Political Junkie 3 Quiz

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Kathy Moore
5 years ago

Like these quiz . I have learn a lot by taking these . Love History by taking these I learn about a lot of history that I didn’t know at first and some of the fact I did know but was sure of.

5 years ago

10 out of 15. A whole lot of guessing going on.

5 years ago

I got 4 wrong, but only because I “overthought” the answers. My “first answers” would have been right.

Pat Coverdale
5 years ago

It’s obvious as much history as I have absorbed over the years, it’s not enough. I only answered 7 out of 15, maybe if the questions had been more of the Republican candidates running for office, I may have answered a couple more correctly. Also, Question 14 is difficult. Only 4 have actually been elected. I enjoyed the quiz.

Lee E Glidewell
5 years ago

8of15. Not bad for 6 lucky guesses! Great quiz.

Abigail Forrest
5 years ago

Elucidating……but ready for more.

Carlos Wayne Earl
5 years ago

Great quiz for an Old Timer

Bob Mason
5 years ago

The answer to Question 14 is a little more complex. If you’re asking how many vice presidents were subsequently elected to the presidency, the answer is 4: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Van Buren, and George H.W. Bush. You might say 5 as Nixon was elected but there was the intervening Kennedy/Johnson administrations which puts him in a different category.

There were 13 vice presidents who succeeded the president, the four above and,
John Tyler after William Henry Harrison’s death,
Millard Fillmore after Zachary Taylor’s death,
Andrew Johnson after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination,
Chester Arthur after James Garfield’s assassination,
Theodore Roosevelt after William McKinley’s assassination,
Calvin Coolidge after Warren Harding’s death,
Harry S. Truman after Franklin Roosevelt’s death,
Lyndon Johnson after John F. Kennedy’s assassination,
Gerald Ford after Richard Nixon’s resignation.
However, few of them were ever actually elected to the office of president.

Of the vice presidents who succeeded a president and were then elected or reelected, the pool is a bit smaller.

John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon Johnson.

Therefore, the number of vice presidents who were subsequently elected to the presidency is only 11, if we include Nixon.

5 years ago
Reply to  Bob Mason

THAT is a good point! I had missed the answer to the question, but didn’t think it through as you may have. My answer could be “correct” under any of those considerations.

5 years ago

I got 7 out of 15. Good test.

5 years ago

I got 13 for 15. Missed the question about the number of VP’s eventually elected to the Presidency (14); also missed the one about the President who had both the lowest and highest favorability rating in U..S. history (G. W. Bush).

5 years ago
Reply to  McFerguson

The only reason George received such low ratings is because “we deplorables” at that time, actually believed the media manipulated biased reporting and loaded polls. Now we know better than to believe anything they tell us. Not one “news” outlet can be trusted today, even Fox.

angela hardy
5 years ago

The party should never be labeled as the Democratic Party. It is not democratic. It should be shown as the Democrat Party.

5 years ago
Reply to  angela hardy
5 years ago
Reply to  angela hardy

It’s the Democrat Party – not the democratic party. Rush keeps correcting everybody about that little detail because the last thing they are is “democratic”. They’ve turned into the Socialist/Communist party.

Lincoln Sorensen
5 years ago
Reply to  angela hardy

Angela, thank you. I have, for the last several years on various comment sections been stating the same thing. There are people, as evidenced by questions by “the man on the street” who will vote for the “democratic” candidate on the ballot because that sounds like what the country should be like. Believe me, there are some really misinformed young people out there today who will listen to the alphabet “reporters” and have been indoctrinated by teachers and professors and now they think they know all about everything and will vote “democratic”. I find it appalling that people in the information business keep referring to the democrat party as the democratic party. That will bite the republicans in the butt in the next election.

5 years ago

7/15. I guess I’m not a political junkie. Thanks for these quizzes. They are interesting.

Judy Smith
5 years ago

I love these American history quizzes.

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

Well, I did really well on that quiz… 13 out of 15 ?

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