Random Trivia Quiz 2

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John Gorman
4 years ago

Got 13 of 14. Some educated guesses are possible if you know other things that can lead you to a good guess.

Jack Schirtzinger
4 years ago

11 out of 14, not too bad.

David Smith
4 years ago

Fun quiz, as always. I enjoy the shotgun approach. It reminds me of any subjects that have fallen below my attention span. I welcome quizzes on which my information is slim. Quizzes? No, they are tutorials; and welcome.
Oh, by the way, missed 4. It’s good to be the human!

4 years ago

12. Would have gotten 13, but I second-guessed whether anything useful comes from ….. oh, never mind.
Oh! And technically zucchini and squash are also fruits. Any part of the plant with seeds is a fruit. Only leaves, stems, and roots are vegetables. And perhaps flowers, I think.

4 years ago

I got 13 out of 14; missed the last one. A grest qiuz. Keep them coming.

4 years ago

Fun quiz. 14 out of 14. First time I’ve maxed out one of these quizzes.

Michael Meyer
4 years ago

Technically, zucchini and squash are fruit too.
The traditional phantom of the Opera music piece, played by the Phantom on an organ was originally written by Bach. Weber rearranged it for his performance.

Bob Siroky
4 years ago

Great idea. Love them.

Stephen Kelly
4 years ago

enjoyed the quiz got 12 of 14 correct

4 years ago

It’s fun to see how much I remember on random trivia. The opportunity to learn also.

Lawrence Michels
4 years ago

Look forward to this every week keep it up.

Lawrence Michels
4 years ago

12 out 14 not bad

John M. Goforth
4 years ago

Aced It

Barb Dombrowski
4 years ago

We enjoyed the quiz & only got the last answer wrong.

Sherry Leffel
4 years ago

on question 3, would not everything but the carrot be a ” fruit”

Ms. Linda Remle
4 years ago

FUN!! Please send another soon!?

4 years ago

12 of 14, once again. Seems to be my limit. I should have stuck with Einstein, for #4, But the 1952 date caused me to overthink it. Missed the location in #14, also.

Terry Anderson
4 years ago

2 wrong…mostly guessing, but some were just obvious because of silly options otherwise. Love these.

4 years ago

One wrong. Good questions.

Judy Smith
4 years ago

Love these American history quizzes. Keep them coming. Easy 100%.

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