Good News for 2022


Let’ leave 2021 behind us, shall we? What to look forward to in 2022? Ten pieces of good news – and then we start to sleep better! 

First, despite global warming, those who like skiing may get a great season. Yes, Covid must be accommodated, but the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a bright, beautiful, “snowy” season.

For those who enjoy winter sports, skiing, snowboarding, skating, and sledding, get outside, carve moguls, etch the pond, and make snow angels to your heart’s content. Already, 40 percent of Maine’s ski areas are open – a sign of things to come!

Second, while the economy skids on inflation, supply chain dysfunction, overspending, and bad planning – there is a silver lining. Our economy is the world’s strongest, job opportunities plentiful, and real GDP growth. 

What does that mean? It means America is the “little engine that could” or “big engine.”  The private sector is determined to work, restart, reboot, prevail. We are resolved to bear the burdens of high taxes, executive orders, mandates, and interest rates – to get back up.

Our economy is outpacing all advanced economies, despite coming stagflation, drag of misguided fiscal policies, and overregulation. Assuming no more spending – if the “Build Back Better” debacle is truly over – three things will happen.

States will begin to assert the right to grow, unemployment will edge down, and GDP edge up. While economic predictions can be wrong and other variables count – like artificially high energy prices – macro-trends say the private sector is straining in harness.

Third, Covid good news outweighs the bad. Early data suggest Omicron behaves like barometric pressure. If the storm builds slowly, the pressure falls slowly, and the storm lingers, receding slowly. But if the barometer falls fast, the storm comes and goes fast. Data from Africa, Europe, and North America suggest the Omicron storm is coming fast, will recede fast.

If Omicron recedes fast, the economy accelerates, people come out of hiding, growth overtakes fiscal mismanagement, inflation, interest rates, and tax hikes. America’s private sector is ready.

Fourth, far-left policies of 2021, like “police defunding” – which triggered runaway homicides, police demoralization, poor recruiting, and record retirements – are hitting a wall. Mayors who blithely signed on are suddenly signing off. Expect improved public safety.

Fifth, many of those who – for five years – pushed insensible policies in Congress are retiring. As they leave, they will be replaced by level-headed Americans, responsive to The People, not beholden to a rogue, leftist ideology.

Already 23 House Democrats are retiring, with key Democrat Senators. Predictions are – as 2022 unfolds – more Democrats jump. They know they are as going to lose, unpopular as Biden.

In effect, the left hijacked Democrats, demoralizing moderates, invigorating centrist Republicans. The Biden agenda has tanked. As it spirals, Democrats are bailing.

Sixth, as a follow-on to Democrat retirements and tone-deaf missteps – odds grow that Republicans will take both the House and Senate in 2022, putting brakes on leftism and Biden.

Interestingly, even before the spate of retirements in December, oddsmakers tipped hard toward Republican victories in 2022 – for both chambers. From the point of view of checks and balances and arresting a slide toward leftism, that is good news.

Seventh, a major claw-back of lost constitutional understanding is about to happen. 2022 may be the year of restoration – restoring textual, original, intended meanings to constitutional rights.

Coming to gestation – full term this year – will be a rethink of whether the Constitution mentions abortion. Odds are a legal crosswalk of the 14th Amendment will occur, changing things.  

The case protecting unborn life and determining if “pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional” is Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization. Just as Roe v. Wade has compromised unborn rights for fifty years, Dobbs may change everything.

Nor is this case alone. Second Amendment rights will be revisited – and likely restored. In New York Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, the Court will scrutinize state restrictions on guns.

In Carsen v. Makin, we will learn if big government can exclude parochial schools –affiliated with religion – from student aid, simply because they teach religious values. Most observers suggest, with a 5-4 majority favoring originalism, parochial schools will prevail.

Add CVS Pharmacy Inc. v. Doe, which may protect the disabled, and United States v. Zubaydah, which considers national security, and this may be a banner year, ending fatuous activism.

Eighth, on a prosaic level, consumer technology is set to surge in 2022, from “artificial intelligence,” “domestic robots,” and “internet of the senses,” adding “touch, taste, and smell,” to “faster” things – like 5G and “smart homes.”  

