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Remembering What Matters from Winston Churchill

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British Prime Minister Winston Churchill died 54 years ago, last month. He saw and did more in one life than most could do in a hundred. He once observed: “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” 

Today, we are missing leaders who understand these principles, or the history behind them. That is the danger of our time. Take them in order. Pause on these timeless, binding guides to a prosperous future. 

Freedom is not about being unaccountable, reckless or irresponsible with lives of others – or your own. It has never been about indulgence, damning and endangering others, forcing others to do or think as we do, condemning differences that do no violence to our own. 

What does this mean? Freedom is not about the right to distribute, promote or abuse drugs – marijuana, cocaine, heroin or opioids – for personal gain, gratification or escape, if doing this hurts others, creates a higher propensity for domestic abuse, drugged driving, emotional burdens, societal violence, or elevated health costs. 

Likewise, freedom is not about asserting new rights or identities, pressing one’s views on others through government coercion, violence, or even law suits, if this involves impairing constitutional rights to think, speak, worship, publish and associate freely. 

Freedom is not about government at all – except in so far as guaranteeing personal freedoms limits government interference in our lives. Put differently, the freedom worth defending – that noble, simple sort – is about having fewer restrictions on life, only those needed to protect lives, liberty and happiness of other Americans. 

Thus, any presidential candidate who advocates legalizing dangerous narcotics to “spread joy,” who lumps people into identity groups instead of seeing them as individuals, who presses modern Americans to pay for ancestral sins, who denies “due process” rights during confirmation hearings, who spikes jobs to advance socialism or is silent as others do, who allows racism in their party but tags others without facts, who models hypocrisy – yet claims to support freedom – does not understand freedom. 

Freedom – to speak, worship, associate, publish, and remain un-coerced by an all-powerful government – is what men died for at Yorktown and Saratoga, Gettysburg and Vicksburg, Marne and Verdun, Normandy, Anzio, The Argonne, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Make no mistake. And if you doubt, read their memoirs – there are thousands. They call it history. 

They did not die to be told their families would finance luxuries, healthcare and the random obsessions of federal legislators, or those unwilling to work; they did not die to see their nation’s proud moral fiber, historic commitment to personal liberty, freedom of worship impaired or targeted by self-aggrandizing secularists; they did not die to see federal control asserted over their progeny in energy, health care, transportation and education. 

Honor – another idea out of style – turns on selflessness, sacrifice for others, risk taken for high purpose, not for personal gain. So, where is the presidential candidate who honors veterans daily, 

who honors those in uniform before themselves, who honors working class men and women by creating private sector jobs with lower taxes, fairer trade, higher growth, who honors parents by helping them prevent drug abuse not promoting it, who honors America’s 250 million faithful by not penalizing them for their faith, who honors their antecedents by understanding history? 

As for duty, mercy and hope – well, duty is another fading concept, yet one vital to our future. Candidates who fail to appreciate American history fail to understand that duty motivated much of our greatness. Hundreds of millions of selfless Americans placed duty to God, family, town and nation above themselves, in a life-and-death way not a will-o-the-wisp press release. 

Mercy – is also vital. It is not welfare, Medicare-for-All, Green-New-Deals that bankrupt our future and salve an “aspirational” candidate’s ego. Mercy is teaching people to work and creating conditions to grow their dreams and the economy – offering self-respect and income, decent jobs for a decent wage, self-respect not moral neglect. 

Mercy is remembering the American kids, parents and families who are condemned to hell-on-earth when a candidate advocates legal drugs, open borders, rogue-ridden sanctuary cities, no walls (which means no rule of law) and “everything for nothing.” Mercy is about accountability, responsibility and truth, not the reverse. 

And hope? That is what this column means to offer – along with knowledge that deep in our past lies the key to a bright future. We need only remember how we got here, to resume the illuminated path forward. Our Founders, best American leaders, and Churchill knew – what we are intent on forgetting: “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” Now we must put those words, back into action.

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We don’t have a shortage of stirring speeches and glowing editorials what’s falling short is people acting upon it because everyone seems to believe “not me” I’ll just wait for someone else to do it for me. Freedom, honesty, faith, loyalty, justice, honor, hope, patriotism those things start with everyone of us. If we don’t vote for individuals who truly represent those values by first diligently researching and informing ourselves, if we keep giving our business and money to companies that sponsor an agenda diametrically opposed to all those values, watch and pay for movies with actors and directors who want to tear down everything we hold dear, cow to the socialist controlled councils on education when they indoctrinate our kids and send them on to Marxist controlled institutions of Higher Indoctrination once they graduate from High School we have no one to blame but ourselves. We can whine and… Read more »

James D. Mele

Well said Veteran. We need leaders with the guts to stand by President Trump and his policies. Time to vote out the RINOs and get rid of the McCain Republicans. I want to know how a Republican controlled Senate feels it it acceptable to kill live born babies. I am convinced of the fact that we have very few if any politicians who know right from wrong or even care. Time to dump all of the socialist Dems. and baby killer Republicans. If I have offended anyone I really don’t care as I am offended by the nonsense I am witnessing.

