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Georgia State Farm Arena Footage Shows Poll Workers Staying Behind, Pulling Out Suitcases With Ballots


A woman is seen carrying a suitcase allegedly filled with ballots without poll challenger supervision on the night of Nov. 3, 2020. (NTD screenshot)

President Donald Trump’s legal team on Thursday presented surveillance footage to a Georgia State Legislature hearing that appears to show election ballot-counting workers kicking out poll observers late at night on Election Day before pulling out suitcases allegedly filled with ballots.

A woman who identified herself as Jackie Pick, a lawyer who is assisting with their legal case, said the team received video footage from State Farm Arena’s vote-tabulation center in Fulton County, Georgia. The team said that GOP poll watchers were not allowed to watch the counting process in the poll center.

But, according to Pick, an unusual occurrence took place later in the evening at around 10 p.m. ET. A woman—described as a blonde woman with braids—told workers to stop counting and told everyone to go home.

“Everyone clears out, including the Republican observers and the press, but four people stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night,” Pick said. They counted unobserved until about 1 a.m.

Pick said that video footage shows Fulton County election workers waiting at their scanning areas until GOP poll watchers and reporters left the room before they started “scanning ballots,” ostensibly without any observation. Pick noted that it contravenes state and county law.

At 11 p.m., once everyone is gone, the workers are seen “pulling ballots out from underneath a table.” She asked if it’s normal to “store suitcases of ballots under a table cloth?” Pick said after reviewing footage that it’s not a normal procedure.

It’s not clear if election workers knew they were being recorded on camera.

The lawyer further alleged that the same woman with the blonde hair and braids, presumably the manager, had placed the table there earlier. It’s not clear where those ballots came from, and it’s not clear when the suitcases of thousands of ballots were placed under the table.

Witnesses have sworn in affidavits that the counting continued until the early morning hours, Trump’s team said.

A woman is seen carrying a suitcase allegedly filled with ballots without poll challenger supervision on the night of Nov. 3, 2020. (NTD screenshot)

A woman is seen carrying a suitcase allegedly filled with ballots without poll challenger supervision on the night of Nov. 3, 2020. (NTD screenshot)

(NTD Screenshot)


“Why are they counting them when the place is cleared out with no witnesses?” Pick said.

She argued that based on the number of ballots there, it is “beyond the margin of victory” in the presidential race. It’s because three scanners—which can carry out several thousand ballot processes per hour—were working several hours that night. This process, she said, “goes on, and on, and on” until the early morning hours.

President Donald Trump said on Twitter that the video is significant evidence showing voter fraud.

Trump wrote: “Wow! Blockbuster testimony taking place right now in Georgia. Ballot stuffing by Dems when Republicans were forced to leave the large counting room. Plenty more coming, but this alone leads to an easy win of the State!”

In the hearing, it was noted that officials cleared out State Farm Arena on Election Night due to an alleged pipe break. Pick and other members of Trump’s team said it’s not clear whether this was the reason why poll workers and members of the press were kicked out.

Fulton County officials haven’t responded to a request for comment about the team’s claims or the video.

In early November, a Fulton County spokeswoman told Epoch Times that they were “not aware of direction given to any observers to leave.”

However, Georgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer said Fulton County officials “falsely announced that the counting of ballots would stop at 10:30 p.m.”


Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Jack Phillips

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[…] one location, multiple security cameras caught workers grabbing suitcases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while […]

[…] one location, multiple security cameras caught workers grabbing suitcases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while counting was […]

[…] one location, multiple security cameras caught workers grabbing suitcases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while counting was […]

[…] one location, multiple security cameras caught workers grabbing suitcases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while […]

[…] cameras caught workers grabbing suitcases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while […]

MadGramain Tx.
5 months ago

AND we’re supposed to just accept this obvious travesty and stolen election like a bunch of blind sheep right!!?…..

David P Nelson
5 months ago

Very, very sad!
What is happening to our Country?

5 months ago

So here’s plenty of proof…NOW what? Will there be any justice, or will we the people sit back and let it continue to happen? The Dem’s are counting on the later, and once Comrade Joe is in office it will all be too late.

