Congress Trivia Quiz

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Beverly Z
5 years ago

Only got 9 right but I admit I dont keep up on political things and this a good refresher. I also didnt have a good Civics class way back when. I enjoyed the quiz.

5 years ago

I GOT 12/15 : like these quizzes

Brian L Garrison
5 years ago

Woo-hoo! 15 for 15.

Carol Major
5 years ago

13/15-OK with it because missed ones were people, not process. Every school child should take this to make them aware of how little they know about how the govt. works. They just don’t teach this anymore

5 years ago

I’m embarrassed to say I got 8 right. My only saving grace was not knowing the names for various positions; I’ve never been very good with names?

5 years ago

Really enjoyed the quiz! I got twelve of fifteen correct.

Bruce Harman
5 years ago

Missed four, but three of those didn’t have the right answers displayed on my screen as a choice…they must have been on the far RH side (which was cut off and there was no way to scroll over there)….not sure why I appear to be the only one that had that problem since it doesn’t seem to be reported in any other’s comments below…oh well. Good questions.

5 years ago
Reply to  Bruce Harman

Reduce your zoom size. Settings in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

5 years ago

Thinking of algore as Speaker gave me a shudder!

Brenda Phillips
5 years ago

Really enjoyed refreshing myself by taking this quiz!!??

Vicky N
5 years ago

11 of 15

5 years ago

hard to keep up with congrss and the senate changing the rules

K. Voegele
5 years ago

Enjoy your quizzes

5 years ago

I Question # 6 ????

5 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

The answer is correct. I worked on the campaign for someone whose district got redrawn after the last census, so that he no longer lived in the same district in which he was running. The topic was thoroughly researched.

5 years ago

I question #6 ???

5 years ago


5 years ago

I got 13 right. I love thes quizzes.

5 years ago

Thank you for these questions – it’s been a long time I thought of these subjects!!!

James Hammontree
5 years ago

Very educational.

Charles Cozzens
5 years ago

liked this14/15

Rick Lagrand
5 years ago

I missed four. But I’m 87 years old and at one rime would have surely gotten them all. I wonder how many kids coming out of school these days could ace this test.

donald creek
5 years ago
Reply to  Rick Lagrand

you would be lucky to get 5 out of a hundred. it is a shame.

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