United States Geography Quiz

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4 years ago

12 of 14, Not bad, but I want a home run! Great quizzes.

Donna Barber
4 years ago

Great mind sharpener/refresher course.
Enjoyed it!

Sue B.
4 years ago

I only missed two questions! I guess that means I need to travel more!

4 years ago

13 out of 14 the Missouri river got me.

John G.
4 years ago

I got them all correct , but then I’ve been everywhere twice criss-crossing our great country with 5 million miles behind me. I’m forwarding this to my grandchildren.

4 years ago

12 out of 14 and should have gotten 13. However, I believe there are actually 7 time zones if one counts the U.S. Territory of American Samoa.

Rita Keough
4 years ago

Not too at Trivia. Only scored 11 correct.

4 years ago

Got all right finally

(Rev.) Philip M. Stark
4 years ago

I started studying geography in the first grade (1940, would you believe). in those days, they taught you facts. In geography, we little ones learned all 48 states’ names, their capital cities, etc. They gave us jigsaw puzzles to make the study interesting–and easy to remember. The public schools these days have gone down the drain. I’m glad to be as old as I am–but not traveling much around the country much any more.

Martha S
4 years ago

Just missed Missouri River – was sure in 1950s we were taught Mississippi River was longest! ;-) I guess 13 right ain’t too bad?

4 years ago

Got thirteen. Missed on the number of time zones.

4 years ago

12 of 14.

4 years ago

11 out of 14. Should have done better.

4 years ago

Got 4 wrong. Mo River, Picked MS River, Smallest Population, Wy. I picked ND. ,Lowest Point. Death Valley. I picked New Orleans because it is below sea level. Time zone. 6 picked 5. forgot about Alaska.

4 years ago


Michael G
4 years ago

Got 13 of 14. Somehow I always thought the Mississippi River was the longest, and maybe it was at one time. So, I learned a little something from this. Thanks for keeping my mind sharp. I love these quizzes.

Ron Skeleton
4 years ago

That was fun. This was my first one but not my last.

John McCormack
4 years ago

Got 13 correct, would have gotten 14 but Ohio and Iowa wrong State.

Wendy Lee Pless
4 years ago

My results were 11 of 14. My late husband taught me a lot with his trivia questions. One missed question was just because I didn’t read all the answers.

Lawrence Schwartz
4 years ago

I got 12 out of the 14. Not bad for an old man like me. I am 84.

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