‘Game Change’ Tries to Rewrite Palin and Fails

By Jedediah Bila

On Saturday night I watched HBO’s Game Change, a hilariously absurd left-wing driven manifestation of what I have come to call Palin-OCD. Many of the “facts” presented in the film have already been dismantled, and you might be wondering why I wasted a couple of hours of my life on something that was sure to be an obvious hit piece.

Quite simply, every now and then I like to remind myself of the depth of what we are battling. Beyond Barack Obama’s disastrous policies, we are facing a mainstream media and Hollywood elite devoted to distortion, most of whom think we are first-rate dummies.

Game Change is as much a reflection of what Hollywood thinks of Palin as it is of what Hollywood thinks of you and me. By the end of the film, HBO presents Palin as a foreign and domestic policy idiot who learns how to memorize the lines she is handed, deliver a convincing debate performance, and woo the right-wing electorate with her acting skills.

In HBO’s world, Palin fed us slogans with a side of charm and we bought the story. To them, we are essentially a bunch of simple-minded voters who flocked to a charming performer. Interesting assessment from a crowd who fell for “hope,” “change,” and “yes we can,” no?

Hey Hollywood, project much?

Game Change paints Palin as a forgetful, unable-to-handle-the-pressure, unstable small-town lady who was way out of her intellectual league on the 2008 campaign trail. To be blunt, she is portrayed as an idiot.

There is just one small problem. You would have to know absolutely nothing about Palin’s record to buy HBO’s characterization.

The woman who ushered in ACES, AGIA and ethics reform is an idiot? The woman who was President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors and chairman of both the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) and the U.S.’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) is an idiot? The woman who managed a $14 billion budget as the CEO of Alaska is an idiot? The woman who made ExxonMobil blink is an idiot?

See HBO, we didn’t support Palin in ’08 because she said “drill, baby, drill.” We supported her because she had a record in Alaska of doing just that.

Palin wasn’t our “hope” and “change” candidate. Her words were backed up by what we call a record.

Julianne Moore, who I consider to be a pretty good actress overall, didn’t capture Palin in the least. Let’s put aside the fact that she sounded like she had her back teeth clenched for most of the film (couldn’t HBO afford an accent coach?), because there’s something much more important that Moore missed.

Not once did I see Palin’s ability to connect with a crowd, her charisma, her spunk, or her folksiness. What I saw, for the most part, were dead eyes, detached expressions and mannerisms, and a robotic, pre-programmed delivery that couldn’t be further from the real deal. Moore bordered on sounding drunk when attempting to mimic Palin’s small-town charm.

That tells me one thing—Moore never checked her bias at the door. So instead of trying to really capture Sarah Palin, she mimicked the media-contrived caricature we all know to be false.

As a side note, I would love to know how HBO “researched” those scenes where only Todd and Sarah were present. I think it’s safe to say that Todd wasn’t a source for the film. I guess those scenes were just part of HBO’s—you know—creative license.

I have long argued that you don’t ignore mainstream media and Hollywood agenda-driven “analysis.” Ignoring it allows false narratives to solidify and eliminates the possibility of setting historical records straight.

Instead of ignoring it, enter their world, call out the falsehoods, and take on the deceit with truth. If we stand by silently, the Left will control the narrative, will rewrite history, and will present conservative figures and their supporters as everything from dummies to racists to heaven knows what.

HBO, when it comes to Palin, I did my research. It’s a shame you didn’t.

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8 years ago

I am new to HBO and I live in Canada but I did watch this show because I was interested in the election back in -2008, I believe the show portrayed how John McCains people completely threw Sarah Palin under the bus, they completely abandoned her as far as I could tell from the movie.

8 years ago

To those liberals here who who touts “Game Change” as a truthful personification of Sarah Palin, watch “The Undefeated” and then come back and give an unvarnished opinion of who Sarah Palin is.

8 years ago

HBO doesn’t care about the truth. They want to perpetuate the myth that Sarah Palin is not only stupid, but sadistically ambitious. But it’s our President who matches that description. (Liberals do like to project) Sarah Palin is a humble, public servant. She only wants to serve her country. And for that, her critics are trying to destroy her. But she’s still standing strong. She is one tough chick.

8 years ago

Why Make a Movie about someone who is Not Running? Strange very Strange almost like they are afraid of her..

8 years ago

Article is terrible and misleading. Which of the incredibly stupid things Palin said are you taking issue with? There are enough sound bites that show that if not an idiot has a tendency to say idiotic things. Why bash the program because you don’t like what it says?

