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Glenn Youngkin and the Revolt of RoVa—the Rest of Virginia

AMAC Exclusive – By Scott Centorino


The political world has come to know NoVa—Northern Virginia—and its enormous sway in pulling Virginia leftward over the last two decades. 

Move over, NoVa. Republican Glenn Youngkin has beaten Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a stunning upset and America needs another introduction.

Meet RoVa— what some call the “rest of Virginia.”

NoVa, of course gets all the attention. It’s the growing, bright blue mega-suburb of Washington that turned Virginia supporting George W. Bush by over 8 points to supporting Joe Biden by ten points.

An 18-point swing in 16 years. That’s NoVa’s growth and power in a nutshell.

But RoVa is where a majority of Virginians still live. And that’s who just elected Glenn Youngkin and sent a message to the world that radical leftists and their policies are political losers.

Youngkin won because he could compete in Virginia’s urban and suburban areas outside the Washington metro area, even winning some like his hometown of Virginia Beach and run up the numbers in rural Virginia like no Republican before.

For example, when Terry McAuliffe won his first term as Governor in 2013, McAuliffe won over 40 percent of the vote in rural counties across the state like King and Queen, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, and Southampton.

As of this writing, it appears that McAuliffe didn’t even break 35 percent in those counties.

RoVa took a stand, not just for the Rest of Virginia but for the Rest of America.

For the last several years, Virginia Democrats have pushed the limits of leftist policies—an abortion bill which essentially legalized infanticide, a relaxed approach to releasing violent convicted felons and granting them voting rights, and allowing public employees to collectively bargain against taxpayers.

But above all else, Virginia’s election centered around schools—specifically critical race theory, parental involvement, and mask mandates. Of course, it’s no coincidence that schools are where progressive activists, in concert with teacher’s unions, have had the most unchecked power in driving a radical leftist agenda.

Leftism isn’t over. But RoVa just taught its practitioners a valuable lesson on behalf of the Rest of America: we’re watching. Radicalism, even if it’s cloaked in bureaucratic legalese and the jargon of human resources-speak, is radicalism.

And the vast majority of Americans aren’t buying it.

We remember when prominent Democrats supported welfare reform instead of Medicaid-for-all.  We remember when even Barack Obama understood that a national debt of $8.6 trillion shifted “the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren.”

The debt today? Almost $29 trillion.

But it’s the left’s cultural imperialism, not its financial lunacy, that’s driving the Rest of America crazy.

We remember when basic patriotism was bipartisan.

To see how far the far left has gone, just look at the crest of their last, big cultural wave—the counter-cultural movement of the 1960s.  

Sure, there were a few North Vietnamese flags flown and the early accusations of what would come to be known as “systemic racism.”

But underlying the vast majority of even the radical left of the 1960s was a love of America.

The Port Huron Statement, the 1962 manifesto of student activists, argued that “freedoms of speech, assembly, thought, religion, and press should be seen as guarantees, not threats, to national security.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. framed his rhetoric as positions of faith and patriotism more than any leader of any political persuasion in American history.

Know what the very last song played at Woodstock in 1969 was—the song that wrapped up three days of countercultural excess?

Jimi Hendrix played the Star-Spangled Banner. You read that right. 

That’s not the left today. Now, NPR only broadcasts the Declaration of Independence after offering a disclaimer.

In Virginia, Glenn Youngkin’s campaign became a symbol of opposition to the left’s cultural radicalism. RoVa was watching and took a stand.

Now, it’s the Rest of America’s turn.

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1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  Karen

And Amen

Kenneth D.
1 year ago

Yes, once AGAIN, it appears to be the GOP’s turn at the plate, as the political establishment pendulum swings back to the right and America once AGAIN expects assertive actions and initiatives from the representatives they have chosen from the political herd. Too many times this has been the case, only to watch as the GOP career politicos bask in victory’s tenuous limelight while their leftists counterparts go back into the shadows to lick their wounds and plan their next strategic and tactical assaults on America’s constitution and personal freedoms.
They do this because they “know” the apathetic and often politically incompetent GOP will once AGAIN fumble the ball on the 1-yard line and a gullible electorate will swallow the left’s slick rhetoric and giveaway promises.
I truly hope a new breed of conservative statesmen/women will arise from the GOP ranks to flush out the old guard of career “go along to get along” politicians who have played patty cake with the post-60’s Democrats for decades while America’s political, economic, social and cultural foundations crumbled. As Donald Trump aptly, and sometimes arrogantly, demonstrated, in a war for America’s survival and future, you must never submit to playing nice against a known and ruthless adversary.
Let us see whether the true conservative patriots have actually learned anything during the past 5+ decades….

1 year ago

Yes, what an uplifting article exposing how the MAJORITY rejects the failed policies and politics if the communist democrat partying!
We the People believe in America,Our Constitution, the Rule of Law, Religion, personal responsibilities,honesty ,Opportunity for all and Freedom!!!
This garbage the useless democrats and their Marxist pals espouse is NOT AMERICA!

Their destruction of America,divisiveness, hatred,cheating,corruption and open borders are NOT acceptable.
Throw them out with their 50 year failed ideas.

