United States Trivia Quiz III

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5 years ago

12 out of 15. I missed one by using the (wrong) answer from my husband. These quizzes are fun to take.

John Goforth
5 years ago

Got 14 out of 15 right missed one that i clicked on the wrong answer

5 years ago

I scored 15 out of 15. I have always loved history. I enjoyed taking the quiz.

5 years ago

12/15. Not bad for an old-timer. This was fun.

Doug Stephenson
5 years ago

I got 13 of 15 enjoy the quizzes.

5 years ago

10 / 15 and I thought I knew history. Guess I don’t know pre-Civil War history.

5 years ago

I got two wrong because I went through the quiz in less than a minute. Another one I missed was really not knowing the answer.

Lee Glidewell
5 years ago

7 out of 15 is pretty pathetic:<( I used to be good at history. Is alzheimers just around the corner?

5 years ago

Missed 3. Should have only missed one, but was going through the questions too fast

5 years ago

Fun & wise to keep one’s brain active. 12 out of 15 isn’t too bad. Felt like I was back in middle school!

Gregory L. Natale
5 years ago

I thought I was pretty up on American history…. much to learn yet.

5 years ago

I enjoyed quiz very much. Keep them coming.

Brian Garrison
5 years ago

15 of 15 without fact-checking (i.e., “cheating,” haha). Didn’t hurt that I’m a resident of Ohio.

Kathy Cunningham
5 years ago

Thought provoking, enjoyed it!

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

Love the quizzes! 13 out of 15 correct :-)

5 years ago

Easy one. Make one much more difficult

5 years ago

Missed 3, one of which I knew and clicked on the wrong answer and a second one because I mixed up the year with when I started High School. The questions are not terribly hard, but you are forced to use your brain to pick the right answer. I enjoy taking the quiz as a way of keeping my brain active and testing my memory.

Steven H Wilcox
5 years ago

That was fun!

5 years ago

got 100% by fact checking along the way. LOL actually would have had two wrong. :-( Also verified a few that i guessed on as being correct. good to know.

Judy L Smith
5 years ago

One comment here is that John Hancock may or may not have been the first signer. He did lead the convention that drafted it, and he could very well have been. But according to what I’ve read, that picture we have on Facebook and at other places to celebrate the Fourth of July is not really a picture of all of the delegates signing at the same time. It is an artistic rendering of one of those “what ifs” of history. Those men had farms and other businesses to run and had to travel to Philadelphia as they could to sign the document they had met to draft. Also, we really don’t know what John Hancock may or may not have said as he took pen in hand and wrote or if he said anything. The story about his saying that he wanted to sign it large enough for George III to read without his glasses…..Also, possibly we should have taken Cuba when we had the chance.

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