Full Speed Ahead

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

“The system is so broken and I don’t see anyone who I think will actually fix it,” a retired friend of the family said to me this past weekend. “I’m staying out of it this election season.”

I have heard that sentiment expressed more times than I can count these past few months. Activists who were once politically engaged have begun to feel powerless. Voters who were geared up to fight the 2012 battle became disenchanted when their candidates of choice decided not to give it a go. Conservatives disgusted with the business-as-usual establishment have started to believe that the kind of reform that is needed just isn’t going to happen due to an absence of principled leadership.

I have seen a fair share of people grow increasingly dissatisfied with our 2012 options, increasingly distrustful of leaders they once helped to get elected, and increasingly pessimistic about the ability to change a machine saturated with corruption, selfish interests, and politicians who are in politics for all the wrong reasons.

Combine that with a 9% unemployment rate and a President who repeatedly affirms his status as far-left ideologue via policy decisions that inhibit our country’s economic recovery, and it certainly isn’t hard to understand the pessimism some feel.

This country is in trouble. Big trouble. And there is no easy solution. There is no quick fix.

Paul Ryan highlighted some disturbing realities in his recent speech at The Claremont Institute, including that “6.3 million people fell below the poverty level in the President’s first two years,” “There are more than 6 million Americans who have been out of work for over 6 months,” and “This administration imposed 3,503 new regulations in 2009, and 3,573 in 2010 – 68 a week.”

There is nothing uplifting about that news. Much like many of you, I struggle to find politicians whom I trust will do what needs to be done, regardless of the impact it may have on their political futures and reelection campaigns.

In other words, I understand your sentiments. It’s not easy to stay optimistic and engaged when you’re not terribly confident in the leaders you’re electing and when you are even less confident in the machine you are sending them into.

So, let me tell you what I do when that happens.

First, I take a look around me at the things I treasure so deeply in my life—my family, my best friends, my pets, the memory of those who are no longer beside me but enriched my life more than they will ever know. Those people give me strength. It is my desire to preserve everything I love about this country for them—especially for the little ones who have so much of their lives ahead of them—that gives me a newfound spring in my writing and commentary.

In other words, never forget who you’re fighting for. It makes all the difference.

Secondly, I take a moment to appreciate the things I have loved most about my life. I treasure my freedom, the fact that self-sufficiency and personal responsibility were an integral part of my upbringing, the fact that my choices—good, bad, or a little of both—have gotten me to where I am today.

Every time I take a moment to think about how much I love my freedom, my commitment to preserving it becomes that much stronger.

And finally, I spend some time thinking about political leaders whose records have inspired me, leaders who never forgot their values while fighting a broken system, leaders who managed to break through that system and institute reforms that have revitalized their cities, states, and country. Those are leaders whose policies, records, and visions I have been proud to defend.

Political figures like that may be hard to come by, but they exist. You may have to wade through a mess of phonies to get to them, but I promise you that they are out there. And they are fighting to make their mark.

As 2012 approaches, hold onto those thoughts and let them inspire you to stay committed. The system doesn’t change because of one leader or one election. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes ousting a lot of nauseatingly disingenuous leadership and replacing it—little by little—with those who are in politics for the right reasons.

Remember that the true vehicle of change doesn’t exist in D.C. or in one charismatic leader. It exists in your passion for spreading the word, in your commitment to seeking out principled leaders and supporting their messages, and—most importantly—in your votes.

Keep the focus. I’m right there with you.

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Gar - former USAF

The only real solutions to our current dilemma are a) to vote out Obama and every entrenched politician who has been in place for two consecutive terms or more, then to elect new qualified people; b) change the tax code to something the average college graduate can understand, whether it’s a flat tax of say 17% or something else that is fair to all.

The governments in Washington and quite frankly in nearly every single state and most large cities must be overhauled and as much corruption as possible eliminated. Unless this is done and done quickly the history of the most successful country of all time will simply cease to be. We cannot afford to become another Europe or Soviet Union (not to mention a radical Muslim theocracy..