1 year ago

What a joy this was to wake up to today! Thank you, Virginia.
Conservatives must keep up the fight, the pace, and the momentum to end this Communist attack against America.
We are the last bastion.
There is nowhere else to run to.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
1 year ago

Dont remember what county it was butexit poll showed black women voted for McAwful by 80 %. Just shows you what welfair will do. Kyle L.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
1 year ago

Thank goodness a PUB. got in. Kyle L.

Charles Alvarado
1 year ago

Go MAGA !!! Congratulations and all support to the Youngkin administration. We patriots are with you. You did the improbable. Don’t forget to thank President Trump for his assistance in getting you his MAGA base support.

Steven Coughlin
1 year ago

While last night’s election results were very welcome news, Republicans and Conservatives need to stay on the offensive every single day going forward. If and when the Republicans win back control of Congress and the White House , they’d better govern correctly and with backbone, or they will find themselves back in the minority during the next election cycle. This is how politics works in America. Those on the right and especially RINOS need to stop cow towing to the Left and realize these people are the enemies of freedom. On another note, has anyone noticed that those on the Left never say anything good about America?

Paul W
1 year ago

The leftist/communists hate liberty and self-determination with an unbridled passion. Additionally, their sole priority is to topple America, thus liberty, and transform it into just another u.n. kowtowing blank-hole, while the so-called elitists line their pockets at freedom-lovers’ expense.
I agree with the rest of your post as well. “R” doesn’t always equal conservative (in fact, it seldom does). We NEED conservatives. America is at its very best when it’s on the conservative track…by far.

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul W

Excellent points. And completely accurate.

Paul W
1 year ago
Reply to  Becky

Thanks Becky…much appreciated.

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul W

Paul W, exactly on point!
Complacency is the enemy of Freedom.
We must continue to expose and defeat these anti American Marxist people everyday until their eradicated from this Great Country. They must be removed.

Paul W
1 year ago
Reply to  Garye

I absolutely agree, Garye…100%.

1 year ago

Port Huron still hasn’t lived the rest of that statement down. Lol

Paul W
1 year ago

Congrats to Glenn Youngkin and the YUGE Red Sweep!!! 11/2…great red pill day! LET’S GO BRANDON!
PS I despise mlb, but so fitting that the Atlanta Braves won the WS after the clowns at mlb yanked the All-Star game out of Georgia. Those idiots got the “Tomahawk Chop”.

C Griff
1 year ago

Whaddya know?!? Maybe we CAN still pull off an honest election yet! Hallelujah!

Sheree Ellen Fortier
1 year ago

So glad to hear Youngkin has won! With the confidence in which Biden remarked that McAuliffe would win, I was truly expecting his win, by cheating!
We’ve been praying for you in Virginia, way out here in Washington state!

Pete from St Pete
1 year ago

Now that the Repubs have won the governorship and the House of Burgesses (what ever that is) it is important that they deliver a good government to their voters if they don’t want to end up one time wonders. Straighten out the school system, scrap Critical Race Theory and listen carefully to the voters. Do not push to outlaw abortion; polls show the majority of voters do not want to do so at this time. Don’t let the voices from the members of the Swamp who live in Fairfax County overwhelm you. Be open and truthful with the voting public at all times. Good luck.

Philip Hammersley
1 year ago

The “House of Burgesses” is the VA legislature. The name goes back to before the Revolution when the people passed laws as a colony.

1 year ago

Glad GY won. What idiots voted for TM and how many were fake mail in votes?

1 year ago
Reply to  Walter

Probably most of them. They just couldn’t make up enough to win. That would have probably put more votes in than the population. It’s a wonder that they didn’t resort to flipping from GY to TM like they did last November

David Spade
1 year ago

I am not certain the the Marxist Democrats can’t change their “tune” on the far left turn that they have made. That may be good for conservatives because it is very easy to see and citicize the stark differences. On one hand, I would want to see those very apparent differences to be brought to the public’s attention each and every day. On the other hand, I can hear the alarm clock going off for the main stream of the Democrat party…..eventually they will wake up to reality in America. They know that they cannot win elections by pumping up this Marxist policy agenda forever. They will either have to bring the rhetoric back to the middle or risk losing their voter for an awfully long time.

1 year ago
Reply to  David Spade

One can only hope

1 year ago

One term with Terry was more than enough!

Kenneth Jackson
1 year ago

Some are calling his win “bloodbath”. While it’s wonderful news, it’s hardly a bloodbath. We need to double down and create a nationwide bloodbath. When that happens, we will have accomplished a monumental task.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
1 year ago

Woke up this morning and saw the results of the election. Yes, he won for all of the States. Go Brandon

1 year ago

What amazed me about the election yesterday , was the fact that so many of the races were very close . When you consider last summer’s gangs of DEMOCRATS rampaging through so many cities , burning and looting , I wonder how the DEMOCRATS could get so many votes . Who votes for marauding gangs of DEMOCRATS rampaging through so many cities ? Are memories so short ? Such results tell me that REPUBLICANS must not let their guard down . Republicans simply must re-double their efforts to clean up our election laws , and to focus on election integrity . They should not become complacent . The fight is still on . Stay vigilant !

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Perhaps it’s the dead, illegal and felons who voted that “forgot”?

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Yes. Exactly.
Who continues voting for Communists? The uneducated, brain dead “village idiots” who support them.

Eddie Van Halen
1 year ago

All the ( D ) communists are about is 4 things:
TAX – SPEND – LIE – CONTROL ( all aspects of oour life ! ! ! )

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