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World War I Quiz

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I got 17 out of 20. I am amazed! That is the result of a lot of guessing, some of it educated guessing but guessing all the same. As I was taking the quiz I was embarrassed to realize how little I know about WWI. My favorite way of learning history is to read well-written-and-researched historical novels, so I guess I need to look up some WWI novels. I’ve read A Farewell to Arms, and a few other books that made some references to WWI, but if anyone can recommend some good ones, please do!


9 right.

Patty C

I only answered correctly the few that I did because if a series on the History channel I watched recently. I WAS AMAZED THAT ALL THOSE RULERS- MANY OF THEM WERE RELATED. How the WWI was the result of unfinished bickering in the 1800’s and how WWII came about because of leftover stuff from the first WW.
Those that are ignorant of history are destined to repeat it…but how do we get accurate history and not revisionist history?


I got 10 out of 20 but I should have got more because I’m very old! Some questions I guessed wrong but some I cudgeled my brain over and got right, some I knew. Love these quizzes piques one’s interest in history


When I was in high school late 50’s early 60’s our history books said there was a war and after it was almost over with, the USA jumped in and won the war. Less than a page about WW1, and less than a half page 1898 war. Looking back the books was painted to where most males joined the service as soon as they turned 17 1/2 or 18, 25 to 30% before they finished school. I love these quiz, I got 11 out of 20, I guess at most and missed, I did know a few.


8 out of 20. I need to read more about WWI.

Tatum Young

I got 19 out of 20, but I majored in history in college so I should have gotten all of them. I was born during WWII and my father was killed on Saipan so I know more about that war because of my personal interest. I too love these quizzes.

Rebecca Holstine

I got 18 out of 20…I read a lot. Mostly history. Love these kind of quizzes. They keep this old gal’s mind sharp. And no I was not alive during WW1 but was born during WW2. 1944…

Susan Atwood

Love these quizes…keep them coming!


Here in Michigan I have begun portraying a “Hello Girl”, the bilingual phone operators Pershing requested since the French phone system wasn’t working adequately. I will use your quiz for anyone after my program who is willing to play 20 Questions as there’s so much to learn about this “War to End All Wars.” It changed the way the U.S. took a role in world affairs. We know more about almost all other wars affecting the U.S. than this war.
Did I get 100%? Dunberidiculous, but like most people interested in a war, there are things you are interested in & know, but other areas you miss.

mickey c ross

I really like these quins that Amac puts out and most of the questions I miss I was careless or should have known better…..


I got 13 correct. If I had gone with my first answer on a few of the questions, I would have scored much better. I’m surprised I know so much about WW I.


18 out of 20… but only because I’m in the middle of a book entitled “Paris 1919” by Margaret Macmillan. The book goes into a lot of detail of how the peace was made, and the impacts that are still with us.


I got eleven of twenty. WWI was well before my time.

Art in Alaska

Missed 7 and the ones I missed I had thought was maybe( the answer)


I scored 18 of 20. I watch a lot of WW 1 on the history channel it is a great source.


16 out 20 w only 2 guesses – good quiz – keep them coming


19 out of 20 thanks to my being a military history fanatic all my life. Enjoyed the quiz.


18 out of 20 with a few correct guesses thrown in the mix.

Diana Erbio

12 out of 20… I knew more about WW I than I thought I did…obviously I have a lot to learn about it.