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United States Trivia Quiz II

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Sam Camden
3 years ago

I love these trivia quiz by Amac!

3 years ago

Between your quizzes and Jeopardy it amazes me how much I know that I didn’t know I knew. No room for cobwebs,

3 years ago

10 out of 15. Not great. I really should have known more of the answers than that.

However, I do know that the capital of California is “Sacramento”, not “Saramento”. :)

Irv C
3 years ago

All I can say is 9 out Of 15 shows me I forgot more than a liberal knows. Lol

3 years ago

11out of 15. Most of the wrong answers concerned the rivers, lakes and ocean. I got all the Capitols.
Thanks for these quizzes. They are fun and I learn something from all of them.

Diana Erbio
3 years ago

Love the weekly quiz! So much I don’t know… only 8 out of 15…. but I learned a few things!

3 years ago

I am sure that the capital of CA is NOT Saramento but rather Sacramento! Please respond to this question.

Judi Stiles
3 years ago

13 of 15, however I think someone goofed about Saramento and Sacramento. Sacramento is the correct name and you said I got it wrog

3 years ago

13 out of 15. Don’t know much about Atlantic coastline. I know now. Love these quizzes and love AMAC

Charles R Cozzens
3 years ago

10/15 shame on me

3 years ago

I always thought the Mississippi River was the longest in the U S. Now I learned the Missouri is 21 miles longer.

3 years ago

Ugh. 8 out of 15! and I pride myself as a Jeapordy king. Its a good thing I’ve lived in Michigan, Texas, Cali, and South Dakota or I would have really done poorly. BTW according to Arnold (a sad excuse for a Republican) it’s Sacramenta.

3 years ago

I got them all correct but I had lucky guesses with Harrisburg PA and Topeka KS. Love these quizzes. Even if I get a wrong answer I learn something.

Mr T
3 years ago

12/15 opps!

2 years ago

Great quiz, knew most of the answers

JoAnn Schaefers
3 years ago

Cool/ clever way to remember school quizzies—even if missed 1/3 of them.

Jack Steinberger
3 years ago

Tried 4 times. Never was able to find (open) quiz!

Denise Louise
3 years ago

Only 10 out of 15 correct but I really enjoyed the quiz anyway!

3 years ago

Good brain exercise or workout!

Lee Glidewell
3 years ago

I really should study the answers before choosing one. I knew Alaska was the largest state (I chose Texas without looking at the rest). Duh!

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