Looks Like Another Budget Deal Disaster, GOP

If you were counting on the GOP to be gutsy about the next budget deal (I wasn’t), get ready to be disappointed.

Fox News reports:

Fiscal hawks were most concerned about signs that lawmakers could move to chip away at a 2011 budget pact, considered by conservatives to be the most significant deficit-trimming legislation of the past five years. Lawmakers are said to be considering restoring some of the funding hit by the so-called sequester and raising spending levels above the $967 billion level set in the 2011 deal.

If the GOP goes that route, it will be a disgrace. Not only will Republicans be sitting out the big battles of tax reform, entitlement reform, and legitimate spending cuts, but they’ll be tossing the one good thing they have accomplished out the window.

Once again, the philosophy of “getting a deal” will take precedence over “getting a good deal.”

Once again, the absolute terror of a partial government shutdown will be greater than the terror of our over $17 trillion debt.

And once again, it will be more important to them to preserve the appearance of working together rather than the reality of fighting for solutions that will try to fix the debt, entitlement, and tax disasters at hand.

Lori Montgomery of The Washington Post reports:

The deal expected to be sealed this week on Capitol Hill would not significantly reduce the debt, now $17.3 trillion and rising. It would not close corporate tax loopholes or reform expensive health-care and retirement programs. It would not even fully replace sharp spending cuts known as the sequester, the negotiators’ primary target.

In other words, from what I’m seeing now, it will likely be a joke. Sure, it will be drama-free–no shutdown, no blame game, no pointing fingers. The problem? It will also be solution-free.

GOP, what do you stand for again? Why should voters choose you? What makes you different from the Democrats? When you figure that out, and figure out how to fight for it, you let us know.

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8 years ago

I am a staunch conservative but the sequester is hitting the wrong things. They are cutting benefits and budgets of the active duty military, rather than the pentagon fluff. They have designed the sequester to be painful so as to look as if they are doing the right thing. I am all for cutting in the right places, but it isn’t happening now.

8 years ago

“GOP, what do you stand for again?” Answer: Business as usual.

I’ve given up expecting anything but “go along to get along” from the vast majority of the GOP in Washington. Sure they talk a good game about repealing Obamacare, putting pro-growth economic policies in place and “rule of law”, but at the end of the day it’s mostly just empty promises designed to mollify the portion of the public concerned over where this country is going. Nothing more.

The budget deal announced last night was all about just “getting something done”, so everyone can get the hell out of town for the holidays. Expect the same result when it comes to the credit limit talks early next year as well. The only thing that changes is we, as a country, keep getting closer and closer to going over the fiscal cliff, while those in Washington continue to congratulate themselves for “reaching across the aisle”. To say this deal is a joke is being very charitable Jedediah. I have another term for it, but it is not something you would print.

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