Random Trivia Quiz 3

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4 years ago

Didn’t do well, but enjoyed this.

4 years ago

Sorry, posted twice..

4 years ago

Hmmm, back to the books I guess. Only 9 correct.

Grace Engel
4 years ago

we enjoy them very much!

4 years ago

13 of 14, very broad topic group. Fun questions, really like the Ronald Reagan quote.

4 years ago

Not too shabby – I got 11 our of 14, or 79%, a “C” in my High School which translates to an A+ at Harvard University when graded on a curve.

4 years ago

Here is hoping there are more quizes. AMAC comes through! Got 10 out of 14. Gaining confidence. Comments are good too

4 years ago

The quizzes are great! They make you think and we all need to use our brains constructively.

C Baverstock
4 years ago

This is Great! It’s amazing what you know and what you don’t know. I enjoy learning history. I love having the opportunity to do these trivia quizzes. Thank you!

Martin Steed
4 years ago

12 right! Yea! Good guessing. Some were too easy. The longest border in SA questions had only one border in SA. TOO EASY. Still fun.

Terry Anderson
4 years ago

Four wrong, but my guesses were good. If I had just gone with my first thought on one of them would have only had three wrong. The Reagan one was a no brainer…could almost hear him say it.

4 years ago

How can we access all the other quizzes easily, to be able to play? Should be a button to click.

4 years ago

10 out of 14 I love these quizzes, maybe I will do better next time!

Loesje Shema
4 years ago

Got ’em all!

4 years ago

10 out of 14. Guessed at some of them.

Jack Kimball
4 years ago

What are the Excennent, Above Average, Average. Below Average and Flunk scores?

4 years ago

10 of 14, but I would have joined the 12 of 14 club if I’d gone with my first impulse on the first 2 that I missed (Nigeria and 1498). The other 2, I had no clue.

Diana Erbio
4 years ago

12 out of 14! ?

4 years ago

Great quiz. More!

4 years ago

Please keep these coming. Today my score was 13. These are fun.

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