Going in the Right Direction!

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Everyone needs to go see 2016 and Last ounce of Courage! I wish both movies would be showen on TV over and over until everyone could see these movies and Wake up to what is happening to our Country. Please go see both movies.

I am so proud being from Wisconsin at this time in history! Live 12 miles from Paul Ryan, and only 2 blocks from our dynamic Governor Scott Walker. My son went all thru high School with Scott, so I know him personally too. We have been “Ground Zero” since Scott beat the recall, and loving every minute of our Liberal weakening! Our next effort is to beat Tammy Baldwin for the Senate seat vacated by (sleeping) herb Kohl (of department store fame), Pray that ex-Governor Tommy Thompson wins!
Any person reading this comment MUST see Obama 2016! His final goal in life is for an Islamic world. And unless he is defeated in November, his second term will really kick into high gear to fulfill his dream, Pray for us all if this happens.

Was member of AARP just one year and did not renew after their coverage (handling?) of the 2004 Presidential Election. It became very apparent to me then how partisan they were and I did not need that indoctrination.

RE: AARP renewal. Wrap the return postage paid envelope around a brick, wrapped with paper and drop in the mailbox. AARP will pay the return postage for the weight of the brick, Never heard from them again…

AARP just keeps sending our renewal kit. I keep tossing it in the left side of the trash bin.

2016 is the most enlighting movie you can see this election season!! It identifies Obama’a idols and explains where he is leading (?) America. If he is reelected we will not recognize our country in 2016. Please see this movie!!!

Every American MUST see this movie.

I am going to watch the Democrat’s Convention. Why? Because I want to see if they have just ONE darn thing to run on, to offer, or to promise again. Have you noticed that most Democrats are what their parents were? It’s like it takes a REAL adult who thinks for themselves to break this mold. I used to think that America prized itself in voting for the man and not the party. Not true. Most of them vote straight down the line and never research the person for whom they are voting, Or let’s find a quote from Winston Churchill: “If you’re not a Liberal at 20, you don’t have a heart. If your not a Conservative by 40, you don;t have a brain.” It’s too bad most Liberal-Progressives (I love that name they’ve anointed themselves), who NEED to watch and read, don’t do either. Whenever I try and… Read more »

I’m a democrat, but haven’t voted that way in years. I did NOT vote for Obama before, & I will NOT be voting for him this year. He should have been impeached a long time ago!! I canceled my AARP a long time ago, when I found out they were pushing FOR Obamacare! Obamacare will send us seniors home to die.

There are no Democrats left in the party. They are now progressives or downright socialists. I am old and from another country and believe me I can recognize it when I see it. I also regularly receive AARP enrollment packages which I toss in the recycling bin.

Due to my being conservative I have no friends except 6000 miles away with whom I discuss American politics when I visit or when we speak on the phone. Around here is No California I am simply an odd duck or worse.

Stop hanging out with Democrats…

I am going to watch the DNC too, on CBS, where I watched the RNC. I want to watch the same people who trashed Romney at every opportunity praise Obama and all of his posturing while they help to spread lies that will destroy America.

I will say one thing positive about CBS – they broke the Fast and Furious story. That being said, why have they not held Obama’s feet to the fire in getting the truth about how/why it happened? Why did they break the story in the first place if they were not going to see it thru? The simple answer is that they found out the story lead them to their messiah, the milk dud in the White House.

Forgive me if I should be wrong but the Fast & Furious story broke on the internet and then was picked up by Fox. Only after that CBS got in the act.

BTW, I am a democrat and I can only remember voting for one, in 1972. My bad.

Trying to change the mind of a liberal is like trying to pick up excrement by the clean end.

The conivttion was great. I worry about some other states going like CA. has expicely FA. we will be going over the clif after Nov. Pleas doint follow us.The ribs here will never get rid of Polesy.

I urge EVERYONE to go see the Movie “2016.” It will give you the facts regarding Obama’s goal! Very well done and interesting.

