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Could the Future of Cancer Treatment be a Vaccine? Clinical Trials Show Promising Results

cancer medicine doctor treatmentCancerous tumors have proven to be one of the most difficult conditions to treat, given their biologically distinct nature. As each patient’s tumor possesses a unique, specific set of genetic mutations, a cancer treatment would need to be personally adjusted—“tailor-made”, essentially– for each patient in order to be truly effective. As of recently, this sort of “personalized” cancer treatment may be possible.

A new vaccine created to treat cancer has just finished undergoing clinical trials, successfully treating melanoma in two separate studies. Researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School have found that the vaccine stimulated a strong immune anti-tumor response in skin cancer patients, the results of both studies published in the scientific journal Nature.

Called NeoVax, the vaccine works by utilizing a patient’s own immune system and mutated cells to treat their cancerous growths. Researchers first found and collected faulty molecules from patients’ tumors, sequencing the DNA and RNA they had extracted. They then analyzed the mutations on each tumor and created a unique vaccine for each patient that contained parts of the previously collected cancerous molecules. By including these molecules in the vaccines, the researchers triggered the body’s immune system to recognize the tumor and attack it. Mobilizing the immune system to respond this way, the treatment serves as a testament to the power of personalized cancer therapies.

The customized vaccines are an emerging class of treatments known as neoantigen therapy. Antigens are molecules on the surface of cells that stimulate the immune system, and neoantigens are proteins on the cell’s surfaces, produced by DNA mutations present in cancer cells but not normal cells. According to researchers, this makes neoantigens the perfect targets for immunotherapy. Specifically targeting the DNA mutations that cause cancer also lowers the chance of the cancer relapsing, Harvard Medical School researchers have found.

Neoantigen therapies like these vaccines may also be a safer alternative to conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, which kills both cancerous and healthy cells, and often comes with a plethora of unpleasant side effects including hair loss, persistent nausea, constipation, and anemia. The vaccines, on the other hand, have proven to be both potent and safe in each clinical trial.

As far as other new treatments in the world of immunotherapy, there is currently a vaccine for lung, bladder, and skin cancer undergoing a Phase II efficacy trial. A vaccine for prostate cancer is also being developed to be used in conjunction with an antigen-stimulating drug.

Although more research and trials must be conducted, these cancer-killing vaccines show promising results thus far. As researchers continue to work on making personalized vaccines more effective as well as affordable to the public, the future of immunotherapy looks hopeful. By taking advantage of this medical innovation, we can revolutionize the way cancer is treated.



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O. Ryan Faust

The cancer industry will never allow this technology to get to market. Max Gerson developed a cure for cancer in the 1920’s that many (including myself) still benefit from today, but it’s not prescribed by doctors and never dispensed by any pharmaceutical company.

If you have cancer, do what I do:
1. Avoid everything sweetened with refined and artificial sweeteners.
2. Avoid everything containing dairy products.
3. Purchase Essiac (in an form, tea or capsules) and take a dose daily.
4. Purchase and take a dose of vitamin B-17 daily. Don’t get this confused with B-12, it’s completely different.
5. Purchase and read “World Without Cancer” by Edward Griffin so you understand what you’re up against.

Wendell Keith

We’ve had cancer cures for years. They are alternative methods though and the FDA won’t allow anything that cures a disease to be called a cure or else they will call it a drug and require a multitude of clinical trials that cost millions of dollars. Manufacturers of alternative therapies can’t afford the trials, so they can’t advertise a cure even though there are thousands of anecdotal accounts of cures and no instances of death or injury. The claim is that people will use the alternative treatment in lieu of the standard treatments and be worse off because the alternatives may not work. The real problem for them is that the alternatives will work so much better that the standard modalities will be abandoned and those manufacturers will lose millions of dollars. They want the money and the heck with the patients.

steven jacobs

considering that the IMMUNE system plays an important part in the development of cancer-and that vaccines can affect the IMMUNE system in unknown ways-vaccines would seem to be a VERY risky way to combat cancer.

Moishe Sachs

I’m surprised at the anti-scientific, anti-pharmaceutical nature of the comments on an AMAC scientific article. Private companies spend billions on research into actual cures, not quackery, like blue light flashing, Vit. b17, which as I recall from decades ago, is toxic, & other quackery. It isn’t they who’ve created an expensive market, but Big Govt. which has stuck its nose into the healthcare market since at least the 60s that has devastated everything about healthcare.


I hope that in due time, a vaccine will be available for every type of cancer out there, as the program seems to be a very interesting one and also one that makes a lot of sense that won’t kill the patient outright. Too bad for Big Pharma for not wanting something like to get out as they are only in it for the money and nothing else…and for sure they don’t want to come up with something that will actually cure a disease, but rather put something out there that will make the patients dependent on them until they die, as that’s money in Big Pharma’s pockets! If the patients are cured, they (Big Pharma) will lose their “cash cow”. They give the public “false hope” and will punish anyone who does come up with a cure, and to that, I would say they are nothing but crooks. I… Read more »

Moishe Sachs

Here’s something from WebMD about B17, “Apricot kernel contains a toxic chemical known as amygdalin. In the body this chemical is converted to cyanide, which is poisonous. There was interest in using apricot kernel to fight cancer because it was thought that amygdalin was taken up first by cancer cells and converted to cyanide. It was hoped that the cyanide would harm only the tumor. But research has shown that this is not true. The amygdalin is actually converted to cyanide in the stomach. The cyanide then goes throughout the body, where it can cause serious harm, including death.”

Jim Gibson

The idea of immunotherapy has been used for decades at alternative clinics. I am a survivor of a virulent lung cancer with a 98% fatality rate. Unfortunately, I had to go to a Mexican cancer clinic to receive this treatment. All of the conventional treatments had failed.

The treatments that saved my life were all natural and well known. But strangely enough, all of my doctors were astounded that I am still alive but not one of them has asked how it was done. They don’t know and they don’t want to know. Big Pharma has them handcuffed.

Drug companies will finally come out with something once they find a patentable substance they can make billions on. The simple natural substances that can save lives are pushed aside because they can’t make money on them.

I documented my struggle on


How many times through the last several decades have we heard the term “Shows promising results”, just to have the new treatment fade away into the big pharma abyss?


I don’t trust any vaccines! It’s all about making money.