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Colonial America Quiz

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3 years ago

I am surprised , and disappointed also. I thought my memory of early American History was better. I missed three. Maybe not too bad for an old WW2 Vet, eh?

3 years ago

I missed #10 .I knew all the rest.I learn so much taking the on line courses from Hillsdale college .I have loved America History my whole life.

3 years ago

13 out of 14 Thank you my Ursuline nuns who really spent time on history and the value of that knowledge to keep us free. Great educators one and all.

Al Dozler
3 years ago

I never was a history buff when I was younger unless it was local to me on the West Coast. I remember studying early American history but it never really sunk in. I was overly surprised I only missed 3. (About 50% I think were guesses). Great quiz and I think I’m still learning which is always good.

3 years ago

I missed one. (Who knew that a colony missed the Continental Congress meeting in 1774?) There were some that I knew, a few educated guesses, and a few lucky guesses.

Diana Erbio
3 years ago

Love the history quiz section. 10 out of 14… not too bad.

3 years ago

I enjoyed this quiz. History came alive to this western girl when we spent 13 years with the military in Maryland. I do get both of the heated tariff issues confused . It was a pressure time for the colonies and both of these tariffs were extra burdening in several ways. Thanks for your quizzes. They spark my mind from time to time!

Doug Stephenson
3 years ago

I missed one out of fourteen. I have always liked history.

3 years ago

I got 11 out of 14. I need to do some study on the colonial history. It’s been a while since I have.

Judy Smith
3 years ago

These American history tests are great fun. Easy, of course, but who wants to overtax your brain cells?

Bil Roth
3 years ago

9 out of 14. Not bad for a lot of guess work. I wasn’t around in them there days.

Just Sayin\'
3 years ago

Well, got 3 wrong, which surprised me cuz I haven’t studied this topic since I learned about it at school. Which leads me to wonder….how well would a current student of American history do on this test? Anyone out there got someone they can spring it on and leave a comment?

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