Fran Tarkenton


If you like the benefits and discounts AARP offers but disagree with their liberal agenda, then you’re going to LOVE AMAC!

Hi friends,

Fran Tarkenton here. AMAC is THE Conservative alternative to the AARP – and they truly represent proud, mature Americans, like you and me. You know, when I played football, I scrambled and did whatever it took to win. AMAC shares that same scrappy willingness to fight the Goliath AARP to protect the traditional values that make this the greatest country on earth. AMAC membership gives you access to exclusive benefits, including car insurance, roadside assistance, and guaranteed acceptance life insurance, and so much more. Plus, AMAC is your one-stop shop for Medicare coverage.

So join me, Fran Tarkenton, and over one million other Americans and receive all the great benefits you need at the discounts you’ve earned without the liberal agenda – AMAC is better… better for you and better for America.

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