World War II Quiz 2

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Don W
5 years ago

100% fill-in-the-blank would have been different.

Ida Faye Eichman
5 years ago

I was only 6 or 7 during WWII but I remember it vividly . I went to the movies with my older sisters and at that time they showed the news and many films were of the war. I remember sleeping in my clothes because I thought if the Japanese came, I would be dressed if they took us away. I was very afraid. My father was in the Navy. He served on the Detroit and was in Pearl Harbor. He was on the Missouri when they signed the surrender, He was 43 at the time and the men on his ship called him the old man. I still have the two letters he sent to me during the war, I’m glad to read that Vince
Murphy agreed with me about Guadalcanal. I am 81 years old now but luckily I’m of sound mind and body. I love doing the Quiz and I hope you will have more.

David Abrego
5 years ago

Nice quiz , scored 15/15 but I enjoy history especially American Civil War & WII. I’ll bet 90% of college kids would get 90% of the wrong answers.

5 years ago

I did much better tan I thought. I only missed 2. I love the quizzes even though I don’t do as well on others.

Vince Murphy
5 years ago

Question #6 had two possible correct answers: The Battle of Midway and the Battle of Guadalcanal. From the perspective of a military historian, Guadalcanal was a far greater turning point than was Midway. After Midway, Japan was still a potent naval power and still capable of offensive action throughout the Pacific/Indian Ocean areas. After Guadalcanal Japan never went on the offensive again and saw, from that point on, the steady erosion in its conquered territory.

Chuck C.
5 years ago
Reply to  Vince Murphy

Sorry, but after the battle of Midway had to be the turning point as Japan lost 4 Aircraft Carriers. And they never ruled the Pacific again,
You are right about Guadalcanal to a degree. But the Japanese did go on the offensive in Burma.

5 years ago

Great quiz! Great questions! Only missed two…

Lee Glidewell
5 years ago

9 out of 15! Wow, am I getting my history memory back? Not bad I guess, but I’m 62.

5 years ago

I do a trivia quiz for each of our grandkids at Christmas…..the questions are designed for each age range….and they are given $1 for each correct answer……I will be using some of these this Christmas…I give my research and questions to friends now also who like doing this with their grandkids……their families also love this…..even if they get it wrong, they have learned something or it inspires them to do a little research on their own….thanks lots!

David Smith
5 years ago

Correction – How can these Quizzes be accessed by anyone anywhere (websites are us)? Information is freedom. Maybe helpful, “Lies My Teacher Told me” by James W. Loewen.

David Smith
5 years ago

I stand on my own two left feet (Where’s my cod liver oil?). Missed 3. who knows enough math (85.637%)?
Question #1 – Unfair. WW ll quiz – Did not read the “full” question.
Question # 7 – Good question! My Stalingrad info sketchy.
Question # 13 (unlucky?) – Old Timers kicked in. FDR did not complete the war. Truman authorized ‘The Bomb’ (Am I American enough make a parallel decision? Oh, yeah.).
P.S. I was born in 1952, and educated in public school. So much of my 1960s education happened post institutional.
Urgent – How can these quizzes owe accessed by kids anywhere (websites are us)? Information is freedom!

5 years ago

I enjoyed the quiz very much…only missed one, so I did better than when I was in High School back in the 60’s…ha ha. I always enjoy these quizzes..hopefully we will see more.

Betty Franklin
5 years ago

I got all 15 correct! Thank you for the test. It gave me the opportunity to show my knowledge of The GreatestesGeneration.

5 years ago

Too much emphasis on the war in the Pacific.

Paul Young
5 years ago

Being 85 I thought I would struggle with this but I got them all. Not as bad off as I thought.

5 years ago

I got 10 of 15. WWII was a bit before my time.
At least I got #8 correct, I live 2 miles from the National D-Day Memorial. :-)

5 years ago

Thanks, AMAC. It’s good to have a history quiz about history instead of geography.

5 years ago

I scored 14/15! Born December 7, 1956, so a big WWII history buff.

5 years ago

Fairly easy questions, if you are over 50! There are probably less than 5 college students out of 100 who could pass this test, much less Ace it!

5 years ago

My score was 100%, but I have a degree in History and have a special interest in WWII. I don’t think most people, especially younger people, would do well on this test. But, having taught History for 27 years, I know that it is impossible to cover everything in a high school survey course.

Brian L Garrison
5 years ago

15 of 15. At least our generation knows this basic history.

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