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Wild West Quiz

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3 years ago

Gun folks mostly agree, the Colt was the revolver handgun that won the West, and the Winchester the shoulder-arm that won the West. Question should be more specific.

Linda Mallow
3 years ago

I was surprised that I got only one wrong. That was fun bringing back knowledge that I thought I had lost because of my age.
As a side note: Some years ago, I taught two of Daniel Boone’s direct descendants in elementary school, & their dad was actually named Daniel Boone.

3 years ago

Actually Sean Connery did star in a western. Shalako; costarring Brigitte Bardot filmed in Almeria Spain in 1968

3 years ago

I missed ONE. Still think the REAL beginning of settling the west began after the “Civil” war.

John Anderson
3 years ago

The Wild West questionaire is not only fun but teaches our younger generation.the history of what it
took to settle this great country. 12 for 15;guess I’ll have to bone up a bit. Keep them coming. Andy

3 years ago

I clicked “civil War” and it came up “War of 1812”. Otherwise I got just 2 wrong. For the heck of it, I started over. Again it recorded the wrong war. Goes to show that the puzzles are only as good as the ones who program them.

3 years ago

Sean Connery did make ONE, but was not known as a western star.
13 out 15

Aunt Bo
3 years ago

This was entertainment while waiting for the clothes dryer. Thank you!

Aunt Bo
3 years ago

This was entertaining! Thank you.

Robert McEachern
3 years ago

I missed the question of who was not an outlaw. I selected William Cody and the answer said I clicked on “William” and the correct answer is “William “Wild Bill” Cody”. A little computer glitch?
The Winchester rifle was advertised as The Gun that won the West. One of the first real advertising successes. Most people owned rifles in the west while not all owned pistols. There were still an amazing number of Henrys, Spencers, Springfields, and lesser known makes, the result of economics.

3 years ago

God created man. Col. Colt made them equal! LOL!

Not paying attention, the norm for me, I selected US Pony Express instead of just “Pony Express”! The other was an honest, all out “MISS” with the “Free Soil Party” question. Not bad for a grizzled old fart I guess! LOL!

3 years ago

13 of 15 here. I thought I paid better attention in school.

3 years ago

13 of 15

3 years ago

I had 11 out of 15 – those stupid mistakes kill me! Jay3 — how did you get this quiz 20 hours ago? I just received he email this morning.

Sharon Sudduth
3 years ago

There’s a computer glitch on the last question. If you answer “William,wild Bill”Cody” is counted wrong.

Llee Vhapman
3 years ago

Great quiz

Juanita zeiger
3 years ago

Not so good. Only got 9

3 years ago

Fun and amusing. By the way James Bond series actor Sean Connery did star in a 1968 “B” grade European made western, “Shalako.” In the plotline Sean is the hero, named Shalako, a buckskin clad scout and guide for a stagecoach convoy of aristocrats on safari trespassing through Indian territory. Of course they are attacked by warriors. In one scene a beautiful blond actress pretends to be dead but the Indians are smarter and know better and make certain that she ….is. Alas, unlike American writers, producers, and directors, Europeans are more fatalistic and not so squeamish that the damsel… Read more »

3 years ago

I only missed two and thank goodness I got Daniel Boone correct. As one of my ancestors, he would have been upset no little if I had missed that one. My dear cousin has been up to her ears in genealogy for years and has traced my line of ancestors back to Daniel and beyond. Great questions to tax both my brain cells.

Andrew G Van Sant
3 years ago

Ms. Mallow, one of my distant relatives married Daniel Boone’s granddaughter. (Another died with Crockett at the Alamo.)

If you are interested in history of the West, try Gunfighters, Highwaymen, and Vigilantes by Roger D. McGrath.

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