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Four Stolen Elections: The Vulnerabilities of Absentee and Mail-In Ballots

ballotsAll 50 states have bans on electioneering in and near polling places. By contrast, there are no prohibitions on electioneering in voters’ homes—which is what happens all too often with absentee ballots and voting by mail. This makes voters vulnerable to intimidation and unlawful “assistance,” as well as pressure by candidates, campaign staffers, political party activists, and political consultants—all of whom have a stake in the outcome of the election—to vote in the campaign’s interests, not their own. Absentee ballots are also more vulnerable to being misdirected, stolen, forged, and altered. This Legal Memorandum details four cases studies of election fraud committed through absentee and mail-in voting.

Key Takeaways:

1. Universal absentee or mail-in voting leaves America’s electoral system vulnerable to fraud, forgery, coercion, and voter intimidation.
2. Uncovering instances of voter fraud is difficult, and those who commit fraud are often able to get away without repercussions.
3. Preventing voter fraud is crucial for protecting election integrity, ensuring public confidence in the election system, and maintaining a stable democratic republic.

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Reprinted with Permission from - Heritage Foundation by - Hans von Spakovsky

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6 months ago

I live in a state where vote by mail has been in place for more than two decades. Elections in this state are carried out each cycle with little fanfare. Nothing sellacious happens. It’s boring. Vote by Mail is not Absentee Voting. Please let there be no mistake, absentee voting is voting while one is living somewhere else. The President and First Lady engage in Absentee Voting. Vote by Mail is simply filling in a ballot from where one lives and mailing it in.
All of the information touting election fraud and conspiracy is without reference and fake. It is grounded in nothing and equals nothing. It is symbolism lacking substance and is no more real than The Man in the Moon.

Danny Estridge
6 months ago

I’m sorry Guys, but I HAVE to do absentee ballots since I got hurt. I have no choice, can’t walk that far and can’t stand in a line for more than 2-3 minutes. I spent 20 years in the military waiting to vote because I felt I served at what you wanted, now I vote every chance I get, now with what I’ve read, well I’ll still vote for the most qualified, but if your gonna rip me off, at least buy me a dinner, I ain’t that rich and if your gonna screw me again now, might as well get something out of it.
It’s really a shame that this country has fallen so far from being a Beacon of Hope to a POS 3rd rate country. And while I’m at it, everybody in “Congress” needs to be voted out of office, not helping the people they supposed to serve, and they are lucky to wipe their a$$ with our money, instead of staying in session and helping the people that pay their salary’s and all the perks they get, while not doing anything for us, they people that hired them. People are starving, losing any shelter they had and for what? Not even going into health care, they don’t deserve their jobs, regardless of which party. These are such easy fixes if they weren’t such pig whores for their districts. So stupid, this is the time to come together and they leave on “vacation”. I wish I had as many vacations as they have.
Sorry, just sayin’ after 20 years in the military, if you can’t do the job, get out and let anyone else try. That’s why I like term limits, friggin’ people like Peolsi has been mummified too long to deal with today.
Again, sorry, it just pi$$e$ me off, there’s no reason for this B$.

Jane CA
6 months ago

Talk about voting fraud, I would like to see my yeah/nay register in the comments section !! Right now your site is broken!

6 months ago

like the 2018 election in California their were 7 Republicans’ that were declared winner that night and by morning all lost.

Glen Mckinney
6 months ago

they missed a election. Washinton state governor 2008. they kept counting votes from King co until ROSSI lost

William Archibald
6 months ago

Does anyone have the stats on how many people caught ANY virus while voting in person in the past, without the precautions we take today?

As mentioned previously, if you can safely shop while adhering to recommended safe practices then you can certainly vote in person.

Clearly, the communist dems think that everyone is stupid! Let’s show them how “stupid “ we are by keeping President Trump in the White House this November!

6 months ago

All I know is the democrats are pushing extremely hard to force mail in voting, that tells me everything!
It’s just like ” follow the money” ,politicians always find a way to help themselves NOT American Citizens.
The Exception is President Trump.
God help us all if democrats get elected, Goodbye America!

