinites agree with that, and just put an end to this process,” Johnson said. “Let’s respect elections, and the results of elections, and if you have a problem with the policies of your elected officials, let’s take care of it at the next time they’re up for a regularly scheduled election.

Other highlights from the exclusive Newsmax interview with Walker:

  • He says he’s not surprised that unions are almost as angry at his leading opponent, Tom Barrett, as they are at him. Barrett’s cardinal sin: He used the tools provided in Walker’s controversial reforms to save enough money to avoid some 300 layoffs in Milwaukee County. Walker said that in his eight years as Milwaukee County executive “unions told me all the time they’d rather have the layoffs than making reasonable changes in things like benefits.”
  • Walker said “clearly our reforms,” including property-tax caps, are why the median property tax bill in Wisconsin has dropped for the first time in 12 years. “It’s really just one more concrete example that the things we said would happen are happening,” he said.
  • He described as “mindboggling” that both Barrett and Falk have voiced support for repealing the property-tax caps his administration instituted that stopped the spiraling tax hikes. “To me that’s nothing more than just trying to pander to the big-government unions that somehow have come to dominate this primary election,” said Walker.
  • Walker blasted WEAC, the Wisconsin teachers union, for pulling the results of a teacher survey off its website because it showed “more positive results than they’ve had in the past.” Walker said the union was embarrassed that the survey indicated teachers see conditions as improving because it “completely undermines their argument about the status of schools in the state of Wisconsin.”
  • Despite the solid poll numbers of late, the Wisconsin governor said, Republicans cannot afford to become complacent. He said he has a “big-time concern about the kind of money being poured in here and the kind of lies that will be spread on the airwaves.”

Walker laughed off suggestions that he is an emerging GOP rock star.

“I’ve got two high school sons who would beg to differ with anybody calling me anything related to rock star,” he told Newsmax. “They see me at Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival in Milwaukee, and jokingly say I go to the old fogey stage.”

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8 years ago

, This obligation is pamuaornt. Since their own services have to do with the functioning of the Government, a strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government until their demands are satisfied. Such action, looking toward the paralysis of Government by those who have sworn to support it, is unthinkable and intolerable. Your response was talking about how best to teach our children. Why that is a worthy discussion, it has very little to do with your ability to bargain collectively. Answer me this question, if a law was written that said, public union could continue to bargain collectively, but only for issues about curriculum and student development. Would you be in favor of this law? It would still allow your voice to be heard about how to teach these kids, but it would also strip your unions ability to fund the election of officials would will then give into their salary and benefit demands. Ben

Ken Cekosh
8 years ago

Go, Governor Walker!!!! God is with You!!!

Rick in Washington State
8 years ago

This is not at all surprising, having seen the debacle during the 2004 Governor’s Race here in Washington, nothing surprises me…The DNC sent in money to defeat Integrity and Honesty. When they couldn’t buy the Election, they Stole it…..What one would have thought after all the results indicated Dino Rossi being he new Governor, well, it was short lived….Soon after the results were in…It was soon announced they had discovered in a Box at the Court House additional 250 Ballots, then when that showed a sligt Increase in Numbbers, howeve not enough of a spread to indicate a win for the D’s, then after a short while, they soon discovered more votes, then more yet…The corruption was soon followed by a Law Suit which was handled just as partisan as the election…The Judge disallowed so much evidence, it was a scene right out of the movies….Like one of those you see in a Corrupt community. Well Guess what? Seattle and the Democratic Machine there is as bad as anything I ever witnessed in Chicago while growing up there. The DNC Financed the Law Suit as well as the Recount, imagine that….Pro Patrea Vigalante

John C
8 years ago

Let’s hope it gets even tougher on the Union thugs.
“Life is tough, it’s even tougher when your stupid”…..John Wayne

David Benson
8 years ago

I hope AMAC is working to help Gov. Walker.

8 years ago

I support Gov. Walker 100%! The real losers here are the union members who allow their money to be wasted on idiotic, illegal recalls such as this! Hmmmm….wonder if their pensions will be there when they retire? Oh, that’s right…..even if they’re not, the taxpayers must pickup the tab…LOL!

Jim F
8 years ago

Gov Walker…..IF you lose your job in Wisconsin, would you consider taking the same position in Illinois? We’d LOVE to have you! Wisconsinites don’t realize how good they really have it

8 years ago
Reply to  Jim F

Jim F, you are spot on! Hey Wisconsin, we’ll trade you Quinn (gov of Illinois) for Walker and 2 future draft choices. Will even throw in Rahm Emanuill for free! What do say Wisconsin? Please trade with us!

stephen cilino
8 years ago

AS all of you stated AMEN,it`s time to fire all of them,who are about to enslave us. So be sure to VOTE and keep fighting for VOTER I.D.

kathy schweigert
8 years ago

Scott Walker is great!! We have Rubio in Florida and I hate to say that greasy hair , big mouth Schultz. The dems can’t stand the thought that this Govenor is successful and putting the State back to physical responsibilty. They want Unions to take over everything for votes. Please support Govenor Walker, he is the first to get us back to saneness and take back our Country.

