United States Trivia Quiz III

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Missed 3, one of which I knew and clicked on the wrong answer and a second one because I mixed up the year with when I started High School. The questions are not terribly hard, but you are forced to use your brain to pick the right answer. I enjoy taking the quiz as a way of keeping my brain active and testing my memory.

This was much more challenging than the ones on Facebook that say ‘Only 1 in 100 can pass this test’ and then give you ridiculously easy questions.

That was fun!

I enjoyed quiz very much. Keep them coming.

Thought provoking, enjoyed it!

7 out of 15 is pretty pathetic:<( I used to be good at history. Is alzheimers just around the corner?

I thought I was pretty up on American history…. much to learn yet.

15 of 15 without fact-checking (i.e., “cheating,” haha). Didn’t hurt that I’m a resident of Ohio.

Love the quizzes! 13 out of 15 correct :-)

Easy one. Make one much more difficult

12 out of 15. I missed one by using the (wrong) answer from my husband. These quizzes are fun to take.

Got 14 out of 15 right missed one that i clicked on the wrong answer

I scored 15 out of 15. I have always loved history. I enjoyed taking the quiz.

12/15. Not bad for an old-timer. This was fun.

I got 13 of 15 enjoy the quizzes.

10 / 15 and I thought I knew history. Guess I don’t know pre-Civil War history.

I got two wrong because I went through the quiz in less than a minute. Another one I missed was really not knowing the answer.

Missed 3. Should have only missed one, but was going through the questions too fast

Fun & wise to keep one’s brain active. 12 out of 15 isn’t too bad. Felt like I was back in middle school!

got 100% by fact checking along the way. LOL actually would have had two wrong. :-( Also verified a few that i guessed on as being correct. good to know.