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Constitution Quiz

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I thought I would do better. I should have gone and gotten my pocket Constitution. Love The quizzes!

Judy Smith

Love American history quizzes.

Ivan Berry

OK, so I missed one–the President can serve 10 years? Who knew?

Diana Erbio

10 out of 15… plus I learned a few things ?

Thomas H Seigo

12/15 Should have been 15/15! ??


Only 11 out of 15. I know I didn’t get enough Civics training in school, but that’s no excuse. I need to learn this stuff.


Love these ,I should have done much better. Will read it more often. Thank you


Love these quizzes, thanks!!! was horrified to not do better! got more right than wrong, but should’ve done better. I know content, not so much “chaper & verse” … same with my Bible :(

Lee Glidewell

11 out of 15? And I even had my pocket copy to refer to! Pretty sad. I have learned something here, though. Next quiz, I will read through the questions first, before answering any. I got #11 wrong (“the father of the Constitution”). Had I read #14 & referred to my pocket version again, I’d have seen that Thomas Jefferson did not even sign the document! So how could he be considered the “father”? Good quiz!!

Genevieve Cahoon

How embarrasing not to know the constitution better than I do.


I got 9 out of 15. Need some work on Constitutional knowledge.


Ya, i did terrible on this quiz!

Doug Stephenson

I should of done better.8 of 15. not good

Mary Lou Hicks

Love the quizzes! Keep them coming!


Ya, i did terrible on this quiz!!

Pedro Hernandez

Based on the responses as, how we all did, I see I am in the right group. Mostly everyone stayed positive.


Pretty much a waste of time. I don’t care or need to know what the number of each amendment is, only that they’e all there and what they all do together.