Freedom Dies in Hong Kong – Hold China Accountable

China Hong Kong Freedom DestroyedCommunist China – determined to concentrate power, little respect for truth, democracy, or liberty, is hemorrhaging global trust.  China’s leadership does not seem to care.  We should care that they do not care.  The world should unite to hold China accountable.  This week’s decision to effectively end self-rule in Hong Kong, is stunning. President Trump is right to speak out.

As the world wrestles COVID-19 – the pernicious disease originating in China – Cambridge University finds the pandemic will cost “a nightmarish 82 trillion dollars over five years.”  See: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/coronavirus-pandemic-cost-global-economy-82-trillion-cambridge-study-2020-5-1029218887.  Already, it has cost 334,000 lives, triggered the sharpest economic decline on record. Now, China is taking advantage of the moment – to crush Hong Kong’s freedom.

Historically, China has coerced multilateral institutions, including the World Trade Organization, World Bank, World Health Organization.  China has boldly stolen US intellectual property, hacked, and stolen priceless data from US universities, US businesses, and US government.  They are notorious for dishonesty, deception and denial, internal repressing individual liberties.

During the Obama Administration, China targeted four million Americans, stealing 21.5 million sensitive clearance records from the Office of Personnel Management.  See: www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/security-data-protection/cyber-security/the-opm-breach-timeline-of-a-hack/.  They stole more than 100,000 IRS records, tens of thousands of Department of Homeland Security records, infiltrated hundreds of US university systems. See: www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/jun/04/us-government-massive-data-breach-employee-records-security-clearances.

China has militarized trade lanes in the South China Sea with artificial islands they denied building, military assets they denied deploying, and power projection ambitions they deny having.  Against international law, they have tested directed energy weapons in space, militarized the Spratly Islands, violated the sovereignty of countless countries (e.g. India, Vietnam, Pacific and African nations), destroyed coral reefs, flouted established legal conventions. See: https://atlantablackstar.com/2018/09/16/china-has-tightened-its-grip-on-africas-resources/https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/cpec-violates-sovereignty-india-tells-china/articleshow/57296736.cms.

As a senior CSIS advisor recently noted, “If there is no response to these violations of the United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea, it demonstrates Beijing can violate international law with impunity.” See: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/aug/6/how-china-violates-international-law-impunity/.

All that brings us to now – today.  Incredibly, despite legal agreement in 1997 assuring Hong Kong, once handed from Great Britain back to China, would maintain democracy, capitalism, and autonomy under a “one country, two systems” framework – China has just lowered the boom.

Against all prevailing international understandings, upending a promise of “universal suffrage,” Communist China has gone beyond restrictions demanding Hong Kong’s chief executive must “love the country” and comply with Beijing.  They have begun the police state. See: https://nypost.com/2020/05/22/mike-pompeo-rips-chinas-proposed-power-grab-in-hong-kong/

As of May 22, “China’s government plans to let mainland state-security agencies operate officially in Hong Kong,” springing “surprise plans for Beijing to impose national-security laws on Hong Kong …” with a force that will be able to repress and arrest at will, pursuant to Communist Chinese mandate.  This follows the largely unreported arrests of protest leaders.

In short, we are watching freedom die in Hong Kong.  With it, we are seeing deterrence die. If the Western world does not speak up, stand up and take actions in line with our longstanding values, we will concede more to China than Hong Kong’s freedom.  We will concede the future.

The time is now to say enough is enough, calling this increasingly unaccountable Communist state to heel. Ronald Reagan made clear the underlying illegitimacy inherent in Soviet Communism. The repressed people of that regime were grateful, and the world changed.

President Trump and every free nation in the world should be clear that Chinese Communist repression, violation of international practices, norms, treaties, laws, and conventions is illegitimate, irresponsible, and impermissible.  This issue matters in 2020, and beyond.

In short, coordinated consequences – economic, political, diplomatic and, if necessary, military – should be levied by nations of the Free World to convince, persuade, guide, cajole, and ultimately insist and assure Communist China does not continue to run wild.

To date, China has accepted no responsibility, shown no remorse for incalculable damage done by unleashing COVID-19, lying about virus’ origins, transmission, lethality, and predictable economic impact.  Now, China is taking advantage of the global distraction to suppress Hong Kong’s freedom.  This must stop.  President Trump is right:  Time to hold China accountable.

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4 months ago

Yes, we must hold China accountable. But along with that must come true, hard consequences to actions that challenge global stability. This requires leverage. The greatest assurance that China will pay attention is if America and other free nations band together, exerting their influence by maintaining absolute superiority in production, energy, education, and research. Here at home, it starts with cooperation from a government that fosters private enterprise, ensuring that we never again will have to run to China for antibiotics or medical supplies, cell phones or ceramics, dog food or baby formula. What a frightening reality! President Trump’s exposure… Read more »

4 months ago

There is a new series on Netflix called History 101 and one of the episodes is the rise of China. In this episode it tells how China will eventually surpass the USA economically somewhere around the year 2025 and also militarily sometime shortly after…so if something is to be done about China, it need to be sooner rather than later.