Every American MUST see this movie

I absolutely agree with Charline. It was not written in anger only facts.

Much of the electorate in this country does not understand or seem to care about our perilous economic situation. When they do turn on the news they watch only the commercial broadcast stations. Thus, they get a full dose of the liberal media influencing the election in Obama’s favor. Had they watched the GOP convention, they would have seen a new Republican party showcasing their articulate, attractive governors who are proving that they are doers with solid results in reducing debt & spending.

My little free daily pick up paper recently published a short survey of where most people get their news from. Not so shockingly it said that the young people ages 20-39 or so get it from John Stewart on the Daily Show! Pretty sad.

President Obama hasn’t done anything good for our country yet. I don’t think he deserves to be president. Let’s vote him out!! Let’s get a president that is for AMERICA!!

Such drivel. You’d think that by 50 you’d be smart enough to see that the Republica party has changed and is now in the hands of liars and thieves. Wake up.

Before you drink any more kool-aid go see the movie 2016 and then make your decisions by using your brain

Typical liberal democrat comment…..baseless hollow rhetoric with no substance. YOU are the one that needs to wake up!

Gene, how did you vote last election, after you became 50? A $ says that you are not close to 50, depend on welfare, and are addicted to drugs. Am I close?

The Drive is Great! What’s sad is that Your not seeing the True Liars in the White House, or are You part of the PROBLEM? You are the one that needs to really Wake Up!!

And what planet are you from? You must be drowning in the Obama Kool-Aid!

I thought the RNC convention was great. It is always great to see so many people that think like I do. Some of the stories were particularly touching. My favorite was the young Olympiad that carried the world trade center flag in the Olympics that Mitt Romney saved. Very few people have a moment like that in their entire lives. God bless him. God bless Mitt Romney and God bless AMERICA!

I agree, we need to fire our president, and our 2 democrats in Washington Senate, Rockerfeller and Manchin. The are for Obama andthey want to turn our country into socialism like countrys over seas.
All of West Virginia should make a big change Novermber,2012.

And then Obama said. { we be going in the wrong direction again fool }


REAL CHANGE! Talk, organize, drive 5
others to the polls with you!

To M. McCarthy. We found the 2016 movie by looking up “Movie 2016” on the internet. It listed the theaters in our area that were playing it. It was worth the time spent to go see it.

Definitely! I wondered why in the world Obama sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to England and thought it was very rude and ungrateful. The film makes it crystal clear.

It’s fine for us to go on these sites and express our thoughts and feelings. Is that enough? Niki Haley had the best suggestion at the convention. She suggested that if we truly want to make change take place we each might consider finding 5 people who supported Obama last time and talk to them to see if we are able to sway them to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I say try that, or work at a campaign call center, or put up a sign in your yard, or donate in some way. We often are lazy. We complain and or blame and do nothing else. This country was founded by doers not just talkers and by workers not just complainers. That is the underlying precept in our democracy. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TO ACT AND NOT BE ACTED UPON. So DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, FIND A WAY… Read more »

It is easy, I already have 5 friends who voted for Obama and they are not doing it again. I recognized what Obama represented as I was born in Sweden and immigrated to the US 1984.

I agree with every word that you said Mr. Mahoney. I also would like to add that I email the AMAC weekly update to all of my friends. Democrat, Independent and Republican. The information here is invaluable, especially for those that aren’t paying attention. It’s amazing how people that consider themselves liberals can discover that they really are conservatives and just need to see the ideas presented in a palatable format. That’s what happened to me in 1993.

Can you please promote the documentary “2016”. Everyone ought to see it. In 4 years this president has done so much damage I fear that we will never be able to rectify our direction. Please let people know where to find it….some people don’t even know about it…this administration will destroy this country. We are retired, but the young people ought to know about it….make it available to them….I fear for them…..please be proactive about this….at least check it out today….do not wait.

Yes, please. I have looked for it in Olympia, and Tacoma Washington. How can we find it?

go to the 2016 web site and look for theater locations showing it.

It just came to our town this weekend.