Declaration of Independence Quiz

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Ace Campbell
2 years ago

I found this quiz email buried in my spam, and would like to take the quiz, but it is not there?! it is the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence tomorrow!

4 years ago

Enjoy these quizzes immensely . Can’twait For the next group June.

K LuCille Bennett
4 years ago

11 out of 14! WOW! This was fun & educational! Thank you!

4 years ago

I got 6 of 14 right. I have to admit though, I read through most of the comments first. It’s been educational:) Thanks!

Flo Crites
4 years ago

I’m 83 and have forgotten most of this but do enjoy the quizzes. I do better on some than I think I will

Matt K.
4 years ago

Schools must teach Anerican History—-/ Evan they didn’t teach me & im 63. I got 10 rigjht & a bunch wrong . Not too bad for an older guy.

David Shipp
4 years ago

There were fifty five members of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, so who was the person who signed and was not at the convention?

David Shipp
4 years ago

I only got 10 out of fourteen, but most of that is due to lack of memory. I highly recommend reading ” Decision in Philadelphia: The Constitutional Convention of 1787″ By The Colliers but credited to Christopher Collier. Excellent book with reference material sited. It is more popular in SC than other places because of the credits given to Charles Pinkney and his role in the final outcome.

4 years ago

13 of the 14. Was not sure if Washington signed when asked about the number of future presidents who had signed. Knew Thomas Jefferson and John Adam had signed. Was 50/50 on Washington and was wrong.

4 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Washington was not in Philly to sign, because he was leading the army against the British. Think he was in New England / New York area in 1776

Murf Appling
4 years ago

14/14 – former H S Amer Govt instructor – Germantown H S – Southwind H S – Memphis TN/Shelby County – we studied the Dec of Independence hard & firm – how many of my students would remember their lessons is a ???? for the ages. We also went after the Constitution with a vengeance!! Amer Gov’t is a semester course N TN so we hit the highlights & concepts!! No one passed the course if they did now know, verbatim, the 5 Concepts of Democracy & the 6 Principles of the Constitution!!! We approached both writings from a strict Judeo-Christian heritage viewpoint, the way it should take place.

4 years ago

13 out of 14 mistake on # of future presidents to sign. We need to have these quizzes back in school. Many if not most young people wouldn’t know the answers. I’m thankful for homeschooling today and teaching Constitutional Law.

4 years ago

14 out of 14 A few caused me to think but I pulled those memories forward.

Bob Wippermann
4 years ago

10/14 graduated 1972 I thought I stunk cause I follow this stuff ( our history) and current events
It would be nice to see percent of right answers/ quiz takers
Thanks, Bob

4 years ago

10 of14, once again. Should have been 12 of 14, but changed my mind twice and paid the penalty. Would have guessed all 3 July dates before considering August, though.

Dr. Bob
4 years ago

12 out of 14. I shudder to think how the current crop of High School grads might do. I hope I’m largely wrong. .

4 years ago

I got 10 out of 14. :( I really should know more about it than that.

4 years ago

Through the tireless research of an older brother, it was recently discovered my siblings and I are direct descendant of John Adams. This has brought the reality of the efforts and sacrifice of our founding fathers (and patriots) into a much more personal and meaningful realm for me. As a result, I have done alot of research and would have never gotten half of these questions right beforehand. I am so grateful. PS: there are millions of descendants of our founding fathers in this nation. I’m certain many (like me) have no idea of their amazing lineage.

Martin Steed
4 years ago

Noticed several folks saying they didn’t do too bad considering they graduating high school xx number of years ago. Folks, IF you gave this quiz to a present day high school graduate, they probably would not get 3 correct. We no longer teach history, we no longer teach government, we no longer teach civics. The only thing today’s kids learn about Jefferson is that he owned slaves. They learn that Franklin MAY have been a pervert. Hell, they cannot even tell you from whom we claimed “independence”.

Martin Steed
4 years ago

Missed three – had to guess on 5, but guessed wrong on 2, so it could have been worse. I love these things. I learn something every time I take one.

Thomas Mann
4 years ago

Some of the questions are so obscure only a History Major, like myself, would have a chance at getting them. Others……..(Henry VIII? Really?)

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