Linda Plante
4 months ago

Americans need to STOP buying goods that are made in China…not a big step…but a good start!

4 months ago

Geeeezzz…Big surprise for Liberals… Communist China citizens have no Rights…Do they care what the rest of the world thinks? Not !!..This is what it’s like in a Communist Nation. Now lets take a look at some of our own Politicians who are trying to curb our Rights, & bypass the Constitution/Bill of Rights..

Ed J
4 months ago

Did anyone really expect anything else from China? The only real questions is, “What took them so long?” There has never been any question that China would eventually incorporate Hong Kong into the mainland as an integral part of China with the Chinese Communist Party fully in control. China is also currently moving toward making the South China Sea fully nothing more than a Chinese lake, totally controlled by the CCP and its military. Additionally, with its Silk Road plans, China seeks to extend its control over as much of the world as it can by exerting economic control over… Read more »

4 months ago

If America elects Dems, America will also loose it’s freedom…..FOREVER!!!

E. Fletcher
4 months ago

I agree that something needs to be done about China. Trump would be more than happy to take action, BUT how much support will he get from treasonous democrats, whimpy republicans and bigshot CEO’s? Too much corruption in DC and greed in business. Something needs to be done but HOW? Pray for a republican win in September, but the democrats are all ready setting up our elections for fraudulent votes. Our country is falling. I’ve never seen such corruption in our government. And they go on and on and on. How can we fix China if we can’t fix our… Read more »

R.J. from Arizona
4 months ago

I’m afraid Hong Kong is lost and we will do very little about it. World nations must stand together but they won’t. US will probably be alone and I doubt democrats will do anything to punish China. They’ve done nothing in the past to halt their aggression. We will be watching history being made, the final last gasps of a once free and economic world player. I hope I am wrong.

4 months ago

Wonder what the NBA has to say about this? By not backing Hong Kong’s freedom hope they enjoy the money they will still get now. Shame on them!!!!!!

Sally Duncan
4 months ago

Absolutely time to hold China accountable! The dems make a lot of money from China so expect push back.

Shelley Teal
4 months ago

We need to stop doing any business with China and we should no longer allow China to send International students to our country. The damage may already be done but we can try and retain what is ours from here on out. My heart goes out to those in Hong Kong. China needs to cease and desist. Hong kong has its own government. First Hong Kong then us if we don’t put a stop To it Now!

Robert Collins
4 months ago

What I think that is missing in a lot of the replies that are here is a twofold point. 1. The businesses that moved from America to China were there for basically 3 reasons. 2. The CEO’s knew that cheap labor and materials would guarantee them a raise and make the shareholders happy. Are you a share holder? 3. No company will move it’s operation to any place without incentives. Who do you think got the most of that incentive? It might be possible that it was shared, but I doubt it. 3. We, us Americans have for the most… Read more »

Dorothy A Foster
4 months ago

Time is of the essence.. Something MUST be done NOW !!

B. Walker
4 months ago

I agree, something must be done to stop China’s actions reguarding Hong Kong!, starting with limiting imports from China and moving production back into the U.S.

Brenda Blunt
4 months ago

Perhaps a way to help cripple China would be not to be buying anything made there! Also, not allowing China to purchase American property or companies so that more income would not be coming in. Any method of not allowing any type of income to come in seems to be the way. China will not take responsibility for their actions. Other countries might want to do the same.

Brian Richard Allen
4 months ago

…. fascist-Marxist “communists,” calling themselves “China,” are zealously determined to concentrate power, have no respect for truth, democracy or liberty and are hemorrhaging global trust. “China’s” Peking-based pack of predators does not care. Do we care that it does not care …?

Fascist-Marxist, RICO-racketeering, organized-criminal hordes, calling themselves “democrats,” are zealously determined to concentrate power, have no respect for truth, democracy or liberty and are hemorrhaging global trust. The democrats'” Schifforbrains’ Schumer, Plugs and Pelosi and their pack of predators do not care. . And do we care enough — that they do not care?

4 months ago

With all the wise comments already made, I will only ask, “Why have we so willingly bought computers made in China?” We bowed to lower prices but at what other costs to us?

4 months ago

China is fast approaching the evil that is our own Democrat-controlled House of CONgress. Regarding Hong Kong, the FREE world should send in a combined ‘security force’ to STOP the Commie’s state-security agencies which have been sent to Hong Kong, dead in their tracks. If the Commies escalate from there, the FREE world escalates then. Satan MUST be stopped at ALL costs.

4 months ago

Years ago I was taught that locks were installed to keep honest people, honest. It is virtually impossible to keep anyone out of something they really want to get into. The best we can do is to improve our locks, our security. If China successfully hacked all those records, the fault is ours. We must improve and upgrade the security on all these files to at least slow them down. It is, and will continue to be, an ongoing process

Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson
4 months ago


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