Alma Kay Fuller

When you do not vote, then you are voting for the other side, so NEVER, EVER complain about
how things are progressing.

I wonder when the Congress and Senators and Obama talk about the “wealthiest Americans”
if they realize that to us THEY are the “wealthiest Americans”.

David Kettles

I agree.We must get out and vote.It IS our only hope.I know sometimes ( mostly always) we have to hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils,but this time the evil is obvious and we have to vote against Obama.I say whoever wins the republican we have to stand behind him because a write in or a third party vote is a vote for Obama.I wish us all luck.

G. Jurko

The comments up to now have been expressing my sentiments entirely. I am firmly convinced that those who want Obama to continue to be president will do WHATEVER IS NEEDED to get him reelected — I am taking about Chicago politics — we all know what that will be.

God is simply waiting for us to ask for His help in electing the right man or woman who can do what it takes to put the United States back on track. So, join me in praying for that to happen — take time each day to ask for God’s help to elect a good Christian man or woman as president in 2012

Dan Starr

“Incrementalism” is the name of the approach you are correctly espousing. We didn’t get into this mess in a day or a year. It took from the time the “Progressives” came onto the scene in the early 1900’s until now. We can speed it up but it will take time. And not voting is a sure sign of weakness. That’s how we could get another 4 years of the current Marxist. Find someone who is better and vote them in. And someone who is better than that!

/Edie, PsyD.

If the electorate really wants to know who this man is in the Presidency and why he has chosen to do what he had done, they should read the book, “The Roots of Obama’s rage”. The information about Obama in this book is based on facts–some of those which have been spoken by Obama, himself, in two of his books, The Dream Begins and Dreams from My Father. I read all of these books prior to his election. So, I have not been shocked by his behavior as President. His background in Chicago politics have, also proven to be very helpful in reaching his goals which are outlined in the book, “Roots of Obama Rage”. Another book which I would highly suggest is “Obama Nation” by Jerome R. Corsi,Phd. I agree with the sentiments of the previous opinions–America, under this Presidency, is in the throes of becoming a third world… Read more »


Ron Paul seems to be the only honest one out of the bunch.
We should have term limits for all congressmen. One in office and the next in jail.


Miss Bila is a very gifted writer, much to be appreciated, and after reading the posts already here there isn’t much I might add. There were many posts of those who are planning to “opt out” of the voting cycle for one reason or another and I shall remember them in my prayers. “Opting out” of our responsibility to vote is how we end up with such great “leaders” as hussein, BJ boy bill clinton, and even that truly great jimmmmy cahhhhrter. It cannot be denied the two Bush presidencies were wanting but at least they were better than what the demoncrats fielded.


one message for everyone – VOTE! no vote means the incumbents win by default and we can’t let that happen. urge everyone, until you sound like a broken record, VOTE in the primaries, and VOTE next november. it’s our only weapon – use it!

Gary (retired Air Force and Aerospace tech)

I don’t know that I can cosider myself a Tea Partier although I do subscribe to quite a few of the Tea Party concepts. Like many others, I hoped to have a very strong Republican candidate to run against (and soundly trash) Obama. I am having a very difficult time “seeing” that person in the current group of candidates. Granted, everyone in politics has some dirty laundry that can be embarassing and the unfortunate facts are that the “lame stream media” relishes dragging out anything and everything they can get hold of but ONLY against any Republican candidate. When wsas the last time anyone heard the media pundits say anything derogatory against Obama? Oh, someone may say something trivial but it usually gets swept under the rug immediately. But, and this is a HUGE but, what galls me more than anything I can think of is our Congress (and that… Read more »

Vickie McCoy

Come on Tea Partiers! We knew we would not be solving our governmental problems in the one election period. We must have a republican executive this next time. If you were not happy with the congressman or senator who was elected in your state vote them out and vote in another who will try to represent you! This will take us keeping focused for years to come!!


