America in the 1980s Quiz

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5 years ago

I got 14/15, missed the Microsoft one. Wish I had been smarter about Microsoft, maybe would have invested and now be siting pretty. Oh the advantages we miss in our youth.

Rich E
5 years ago

15 of 15. Only in my 20`s back then.

5 years ago

Got all 15 right! The first time I had a perfect score!

Lee Glidewell
5 years ago

8 out of 15. Good grief, Charley Brown! Was your head in the sand?

5 years ago

Nailed all 15!

5 years ago

12/15 not too bad

Charles H Doering
5 years ago

Got them all right. Guess my Alzheimers has not kicked in yet!

5 years ago

Missed Microsoft, Live Aids and ice hockey, who cares?

Lowell Naito
5 years ago

I missed three. Just to show you that I was not paying much attention in the 80s. I had to make a living.

Brian L Garrison
5 years ago

13/15. Love the “brothers” question. It was the Marx brothers, right? Just kidding!

5 years ago

5 out of 15 as a young Widowed Mother raising her children and working full-time. I’ll take it!

Tony Catania
5 years ago

Only 2 wrong guess that makes me an old geezer

Lana R Padgett
5 years ago
Reply to  Tony Catania

Me too! Missed Disney and the Windows question.

5 years ago

Missed the one about concerts and femail Chief Justices……well…back to the sports page

Richard Sutton
5 years ago

Missed two. Didn’t feel they were right when I answered

David C.
5 years ago
Reply to  Richard Sutton

Same here. I missed Epcot Center and Hockey winner – never watched Olympics and no excuse for the Epcot Exhibit because I took my wife to Disneyland for her birthday the year they opened it. Still remember the futuristic house!

John Goforth
5 years ago

Got all of them right I must be some kind of a nerd?

5 years ago

Enjoy the quizzes – refresh memory. Made me remembered where I was when the hostages were released and which baseball team won the world series.
Thank you.

Loretta Athanase
5 years ago

Two wrong answers. Microsoft and live-aid.

Patrick Henry
5 years ago

Same here.

Dr. J
5 years ago

The first “real” Microsoft operating system that I recall was Windows 95. The previous versions were MS-DOS based and did not use a “mouse” – you had to type in all the commands from a keyboard.

5 years ago
Reply to  Dr. J

My first was 3.1. I thought it had potential to be a good system. You could use a mouse with it.

Glennis Hogan
5 years ago

Only one wrong tells me we are old and we do read the news.

5 years ago
Reply to  Glennis Hogan

How right you are. I turned 30 in ’83. I’ll be ’64 in a couple of weeks. It’s great being a geezer!

5 years ago
Reply to  Wayne

Happy Birthday! Mine is the 28th.

Jan s
5 years ago

all of them right, for a change.

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