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Industrial Revolution Quiz

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3 years ago

I got 14 out of 17! I’m a good guesser! (Well, okay, there was some educated guessing going on; it wasn’t all lottery-style.)

Paul Revere
3 years ago

14/17. Would that be an “A” or “B+”? Do they even teach this stuff in school anymore?

Glennis Hogan
3 years ago

I enjoy the quizzes as makes you think. Sometime I know more than I thought I did.

Bill Roth
3 years ago

11/17 but I never heard of a few things.

Diana Erbio
3 years ago

10 out of 17… but I learned a few things :-)

Your Boy
2 years ago

17/17 lets go

3 years ago

Did much better on this then expected. Got all the inventors and inventions correct. 13 out of 17 – need to study up on more points.

3 years ago

13/17. I knew the inventors, all others guesses. : ) Some right, some wrong as you see !

3 years ago

11/17. Some of the names I’d never heard.

3 years ago

only 2 choices show. rest is ad.

3 years ago

Only two choices show. rest is ad.

Charles R Cozzens
3 years ago

14/17 Some new information I had never heard of on this subject

Old Sargw
3 years ago

14 of 17

Peggy Staneff
3 years ago

10 out of 17… love getting your quizzes.

3 years ago

14 out of 17, but it was fun.

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