Donald Dobbs

This is a most enlightening and encouraging piece! “Well said!” is an understatement. Proud to be in AMAC!


Well, one man did step into the line of fire. He didnt need the money. He was already famous. The alternative to him was either a rino or a marxist idealogue. He’s absorbed more venomous hate in two yrs than nixon and w combined. He doesnt seek solace in a bottle or crawl for approval. Trump is a very different man than Churchill, but they were both available and willing at a time of great national need to serve their country. Both had shortcomings and certain personal habits many find disturbing. Theres an old Indian parable about a nobleman wounded in battle who questions the caste and thus the worthiness of the medic sent to help. The nobleman dies as a result. Lets hope enough of us put our fussiness aside long enough to take the medicine.


Some day when we have lost all our freedoms, most here in America will wake up and say “how did that happen, this is America” but of course it will be tooo late! We need another Churchill for sure.

Bill TX3

The heart of the story is: “Today, we are missing leaders who understand these principles, or the history behind them.” The US citizen is a lost voice and the leaders do not care because they have twisted these principles into propaganda to promote their agendas. How often have you contacted your legislators to make your voice heard?

Jeanine A. Lowery

Well said AMAC, great piece!!

Linda Riha

He was correct and this is exactly what America needs. Our great history to be taught once again in our schools. The “Third World Order” is trying to destroy our future and hope. I say DON’T LET THEM TO DO. People stand up for your FREEDOM before you don’t have any.
God Bless our America!

Frank S.

This article proved very apropos for me, as I just finished watching (for about the fifth time) The Pacific. Briefly, for those who may not be familiar with The Pacific, it is the story of John Basilone (Medal of Honor winner who died at Iwo Jima), Eugene Sledge (author of Helmet For My Pillow), and Robert Leckie (author of With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa) as they fought the Japanese in the Pacific theater in WWII. It makes it real clear what these men, along with millions of others, endured and what they fought for. I contrast that generation with so many of today’s young generation (but certainly not all) and I’m left wondering what the hell happened. Back then we had a united country; today its all out identity politics and diversity. We spend WAY too much time talking about our differences, when we should be talking… Read more »

Donald Tucker

Socialism (in the name of patriotism) will be our downfall. They will spend our country into oblivion. We must secure our country and reduce the deficit if we are to have any chance for survival.


Good article, hope lots of folks read it


ones that understand have to run the gauntlet of the peelosi’s, shumurs, liberals, and the press


I say Amen to this article it says it all!!! May God Bless this Writer!


AMERICANS need to work together to make and keep our country great.There are very many whining sore losers out there today bashing the President that the majority elected,yes the majority,don’t count the illegal votes financed by the democ rats.We should be a country united instead of a country divided which was mostly the result of the last fake president,barry I really hope that you read this,although I know that you won’t because I am not bashing AMERICA.

David Campbell

Yes, true leadership is missing in our government today (although Trump is doing an awful lot of good in that direction, hence all the pushback). However, leaders can’t win the battle on their own. They need the support of regular people to get things done. In short, it’s US that have to step up, and when we do, the leaders will appear.

Gray Eagle Marine

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom of worship, and there’s a big difference. Freedom of worship means we can go to church where we want, but outside that place of worship, we have no other freedom. Freedom of religion means that we are free to live out our faith wherever we are. The term Freedom of Worship was “invented” by Barack Obama. It’s an insidious effort to limit our freedom of religion. Please, let’s stop this trend to replace Religion with Worship. It’s beginning to be used everywhere, and it’s being used to force bakers, florists, and Christians business owners to bend the knee to those who would force us to accept their godless, socialist ideology.

Glenn Lego

“freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” So many these days wouldn’t know any of these things if they slapped them in the head!


Good article, makes good points I hope lots of people read it

Myrna P. Wilkinson

I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Thank you for publishing it. I agree that we must put those words into action, which is my I joined AMAC.

Myrna P. Wilkinson

I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Thank you for publishing it to remind us. Yes we must put those words back into action, which is why I joined AMAC.