8 years ago

All that union money is just a piece of the $20 Billion Obama gave to the unions about a year and a half ago, that 20 billion will help their political campaigns for a long time, and keep them solvent, so expect big contributions from them, they’re spending taxpayer money. Go governor Walker!

J.R Torres
8 years ago

I am in complete support of Gov Walker. Would appreciate AMAC provide vehicle for monetary support.

Ron Graham, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
8 years ago

wow what is going on out there. “WOW” that about sums it up. If Walker wins relection, and it looks like he will, that will turn the unions upside down and have national implacations and thats not all. It looks like the Supreme Court will uphold Govener Brewer’s imagration case against Obama’s administration and the unions and Obama Care is circuling the drain as well.

These three cases will have more impact on Americans way of life than any thing I can rember in my 70 years on this earth other than World War II.

8 years ago

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You have to remember that all the new justices on the SCOTUS are extremely liberal and the vote will probably be very close on both of those cases. Additionally, they can just rule against parts of the laws and leave the rest of it intact. Liberals have suckered good hard working citizens in before as evidenced by the shape of our culture now.

Kenneth R McLean
8 years ago

Governor Walker should have Obama’s job.

8 years ago

Unions are not interested it seems in their members. There interest lies in the power to those that are the dictators running charade against the good people of WI. These unions are self serving thug organizations believing they have a right to better benefits then the people of WI, which pay for their services. Walker is reigning in out of control government union power. Obama thugs should not be re-elected in WI or Washington to continue the destruction of our nation. Communist, we are not but the unions and Obama big government, believe we should be in my opinion.

Peg Ahearn
8 years ago

My prayers are with Scott Walker. I only wish there were more like him in the rest of the country. Anyone who can break the hold of Union thugs like Hoffa is welcome. Where can I send a donation?

8 years ago

If you want to see what it will be without Walker look south to ILLINOIS. I’ll take Walker anyday down here. I send him donations even though I don’t live in Wi.

Felix Kozielski
8 years ago

If governor Walker and the four GOP senators are recalled in June Wisconsin and our Nation will be on a one way trip to Greece.

8 years ago

Great chuckle but how true. I worked for the state of Washington for 28 years, was management when I walked in and management when I left so the labor leaches got not a dime of my money. I watched and actively fought, to the concern for my career, state inefficiency and pandering to the unions. It is disgusting. I believe a victory for Walker would, as the article noted, be a strong vote of support for other governors and mayors (okay, not so much the cesspool we know as Detroit) who know we must save. I now live in Suffolk County NY and despite the highest property taxes in the nation, the county has just been revealed as about to go bankrupt. There have been slates of candidates who pledge to change course but the unions have a stranglehold on the public and enjoy every minute of it.

We should never have come this far and until the last few years I blame both parties equally for the mess we are in.

Good luck, Mr. Walker et al. I too have given meager amounts though I don’t live in Wisconsin.

8 years ago


A. Martinez
8 years ago

I am with you Wanda, praying that Scott Walker prevails, and that his programs keep Wisconsin going in the right direction. Gov. Walker is truly a hero for the people of Wisconsin.

8 years ago
Reply to  A. Martinez

Together with the whole thing that seems to be developing wihitn this specific area, your viewpoints are generally rather stimulating. However, I am sorry, because I do not give credence to your whole theory, all be it exciting none the less. It looks to everyone that your opinions are not entirely rationalized and in actuality you are your self not really fully convinced of your point. In any event I did take pleasure in examining it.

8 years ago

If I were a union member I would be saying what are you unions doing with our hard earned union dues money.You unions could put those millions of dollars into a bank or some fund drawing interest on our union dues monies and adding it onto our retirement funds instead of giving it all away to the politicians. We are talking like 8o million to take down a govenor. Really? That is hard earned money you union memebers are making.

8 years ago
Reply to  CCB

CCB, Re your first sentence: If you did this, you would lose your union membership and thus your job. When you have others dependent on you for income, you cannot always express your opinion without hurting those you love. It is just not as easy as you seem to think it is. Unfair? Yes, but unfortunately true. Fortunately, I was young and single when I first encountered this. I quit the job.

8 years ago
Reply to  CCB

You mean “that is hard earned money we Americans are making”. We evidently are giving Obama “stimulus” money that will come out of our own pockets, so that Obama can funnel cash to the unions to disenfranchise voters. We need to defeat them. We the people need to preserve our rightful position. It’s government for the people, by the people!

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