8 years ago

I totally agree with this article. With the Left anyone who supports Palin is a foreign creature. I would rather be mocked relentlessly and hated by the Left than ever join their ranks. The Left is Godless and truely lost.

If Sarah Palin had run for POTUS she would have gotten my vote.

M Baker
8 years ago

How can Bila believe she can claim the movie is incorrect when she wasn’t even close to what was happening? She claims it’s inaccurate, but never once provides any evidence what so ever to back her point. That alone should draw the readers suspicion and question how knowledgable the writer is on the subject. She goes on and makes statements that clearly shows her bias against the movie, claiming it’s not factually correct without providing proof, and then has the audacity to claim most of Hollywood “are first rate dummies”. She wrote,”There is just one problem. You have to know… Read more »

8 years ago

All I can say is watch “The Undefeated” if you really want to know the real Sarah Palin. I have discovered over the years that the liberals try to put their principles, their morals, their desires, their name calling off on the conservatives. If they took a good look at themselves in the mirror they would discover that is who they are. Personally I know longer fall for their lies. Why! They can’t stand the light of Christ that is shinning into their darkness. They are liers and we know who the father of the lie is! Sarah is a… Read more »

Adam F. Kohler
8 years ago

Jedediah is right! We need to ignore “Game Change” because it is not relevant at all.

8 years ago

Couldn’t HBO or anybody fine a better actress to played Sarah’s role? Moore looked so fake, she took away all we see in Sarah. The way she talked, walked smiled even the way she closed or opened her mouth. Was something wrong with her mouth, she is so ugly as compare to the real Sarah Palin.

8 years ago

I thin the author is wrong…the movie showed over and over that Palin was connecting with people. If you can’t see that then you’re not paying attention or your own bias is keeping you from seeing it. It showed she energized McCain’s campaign. They basically said several times that Obama’s a guy with no real experience and is more of a celebrity. It’s not like these were subtle things, they were right there.

If anything, having Obama and Palin both in the election was more saying that it’s all about showmanship now and not actual experience.

Chris Hamre
8 years ago

I find it funny that the media and the left just want Sarah Palin to go away but then they will be quick to attack her and now make a piece of fiction about her. If you really want her to “go away”, maybe you should quit bashing her..

art rhetoric
8 years ago

How were the ratings for this HBO movie? Was it a flop?
Palin is a private citizen, had no scandals, yet is attacked and smeared these days while
Hillery, on the 0bama staff, has enough baggage to load LaGuardia airport.

8 years ago

I’ll make this short & sweet, the reason the libs attack Sarah they way they do is, THEY ARE DEATHLY AFRAID OF HER, AND KNOW SHE WOULD GET THINGS DONE, when she got into office.

8 years ago

I am not surprised that liberal posters come on her defending Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace. They also attempt to impeach the credibility of those staffers who have vouched for Palin, including those not on her payroll anymore, like her former personal aide. This is complete fail, and the evidence is overwhelming as to why: Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace are being hired by no one, and I do mean no one, on the 2012 Republican National cycle, including Romney. Why? No one likes a traitor and a backstabber, nor does anyone admire someone who tries to throw his principal… Read more »

8 years ago

dutch is a typical liberal saboteur who having no substance resorts to name calling (unsubstantiated in their application) with the intent to smear the messenger when he hates the truth.

8 years ago

This article is absurdly stupid, poorly constructed, and willfully dishonest.

8 years ago

Just because Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace said it is true….doesn’t make it true. There were apparently 25 UN-NAMED sources. If they were so truthful….then why hide? If you’re SOOOOOOOOO proud of your side….then why not come forward and back it up. Why? Because they would lose their jobs with the Rmoney and 0bama campaigns….that’s why. And because it isn’t the truth.

Richard Fasulo
8 years ago

“Stupid is as stupid does”. My empathy to you Jedediah for having to endure even selecting HBO on your remote

Robert Smith
8 years ago

Didn’t watch it. Mostly because I don’t watch TV or go to the movies. Why spend money just to make myself mad. Anything that comes out of left wing Hollywood, turns me off. Where his Wally and a beaver, even Howdy Doody was better than what we get today. Everyone understood that Howdy Doody, was a wooden headed puppet,,, Oh did I just write a script for new TV show! Who do you think we can get to play Clara bell? We already know who the wooden headed puppet is. O M G and that doesn’t stand for oh my… Read more »

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