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Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum

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Gudrun Munnerlyn

Come on, who makes the decision on posting these puzzles? A Kindergardener? Last week it was lollipops, this week gum! Really? WTH?? Retired minds are still functioning and deserve better than this.

Lee Glidewell

Y’all must be seriously reaching the bottom of the ‘quiz barrel’ if bubblegum is the best y’all can come up with! I don’t even chew gum and I got 8 of 13. But seriously, y’all, who cares? Try a new barrel, c’mon!


I think it would be helpful if a short explanation was given as to why this is true. Other than gum chewers are multitaskers

Ann Ritter

This quiz should have been about the moon landing.

T Anderson

9/13…I figure not too bad as I was never really interested in the “history” of gum.


I don’t even chew gum and I got 10 out of 13.


10/13, but should have been 12/13 if I didn’t change my answer. Would be nice to see the facts behind them like why they are true/false.


Always enjoy the quizzes.

Lou Roskowski

I also got 8 / 13.


Well, I chew gum every day and only got 8/13. I guess my fault is chewing a half stick at a time. : )


Yikes! I guess I don’t know much about bubble gum!
I only got 7/13! 🤷🏻‍♀️


Maybe some of these respondents should look for a more difficult game. I liked this bit of trivia because it was not anything I had to know. I definately will start chewing more gum.Thanks


Same here. 8 out of 13!


I got 8 out of 13. I guess I’m a bubble head. Lol


I agree! This test was silly…juvenile. I’m not a gum chewer nor do I like watching others chew it… especially while trying to converse with them… very distracting; and I just can’t take them seriously. I find it annoying.


I agree with those who say this was a complete waste of a subject! And that a short explanation of why answers are right would be beneficial.