War Trivia Quiz

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4 years ago

Got 12 out of 14 correct. I was snookered by who lost the most people in WWII. I so wanted it to be Germany and so I selected it, but it was the Russians. That was my second choice. In WWI the Germans had the most losses, and rightfully so since the Germans started these wars.

Barney Carbajal III
4 years ago

Got 10. Best so far of all the quizzes if taken.

John M. Goforth
4 years ago

I got all 14 correct

Jeff Reed
4 years ago

13/14. Korea got me too.

Chuck Persch
4 years ago

14 out of 14. Never learned about Korea belonging to Japan in History class. Read it in a novel called Shogun. They Called the Koreans the Garlic Eaters.

4 years ago

13 out of 14 is acceptable. How long was the 100 year’s war? I kinda thought it wasn’t 100, but I had no idea! Why did they call it the “100 year’s war?”

The Ugly Truth
4 years ago

Grrr…! Got 12 of 14, and knew the one about Japan owning Korea but only remembered it after pushing the button..!

PennsyProud John
4 years ago

Seems to be a pattern of 13/14 – with the Korea being part of Japan the one most missed. I guess I’m in good company. Back to books.

4 years ago

Aced it again, we just had this quiz (or many of the same questions) just a few weeks ago…..

Nick Vogel
4 years ago

Fairly Easy, but I missed the Hundred Years War. I lioke the Quizzes. Sometimes challenging.

James H. Rust
4 years ago

13 ou of 14

4 years ago

Leave up to Euro-scum to call a war lasting 116 years, The Hundred Years War.

Deplorable Troy
4 years ago

13 of 14 for me. But in fairness, I watch the History Channel and the AHC channels all the time. I love the old days when America was feared by all nations. Thanks Obama for ruining it.

4 years ago

14 out of 14 that degree actually did pay off.

charlie powers
4 years ago

11 out of 14, not bad for a crusty old Marine vet. Probably a lot better than the average “snow-flake” in most colleges that spend tens of thousands in student loans for “worthless Degrees”
in how to “protest” the NRA, and locate their “safe spaces!!

4 years ago

13 out 14 is not bad for a math major.

4 years ago

I missed only one; Guess my being a History Major , a times, helps….

4 years ago

I missed only one…..The History Major still does, at times ,come through….

4 years ago

I got all 14 right. I watch and read a lot about world history. Especially things about War.

4 years ago

I got 12 of 14. Yay!

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