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Free Speech is a Right Guaranteed By The Constitution And The Bill of Rights – Even if You Are a Conservative

constitution free rights speechAmerica’s schools foster intolerance. They’ve become places where students are taught not to seek out the truth or the thoughts and opinions of others who disagree with them.

Rather, our schools – particularly our colleges and universities – have become hotbeds of “hard left fascism,” as Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass put it in an opinion article last spring.

The notion that a progressive, leftist culture is firmly entrenched in our schools came to the fore yet again recently when a Rhodes scholar complained that the prestigious scholarship program is biased against conservative viewpoints. Dan Lubrich, who represents the Rhodes Scholars for Intellectual Diversity, a group advocating for free speech and different viewpoints, went public with a letter he wrote to the Rhodes trust. In it, he accused the program of seeking to silence conservative opinion.

The group, itself, states plainly in its online mission statement that the  management of the Rhodes scholarship trustees openly oppose diversity of opinion. “Dissent is all too frequently not countered with facts and reasoned arguments, but with baseless accusations, ad hominem fallacies and outright insults. Rhodes Scholars for Intellectual Diversity aims to stand firm against the danger of an intellectual mono-culture which this entails.”

One recent report, based on a study by the Higher Education Research Institute, shows that liberal professors on our college campuses outnumber conservatives by about five to one.

The virus of leftist bigotry, meanwhile, is spreading. Across the country, institutions of higher learning are prohibiting anyone with a conservative view from lecturing on campus. And, in those instances where a conservative is invited to speak, they are likely to be met with violent opposition.

“It’s there in front of you, the thuggish mobs of the left killing free speech at American universities. The thugs call themselves antifa, for anti-fascists. They beat people up and break things and set fires and intimidate. These are not anti-fascists. These are fascists. This is what fascists do,” Kass wrote in his column.

As bad as the violence is, the suppression of free speech has potentially disastrous long-term implications for the nation. Groups such as antifa have an agenda – to take down our government. And, if our liberal educators – wittingly or unwittingly – do not stand up for the rights of those who disagree with their views, our kids will have a grim future to look forward to.

One antifa unit in Texas, the Red Guards Austin, makes no bones about the intent of their movement: to bring down our duly elected government and replace it with a Communist regime.

We must be aware of these threats against our freedom and not hesitate to stand up for our rights when necessary.

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I’ve discovered that “Free Speech” is ONLY FREE TO LIBERALS!!! … Their main way of attacking ANY ALTERNATIVE OPINION IS TO VERBALLY ACCUSE YOU OF EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE!!! … Even my Church Pastor who admonished me to never email him any article that is political even if the article is about how Christianity is under attack here in America. When I made a comment that our Black Praise Leader Singer was so loud that people in the Congregation were covering their ears, I was admonished by our Black Pastor that “I was a racist!”. It’s gotten where NO WHITE PERSON CAN CRITICIZE ANY BLACK PERSON WITHOUT BEING CALLED A RACIST! … I am really enjoying that President Trump is driving the Liberal Leftists crazy by using their own tactics against them and even with their almost complete control of all the major media, he’s using social media to play… Read more »

Ivan Berry

Cecil Rhodes was a Fabian Socialist on the order of George Benard Shaw, Beatrice and Sidney Webb whose symbol was the wolf in sheeps’ clothing. They and their ilk have been pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes ever since. The Rhodes Scholar program was to pick intelligent students to indoctrinate into the Socialist program, thus the likes of a Bill Clinton and Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services who rolled out the failed Obamacare website. Do not expect them to give up their bias. They are Leftists to the core. They will not discard their most successful indoctrination method unless enough of us organize and combat their World Order agenda.


It is so true that the left has captured the minds of university students to a very high degree. The students are largely incapable of sensibly considering an issue of any kind and are totally against giving any attention at all to the opinions or views of others.

