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From Public School to Homeschool: Sam Sorbo’s Blueprint for a Better Education | EP 193

It’s not broken; it’s intentional! Sam Sorbo, an education freedom advocate, joins the Better for America podcast to share why you should rethink public school education and adopt her blueprint for homeschool. Sorbo shares her early experiences with homeschooling and how she constantly challenges the public education system’s lies that are failing our children. The way to take back our culture is to create a future of Americans that are not brainwashed by the system with a better education. If you’re considering homeschooling or want to learn more about alternative education options, this video is a must-watch!

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3 months ago

Socialists are also teaching our children they are all going to DIE from global warming. They are scaring them into believing in socialism!

Thomas F Smith III
3 months ago

That is the funniest thing I have seen in my several decades on the internet.

3 months ago

Funny? This is serious, not funny!

3 months ago

You a fun gi! Are you teaching elementary?

3 months ago

Children must face a world that demands having an education. A local professor stated he must teach freshmen for 6 weeks how to read after they graduate. High school. 59% don’t know where England Is displayed on a map. Ignorant people are easy to lead and control.We homeschooled and both kids have college degrees,one a masters.Answer!!!! Let teachers teach and pay them high salaries to draw the best available . Spending 60,000 on cabinet for one room may be justified but so is a large salary for our kids future. May God bless our teachers who are dedicated to their students.

3 months ago

I totally agree with Ms. Sam’s take in Classical Education and have valued her guidance. We have taken this path of education for our family. In fact we have a renewed love of learning and study and see ourselves as learners, with something to contribute.

Dan W.
3 months ago

We bust the Dems for following the lead of actors who espouse Left wing views then we turn around and take advise from an actor who is a frequent speaker on the conspiracy theory based ReAwaken America Tour.

Hypocritical much ?

David Millikan
3 months ago

Should cover also why the CDC is encouraging Teachers to INDOCTRINATE our children.

Wubba lubba
3 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

COVID: your kids can’t get indoctrinated if you don’t have kids.

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