George Nye
5 months ago

The Democratic Party in America is riddled with a loud, vocal, but minority group of self-identified socialists and progressives who have both a firm foothold on the leadership of their Party and the full backing of the “mainstream” liberal, progressive media. The socialist/progressive playbook asserts that the ends justifiy the means…lying, cheating, stealing, threatening, violance, criminal acts of all types are all valid means to an end provided you get what you want. These same means and ends have destroyed or marginalized many countries in the world…we are just the latest on the hit list. Unless we Americans wake up and stand up, they will succeed we also will fade into mediocrity (or worse) with every other socialist country in the world.

5 months ago

I absolutely believe there was a planned effort to rig the election by the democrats. However, unless people actually start getting arrested, all of this is just hearsay. We have one week before the electoral college meets. As my mom would say, “Move it or milk it.”

Nana B
5 months ago

Everyone of these states stopped counting. There were phone calls, or text alerts that had to have gone out. Then they continue counting with ballots like shown here, probably filled out on a warehouse somewhere. There was no down Ballot win in these counties for Biden, come on now. We can see the writing on the wall.

Ginger Lymbery
5 months ago

We need to find out who these people are and have them arrested.

Dennis Bertrand
5 months ago

When will these people be charged with election fraud?

Susan Shayka
5 months ago

I think this fraud has gone on for longer than just this election. Think back to 2008 and 2012–weren’t we all shocked by the results -yet we did nothing. I’m saddened to see how corrupt our government has become. How President Trump has been persecuted and yet a blind eye has been turned toward the corruption of Hillary Clinton with the whole impeachment scandal and Hunter Biden and his father in the Chinese deals—absolutely void of any investigation.
Where is JUSTICE??


5 months ago

How can ANYONE not care and not want to investigate those people that were involved. Beyond amazing.

5 months ago

Well the video shows the truth so what more needs to be said? FRAUD!

Edward Lawther
5 months ago

I have stopped watching all news at this time. I did not watch ANY news for the (8) year atrocity before the Trump election in 2016. My reasoning is simple, I have determined from the beginning this election would be stolen, all of the signs were there. perhaps venting like this will diminish our energy to do something tangible about this. So I ask the question “What are we going to do about it”? I admit I don’t have an answer, however I will support any that can prevent this crime from being carried out.

5 months ago

I salute everyone for their passionate comments. It gives me great hope that there is something we, the 74 mil citizens who voted for our President, can do. Someone below mentioned that we can write to the Supreme Court . Fabulous idea.
I think that we should start a write in campaign to the Supreme Court.Let’s send 74 mil letters (all postmarked not digital) and bombard the court with request that they take up the case of election fraud. Tell your family and friends to start putting pen to paper (you know, the old fashion way of communicating) and demand that the court get involved. Just a few minutes of your day could make a huge difference. People always say, “What can I do?”.
Here’s your chance and the address:
To address your envelope: The Chief Justice of the United States, One First Street N.E., Washington, DC 20543 or, to address your letter to any other Supreme Court justice simply enter Justice (surname) and the same address.
As a member of AMAC, I’m asking them to hop on board with this campaign.
I will also ask Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax and OANews to promote the campaign.
My friends, we need to act to save our country from this fraud. God Bless.

Rob K.
5 months ago

I have witnessed 3 deep state infamous acts of sedition and treason in my life that were so obvious and egregious as to be virtually surreal. They were:
The JFK Assassination and subsequent destruction of evidence and and elimination of key witnesses as parts of a cover-up in plain sight by the so-called Warren Commission
The Negligent Homicide of May Jo Kepeckne by Sen. Edward Kennedy and subsequent cover-up.
The Attempted Overthrow of the 2016 Election of President Trump and thwarting of his Agenda during his term by bogus red herring investigations and fake news propaganda in the radical left media.
Now we are witnessing the public theft of a presidential election by a desperate deep state cabal comprised of bi-partisan career political elites, financial and media special interests served by the Swamp and undergirded by the bloated federal bureaucracy.
This was the Founders greatest fear – Siege by powerful and entrenched domestic enemies within the gates.

Catherine J Wells
5 months ago

Absolutely disgraceful!!! The people who participated in these activities need to be charged with treason and receive the appropriate punishment which I believe is a firing squad!

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