Bob Bean

Ever since the election campaign and election of President Trump I have become sick to my stomach where “double standards” and open obstructionism are concerned. My preferences have always been to vote for those I felt might have “citizen interest” in mind no matter their political affiliation. HA!! The corruption and self interests by members of congress, and the Presidency, is unbelievable and downright sickening. It has even spread to our higher education…which is the last place I thought I’d ever see such behavior. Where’s our FREE SPEECH folks ? Where’s our belief in serving our country and protecting our citizens ? Lots of changes have taken and are taking place now…but I fear the focus of all this change has split our nation rather than create a stronger bond for survival of our freedom. The open disallowing of free speech is a definite red flag that we need to… Read more »


Sounds more like a Totalitarian country than the United States

Patrick Smith

All I think of when I read these articles is “what do I do about this?” We shake our heads and say what a shame, but what are we to do? That’s not an idle question- WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THIS?! Because I’ll tell you this: I do NOT intend to do NOTHING.


Liberals and leftists are for freedom of speech, alright.. Just so long as it’s something they agree with. Otherrwise, one has no right.


ANTIFA = Anti First Amendment


Free speech? What better place to restrict it than at a college or university of higher learning, it should be noted that there aren’t too many protests at trade schools.
Now, shouldn’t students and teachers have this basic cornerstone of our society down by now?
Since liberals run the education system it’s no wonder students have been dumbed down by the very people we entrusted to educate them. They have indoctrinated students believing that they no longer have to agree with opposing views, because there are no other views possible.

Schools should educate students so they can earn a decent living, anything to contrary is a class on one sided debate. Not too many making a living doing that, except for liberals who teach on that subject.

Barbara Cooper

I’m sick about the anti American issues for which tuition money is being used!


Use Dr. Horowitz’ formula for changing the situation. All higher institutions funded by the government MUST comply with these standards IN ORDER to garner ANY further funding:
1. All required reading lists that apply to students in Liberal Arts curricula, MUST contain equal numbers of conservative works as well as liberal works. Referreed by a conservative think tank.
2. All lists of paid outside speakers must contain an equal number of conservatives and liberals. All lists must be pre-approved by a truly unbiased judge/judges.
3. University faculty tenure standards must be completely free of political bias. And candidates chosen are based on merit.


One thing is certain, if the Communists do not back off in this country, they will (unlike the victims of all the other Communist regimes of the World) go down in rivers of Blood. Americans are not soft, like the fools elsewhere that grovel at the feet of the elites for maintenance.


Liberals and leftists are for free speech, alright. Just so long as it’s something they agree with. Otherwise, you have no such right.


Such universities of higher education should be decertified…PERIOD!!

And if later they have a change of attitude and wish to recognize and PRACTICE the first amendment, rights of ALL students, they should first be required to submit to an interview by Tucker Carlson.


Ann Coulter said that the following is the ESSENCE of being a LIBERAL:
” The absolute conviction that there is one set of rules for you, and another, completely set of rules for everyone else.”

Rich O.

When I visit colleges with my high school senior, the tours include a visit to one of the freshman dorms. In the dorm rooms I have seen a bumper sticker for crazy bernie (“Feel the Bern”) and in another room a poster for “Resist”. Further validation that young people are being successfully indoctrinated into the leftist viewpoint. I make it a point to educate my two girls on American values and traditions and to be aware of liberal/progressive/Marxist propaganda that they encounter at high school, college and elsewhere.

Jim Monson

Higher education was started to allow a wide diversity of opinion on any given subject. That does not appear to the case today. What happened? There are now those who will not allow others to tell their viewpoint on some subjects. College agenda should be to allow all to tell, and carry on their values without being threatened with bodily harm or even having their lives threatened. Why do the threats come only from the far left? Are they concerned that the right views may overwhelm their opinions? My view point is my view point. If you disagree with me on any subject, I give you that right as long as you don’t threaten me or my life. Can’t we peacefully choose to disagree without the aggression and harmful threats to life and limb? Can we choose to live and let live?

Susan A. Condon

It’s disappointing that when I think I have “shared” something, it has not been shared, since I don’t see the comment, “This has been shared”.

Susan A. Condon

It’s disappointing when I think that what I’ve posted can’t be SHARED, because, after clicking on “share,” I don’t see the message, “This has been shared.”


“And, in those instances where a conservative is invited to speak, they are likely to be met with violent opposition.” If you mean by the foregoing comment that your White Supremacist (David Duke) represents your Republican Value system … then, YES, they are not and will not be invited on our University campuses. If you mean that Roy Moore exemplifies YOUR Republican Value System, then, YES … your group of Republicans WON’T be invited in a variety of educational venues. Get your values and priorities straight and Join the 21st Century.