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Good Times, Bad Times: The Rolling Stones & The Rise of Stem Cells for COPD Treatment

Much like how The Rolling Stones changed the music world, stem cell therapy is shaking up lung disease as we know it.

Much like how The Rolling Stones changed the music world, stem cell therapy is shaking up lung disease as we know it.

In the early 60s, America was given its first taste of the British Invasion. It was February 9th and a young British rock band named The Beatles had just finished a performance on the Ed Sullivan show to a crowd of screaming fans. The young men were a spectacle to see. Dressed to the nines in tailored suits, pristine haircuts and performing their dance moves with a boyish pep, The Beatles represented the essence of true gentlemen.

While women in the audience fainted, and girls at home swooned, a storm was brewing back home in England. This storm was a band that would be considered the true “bad boys” of Rock & Roll as well as the “World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band.” Its name was The Rolling Stones.

In an entrance that rivals even The Rolling Stones, the advancement of stem cell therapy—particularly by clinics such as the Lung Institute—and its use in the treatment of chronic lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease (ILD) and pulmonary fibrosis, has upset the previous norm of traditional treatment options and the field of medicine at large.

Working to address disease progression directly, stem cell therapy removes the naturally occurring stem cells from the body’s blood or bone marrow and reintroduces them into the lungs, where they come to rest, potentially promoting healing and reducing inflammation from within, with the ultimate goal of easing breathing and improving quality of life. This is revolutionary for those who once felt they were out of options.

In operation for over three years, the Lung Institute currently specializes in this form of treatment and has effectively increased the quality of life of over 2,500 patients and is proud to exhibit a success rate of 83%. Believing in the tenet of “pushing the status quo” clinics like the Lung Institute work to provide hope to a group that may have otherwise given up.

Lung disease can be a difficult disease to live with, challenging the very idea of regaining one’s previous quality of life. Whether developed through smoking, hazardous air quality or genetics, a diagnosis of lung disease can seem nothing short of unfair. However, in the words of the immortal Mick Jagger, “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”

Hope has arrived.

If you or a loved one suffers from COPD or another lung disease, the Lung Institute may be able to help with a variety of stem cell treatment options. If you’re looking to take control of your health, and wonder if you qualify, don’t wait. Click here to find out more information about the Lung Institute and see if you qualify for this innovative treatment.

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Pamela Wayans

I have had ASTHMA my whole life but about 7 years ago my asthma got so bad and was diagnosed of EMPHYSEMA/COPD which was most likely due to the asthma. I was on double antibiotics and steroids, still didn’t feel any better. My lungs were constantly wheezing in all four chambers, i already used Advair, Spiriva, and Albuterol in my nebulizer, they just didn’t do much. It was hell for me due to the severe difficulty breathing. My sister in-law told us about Rich Herbs Foundation where she ordered herbs that effectively treated her arthritis. We ordered their COPD TREATMENT after reading alot of positive reviews from other patients, i am happy to report the COPD TREATMENT was very effective for my lungs condition, every one of my symptoms including difficulty breathing, respiratory infections, chronic cough and wheezing has simply stopped. Visit ww w. richherbsfoundation. c om. I will be… Read more »


What about stem cells for the heart and ilet cells for diabetes?