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3 Ways You Can Get Involved

  • The AMAC Delegate Program.

    We have several hundred Delegates across the country assigned to a particular Congressional District. They meet with their local Congressman and help organize Town Hall meetings with AMAC members. Last year we held over 40 successful Town Hall meetings with various members in their districts.

  • AMAC Local Chapters.

    Now in the process of being organized, the local Chapters will allow our members to meet and interact with each other and strengthen our influence where it counts the most- in our Congressman’s home district. Each Chapter has a President who organizes meetings. Our main goal is to provide facts and information to help educate our members, who will in turn share their views and opinions with their Congressman and fellow citizens.

  • The AMAC Army.

    The purpose of the Army is to encourage young and older AMAC members and supporters to be more vocal in presenting our views to our elected officials and to the public. Presently loud and raucous groups are getting all the attention from the media creating the false impression that they represent the majority of Americans.

    Members of the Army may attend rallies to show support for our traditional values and to counter the liberals in a courteous, respectful and civil manner. By example, they will show the media the proper way to exercise our right of free speech, contrasting how patriotic Americans act when compared to the undignified protesters on the left. We’ll also try to have fun while doing our patriotic duty!

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