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United States Armed Forces Quiz

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douglas schuler
3 years ago

#10 was a loaded question, even though they trained in Tuskegee Ala..when they did get to fly in combat their planes tails were painted red therefore some called them red tails either way they were very effective. they even shot down some German Jets, and were very effective in protecting our bombers!!!!!!! God bless them.

3 years ago

I got 11 out of 15. Not too terribly bad.

3 years ago

13 out of 15. Not bad for an “old duffer” who’s been told by the modern liberals, my generation is “old hat” and needs to “get with the program”, and needs to get into the 21st cent. My opinion, the liberals need to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of babies who lost their rattle . The questions may not have been “totally accurate”. I thought they were thought provoking considering what our kids are taught today in school. I taught school 19 yrs and I doubt a good portion of them would have had a hard time… Read more »

3 years ago

i missed 3 – never in the service – just a gramma

3 years ago

The Coast Guard is under Homeland Security not the Dept. of Defense. for question # 1.

3 years ago

The incorrect answers were given answers to the following question instead of the one I was answering

Lee McQuillen
3 years ago

I don’t know about the rest of you taking this but the answers that are supposedly correct are not one of the ones to choose – something is off kilter here!

kit Kennedy
3 years ago

Your answers and questions are mixed up on many of the questions.

3 years ago

5 branches of the armed forces. The US Coast Guard was under the Department of Transportation, is now under the Department of Homeland Security and falls under the command of the military during time of war. So we can’t count the USCG as being military. The Marine Corps is part of the Navy and falls under the Navy Department. So we can’t count them as a separate service. So I only count 3 branches of the military. What are the other 2?

Paul Revere
3 years ago

Four or five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces? When did the Coast Guard switch from the Dept. of Homeland Security??? TRICK QUESTION! At the least, AMBIGUOUS!
Also, wasn’t the Women’s Army Corp (WAC) established just after our entry into WWII, long before 1948??? Another Trick or Ambiguous question!!!
I may have to cancel my membership to AMAC if they can’t get the questions right.
It’s not good to trick Senior Citizens struggling with mental cognition! LOL! ?

3 years ago

I got 14 of 15. I guess my military service achieved something!?

Rick Moszer
3 years ago

I got 13 0f 15. Should have had 14 0f 15 but talked myself out of the correct answer!

3 years ago

14 out of 15 …not too bad ! Thought there was 5 but chose 6 branches. Guess the merchant marine is not one. Opppps.

3 years ago

Your answers were very wrong on at least 8. Where is the Naval Academy located? Your answer was West Point. WRONG WRONG WRONG

3 years ago

Only was wrong for the Army’s. birthday … not bad for a Navy guy.

John G. McCandless

Vice President & Founding Officer
Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center, Inc.

Captain, USN (RET)

3 years ago

The correct answer to number 1, is 4. The Coast Guard is now part of Homeland Security.

Ray Fujii
3 years ago

Missed the one on when women were allowed into the Regular Army.

Gene E Daniels
3 years ago

It was fun but I didn’t know much about the Coast Guard or the Navy. I missed 4 pertaining to these subjects. I was in the Army.

3 years ago

14 out of 15

3 years ago

13 of 15 Not too shabby!

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