Some, happy as they are, may just throw another log on the fire, “ho hum.”  They could be right, since demand drives supply, even if technology tries to create consumer buzz. Others will likely rush for the latest gadget, widget, and wonder toy.

Ninth, internationally, late-breaking threats to hit back at Chinese and Russian adventurism – driven by vocal Republicans, seasoned Democrats, frantic allies – may carry the day. Most of 2021 was characterized by the operational appeasement of China and Russia. Is that over?

Tenth, we may see the old shuffling showstopper, mumbling, bumbling Joe emerge as a sharp-witted, highly-skilled, take-no-prisoners leader … Or, maybe not. Let’s settle for nine bits of good news, forget that last. Ten percent of the country expect an asteroid, but – not likely.

Happy 2022!

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4 months ago

Overall good news; number 8 however may SEEM like more good high tech stuff but may in fact become a hindrance of our constitutional and human rights. Our own government is working to implement systems that will tie us all to their agenda. You eventually won’t have the “right” to not be a part of it. Kind of like communist China and Australia. Don’t believe it? Just watch and see.

4 months ago

The little bits of good news is only possible if elections are honest. Good luck!

4 months ago

The million dollar question is, were the majority of those people sitting in offices actually elected by we the people?

4 months ago

Thanks for the optimism. However, we need an HONEST election process for this to happen. All Americans, not only Republicans, must be vigilant.

4 months ago

I see one possible problem with the good news. It may come too soon and give the far left a chance to tell people they were responsible for it. Best would be to have it come in early October. Too late for them to be be able to convincingly crow but soon enough for people to see who has actually been doing the work.

R.J. from Arizona
4 months ago

Good news for 2022?
1. Biden resigns along with Harris and peelosi.
2. We have honest elections.

4 months ago

#1, only in a perfect world. #2, we’ve got to fight for that one. Maybe, just maybe. The next election will tell the truth.

Mary Annie
4 months ago

Frequent exposure to the writing and musings of Robert. B Charles is all I need to make my AMAC membership worthwhile. #10 made me laugh out load — great way to start my day! Thanks!

Joanne 4 justice.
4 months ago
Reply to  Mary Annie

Yes I do like Mr Charles !

4 months ago

Keep praying that the hand of God is still upon our nation. God gave us this country through men of Christian Faith. Yes, we are worthy of being judged for certain things we’ve allowed to go on in the past and present. However, the bible tells us this. “8 If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10If we say we have not sinned, we make Him out to be a liar, and His word is not in us.…” 1John1:8-10. Pray hard for a change come next November.

Patriot Bill
4 months ago

#1 action is the biggest crime. The 2020 election steal!

4 months ago

I put this she comment on another AMAC article.
We MUST stop this congress from passing any for the people legislation, unconstitutionally nationalizing election laws.
If they manage to pass that, the U.S. will become a Communist tyranny in minutes.
Stop them from doing this.

4 months ago


I bet you had to work really hard to write this one. Lots of maybe, might and could to come up with this article. Here’s to hoping we can have a better new year in 2022, but I’m not holding my breath based on the realities before us. It’s fine to have fantasies, but we all still have to live in reality at the end of the day. Still I do understand you desire to offer up an overly optimistic view for the new year, so kudos for your effort.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I need optimism right now! So to RBC, keep the optimistic articles coming! I can get all the doom and gloom I want from just watching the news!

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

You said, “we all still have to live in reality at the end of the day”………………….unfortunately, the lefties do not, nor will they ever see the light!! I, too, have very little confidence that most of Mr. Charles’ predictions will pan out. I hope I’m wrong!

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

True.If we want this to happen, WE NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

4 months ago

RBC, one can only hope that 2022 will be a better year but I won’t be holding my breath. SEEING WILL BE BELIEVING if the situation does improve.

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago
Reply to  Max


4 months ago
Reply to  Max

My worry would be that Republicans will get complacent with all the good news and not go to the polls to vote thinking it’s all in the bag. Especially saying Republicans will take the House and the Senate. The younger generation are more entitled and like big government. If the Open Democratic seats go to these type of younger generation we may not be so happy with the outcome.

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