World Trivia Quiz

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4 years ago

Question 14 – New York is not a country.

4 years ago

11 of 14 isn’t bad but I can do better, and still love to travel

4 years ago

I got 12 out 14 – LOL need to work on that – thanks nice distraction for me

4 years ago

I got 11 out of 14.

Lee E Glidewell
4 years ago

7 of 14. Pretty pathetic, I know. #5 was misleading. Perhaps it should have read “What WAS the tallest”…just saying.

Diana Erbio
4 years ago

9 out of 14…

4 years ago

Once again, I got 11 of 14 correct. I missed the “tallest bldg. US” and “49% of worlds tallest”. The 49% was the key I missed, because I also think Dubai/UAE has the tallest. Just not so many.
I shouldn’t take these so soon after waking up, as I’m still in a fog, and didn’t even consider Sardinia, even though it was right there staring me in the face. I was too busy reminiscing about having been to all 4 listed, as well as Sicily, while in the U.S.Navy.

4 years ago

14 out of 14
Living outside the US for a couple years helped

4 years ago

Not too shabby. Only missed two; the ones concerning current things like tallest building and percentage of tallest buildings in the world. Thought Sears Tower was still the tallest in US and that Dubai or UAE now had all the super tall buildings. I enjoy all of your quizzes and usually do pretty well, though seldom get 100%. Thanks.

Mackie Braden
4 years ago

Loved the geography quiz

Linda Thibodeau
4 years ago

Always love your quizzes. Thank you.

Alan Friot
4 years ago

My discovery on you tube “Alan’s Discovery” is a true fact none of you have any idea about. IF you can show me where I am WRONG please tell me. No one at MIT or other colleges has been able to do it. Because my discvery is a true fact.

Donna Kepler
4 years ago

13 out of 14. A lot of lucky guessing went on today!

BTW, the country in South America is Colombia, not Columbia.

4 years ago

Ten out of fourteen. I may not be very smart but I still love a challenge.

4 years ago

I got 8/14. Mind trivial mind isn’t working today. Thank for the quizzes. They are fun, even if I don’t do well on them.

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