The current situation cannot go on forever. The masses are getting sick of the political elites having one set of rules for them, and another for us serfs. They use the media to manipulate who is chosen to run; and they do all to destroy any other contenders. Case in point–Herman Cain. Nothing was proven. He was tryed and convicted by the Obama controlled media trolls without proof. Many were found to be tied to Obama or the DNC.

James Dyer

Dear Jedediah: I enjoy your writing. I would hope that as the 2012 election comes closer, you will find candidates to enthusiastically support. I am a tea party member (nepateaparty) and am somewhat dismayed at the apparent reduced intensity of the “Patriot Movement”. We are less than 11 months away from what I believe very well may be our last chance to save “The 5000 Year Miracle”. If we don’t elect the Republican Presidential Nominee and a Republican Senate and retain the House we wil have broken faith with the future. I don’t expect that 2012 will result in the “perfect” representatives. But if we are as effective as we were in 2010 we can stop the progressive advances and begin to return our country to CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED GOVERNMENT and A GOD-CENTERED CULTURE.


Mike Riggs

Well said. I have found that that I can make a difference even though I am in a liberal/progressive state and fairly liberal district, I make a difference by supporting conservative candidates in other districts or states who have a good chance to win. I get my information about these candidates from the Heritage Foundation or The Senate Conservatives Fund under Jim DeMint. There is no perfect candidate out there. We have to do the same thing the progressives do. Keep moving in the direction this country needs to go and persevere in our efforts. We need to make sure we get as many conservatives in office as possible. If the candidates are not just what we want but are closer than the liberal opponent, vote for the one that most likely will win and move us in the right direction. We are in a long distance race which we… Read more »


Another great article from the Jedi. I am a conservative and my vote goes to………Michelle Bachman! I like Hermain Cain but the Dems have managed to “damage” him, I hope not, beyond revival. Michelle is very consistent in her message and is a strong, intelligent, experienced candidate. I like her ‘tell like it is’ style. Romney–does it tell you something that the lamestream media like the guy? Gingrich–very knowledgeable and experienced but quite a bit of “baggage”, although, he would slaughter Obama in a debate. Ron Paul–what dimension is he from? Jon Huntsman–what did he say? Rick Perry–I like the guy but give me a few seconds to remember why.

Ted Baker

I have been a long-time Republican and very active in our state; BUT the GOP has failed to field a genuine conservative for years. Even when the Republicans owned the house, the senate and the oval office, they failed to quell out-of-control spending, deal with the killing of unborn children, or stopping the move toward globalism. I am voting Third Party. The Constitution Party stands for conservative, Constitutional values. A vote for a candidate who violates one’s convictions is a wasted vote. Please vote, even if your candidate “can’t win.” (Remember, that’s what they said about Lincoln and also about Reagan).

Phil M

Thank You J.C. You are so right. I thank GOD as many times during the day that I can for all the blessings my family and I have received and enjoy.

It’s easy to see, as our great country withdraws more and more from Gods grace, the more trouble we are experiencing.

There has always been a very good reason why we say; “GOD BLESS AMERICA”. Because we have been.

We have enemies out there that are amassing to destroy us and America. We need Gods help now more than ever.


The only candidate that is free of payback and special interest is Ron Paul. He appeals to moderate democrates, republicans and independents. Yes, he is more extreme than any candidate in recent history but we need that now more than ever. We have swayed so far left and away from the intent of the founders we need extreme just to get back to the middle where most Americans want. The shocking thing is that the Republican party is ignoring him in favor of retread candidates, the same hole they promoted in the failed 2008 race. Morality and consistancy does count, Ron Paul is a candidate who has not swayed from either.

Robert Bock

Newt is the one to lead this country through and out of this political chaos and quagmire.

J C Guilbeau

And above all, I thank the Lord God for the blessings of freedom and liberty that we so often take for granted. I thank Him for the abundance of natural resources, the opportunities, the freedom of worship, the mountains high and the rivers wide. I am truly humbled to be so bless. I hope and pray that our country would acknowledge Him with a humble and thankful attitude. And when we do, I do believe a change is going to come. Otherwise, we are going to go through worst times. Thank you for all the encouragement.