No Surprises from Gallup’s Latest

A Gallup poll released today reveals some interesting information:

Although none is dominant, the government, at 21%, leads the list of what Americans consider the most important problem facing the country. The economy closely follows at 18%, and then unemployment/jobs and healthcare, each at 16%.

What a great time for conservative/libertarian politicians to adeptly market solid reforms that get the government out of the way, rather than more involved.

What a great opportunity for the Republican Party to produce organized, well-presented free market and patient-centered health care reform.

What a perfect chance for a well-marketed, well-presented jobs plan from conservative/libertarian political leaders.

Organize. That means one health care plan, for example–not seventeen that leave people confused.

Come together. That means join forces to stand with each other and beside a common policy goal.

Market. That means get all over TV and radio with smart, creative people who appeal to the very folks turned off by government-run monstrosities.

I’m still waiting.

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8 years ago

Jedediah, I enjoy reading your articles but I have disagree with your opinion of ORGANIZE in this article: “One healthcare plan..not seventeen”…That is basically what the ACA is…one plan which does not give the diversified people of this country the choice to choose a plan that FITS THEIR NEEDS. One plan sounds more like the “one plan fits all” – all plans have to include all the same coverages which the ACA mandates.

Steve Yates
8 years ago

Too much power isolated in only one geographical location of these United States. We could solve a lot of our problems if the power reverted back to the states. There’s no such thing as common sense in Washington. What makes sense to the ordinary person is holy water and a cross to these politicians. This is what happens when our culture goes to rot and people become ignorant. As President Reagan stated we’re only one generation away from losing our freedom to tyrannical government. All politics start at the local level. Get involved people. Thank God for our military.

8 years ago

“…….market solid reforms that get the government out of the way, rather than more involved”. Jedediah Bila

That’s right, lets put our lives into the hands of corporations.
Get the government out of the way!

TRUST … the insurance industry not to drop coverage on those they insure.
TRUST … Wall Street, brokerage houses and the banks not to meltdown the economy like they did in 2008.
TRUST … BIG OIL that they’ll be careful when they’re drilling as deep as they want, where ever they want.
TRUST … your neighbor not to keep lions, tigers and bears in their backyard.
TRUST … that Sulfur dioxide has only 2 carbon atoms and that can’t kill you.
TRUST … that salmonella contaminated eggs taste the same boiled as they do in an omelet.
TRUST … We don’t need clean water in Charleston, West Virginia.

TRUST that the bigger profits corporations make the more jobs they’ll create overseas.

8 years ago
Reply to  mcGillicutty

That’s right, Socialist Gillyputty, it’s the big bad capitalist corporations that are the problem … After all, the government produces what? … Manufactures what? You know a friend of mine a long time ago told me “rich people didn’t get rich by being stupid” … No matter how you socialists want to steal their money, they’ll always be a few steps ahead of you. They learned a long time ago that if they give large political contributions to both parties candidates … They can’t lose!
Whoever wins will owe them … And yet, if these elected “dogs” turn on them … They’re smart enough to have contingency plans to protect their monies, such as, off shore accounts. You forget they are in business to make a profit … Not to provide jobs, If the government makes laws that interfere in how they operate their business which in turn jeopardizes their ability to make a profit … They adapt … If that means downsizing their workforce, they’ll do it … If it means buying products made overseas, they’ll do it. It’s their right isn’t it? After all, it’s their money they risk, not the government’s … If the business goes belly up, they lose … the government isn’t going to bail them out for making bad business decisions unless they’re General Motors !!! So my advice to all you big bad corporations is to convert your workforce to being all union, pay union pay scale wages and benefits, overprice your products, cut your quality in materials and workmanship so that you’re no longer competitive in the marketplace and wait for the government to save you by stealing from some other successful business’ profits! All in the name of saving jobs, err votes … But, then again, that saves their political job and alls right in the great socialist utopia of Obamaville. Ain’t it grand! You can’t get blood out of a rock (taxes from poor people) but you can from a sponge, (tax the rich) … It’s called income inequality … “Robin Hood” Obama to the rescue … Your Hero !!!

8 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Well said RIK.

Mike Clark
8 years ago

Its Ironic to see that the Conservative part of the Republican party are sitting by while the country goes to hell. I know that they don’t get much press from the left liberal media , but someone needs to speak up and get the country organized in getting rid of this fraudulent administration. As many people in my generation know , this President has committed many disruptions in the legislative and Judicial areas of this country , however nobody does anything about it like organize and take our country back. This President Obama, has lied , told the legislature he will go around them to get his agenda approved , either by Executive order or just do it because he can , plus no one is going to stop him. I don’t see anyway in getting this disfunction handled, other than to go to Washington , tell the legislative & executive Branch of government we are coming to fire everyone. We closed down Washington with the truck convoys we sent , along with over 650,000 bikers to show them we mean business . We have enough trained veterans, the NRA , plus the majority of the west and Midwest , who know how to use weapons to bring this country to a complete halt. There have been meetings all over the country, in over 40 states that plans are being made to get this country back on the straight and narrow. This current administration does not have enough military (680,000) or Washington DC Police, CIA , FBI or DHS or any fighting force that would stop a complete overrun in Washington. Get rid of all of them , Term limits on the legislative Branch, early retirement of all military at the Pentagon, a Complete cut of all Federal Employees in Washington 60% , no more Union Representatives for Federal Employees , that will end. All agencies closed down that are unnecessary , dept of Education , dept of Energy , EPA etc. Talk is cheap we need action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven Tepsick
8 years ago

The Republican party needs to communicate to the people, that the top three issues mentioned above are all part of the same problem. It should probably be seen as the Government as problem 1 and all other problems that follow be designated 1a., 1b.,1c… Solution to most of the problems today is to reign in the bloated federal government and return, as closely as possible, to the system designed by the founders . Produce solutions within that framework and communicate this to the electorate .

8 years ago

True, but these “Conservative” ideas and proposals need to be expressed directly to the people … It’s a waste of time generating these proposals in the House of Representatives, Howdy Doody Harry will kill anything Republican that disagrees with his puppet master!!!

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