6 months ago

First time in history, that POTUS is bashing USA elections & that we are fraudulent. Tell the world this ??? Nice poker hand?? Think someone is getting a little paranoid or wants chaos of election

6 months ago

AARP came out today against Trump payroll tax deferral. What is AMAC stand on this issure??? Like or no like ????? This will become a big issue at the polls in November.

6 months ago

Trump admitted that yesterday why he is against funding the USPS with bill. What a blackmail move & he has never had to live paycheck to paycheck. Some people get meds for 90-days in mail cuz it saves them money & some of the older generation still pays by mail. Trump is going to hurt a lot of people by cutting back the postal service, that has been around since Pony Express days. This has served America well & if you got a letter from home in WWII it was like being in heaven.

6 months ago

I believe in voting on election day only unless you are to be on a vacation and not at home. I am an election judge for a lot of years and I would sometimes vote absentee ballot only because I didn’t want to take myself away from my job. I always have voted on election day as long as I have been able to vote. We don’t need early voting either. If you are not enough of a Patriot or concerned citizen to vote on election day, except if it is an emergency, then take up residency in another country.

6 months ago
Reply to  jim

Trump says he votes absentee in Florida & works out great

6 months ago

A recent example of a vote-harvesting scheme using absentee ballots was perpetrated by the previous incumbent mayor of the small town where I live. It is about an hour from the Va. state capitol.  This was a vote for the mayor and entire town council. The ex mayor’s mistake was hand carrying the 50 or so questionable absentee ballots to the registrar’s office in a batch. The rules specify that each must be separately returned by mail. And absentee ballots are usually rare in this small community. The clerk noticed that all but a couple were marked identically and several signatures looked questionable. And she found at least one from a voter who she knew was dead. Nevertheless, the ballots were returned to the mayor with instructions they must be mailed in individually to be legal. The mayor would have won without these fraudulent votes, but the competing candidate filed a complaint anyway and it went to court and by then she had sufficient evidence to prove that many were fraudulent.

However, this example was not listed in the Heritage Foundation’s fraud list because Richmond’s infamous attorney (and now state senator), Joe Morrissey, traveled to the sticks to get a fellow Democrat acquitted. It should have been an open and shut case, but Joe got him off on a technicality.

However, by the next election the whole town knew what happened and he lost the next election in a landslide. Even his fellow democrats voted him out. He tried again two years later and once again failed to win.

6 months ago
Reply to  JES

Story very confusing to me ????

The OLD Warhorse
6 months ago

My first experience with Democrat voter fraud was way back in the late 80’s when Loretta Sanchez defeated B-1 Bob Dornan for congress in Orange County, CA. Of course, the Republican Party refused to support Bob when he wanted to challenge the vote so, of course, she prevailed. It was pretty obvious that there was some unusual circumstances involved. The little corner of the district that was located in Santa Ana, a predominantly Hispanic area had more votes cast than the population. NOT just more than the registered voters, MORE than The POPULATION, but the party refused to challenge. Took me awhile to get over that one.

6 months ago

Well, if the Democrats win by cheating and if they come up with even one crooked vote then they should just give the election to Trump and I bet they would learn a lesson in a hurry. I never saw such evil actions to get POWER. Vote all those Democrats OUT.

Terry S
6 months ago

FRAUD AND MOR FRAUD!!! They can drive to their grocery store, box stores, liquor store, fast food, etc. THEY CAN DRIVE THEIR ASSES TO POLLING LOCATIONS!

6 months ago

The Democrats know they are going to lose this November. They want to cheat. It’s that simple. The secondary goal is to cast doubt on the election results, judge shop, be able to make claims Biden actually won when he didn’t, so they can claim that Trump isn’t leaving office after he “lost” the election. That’s why they are pushing that absurd narrative now, they are conditioning people (mostly on the left) to beleive that Trump is an illegitimate president and they can continue and even ramp up their anti-American “resist” movement. The Democrats (the party, not run of the mill liberal Democrat individuals) have crossed the line from “loyal opposition” to straight up anti-American. There has always been a red streak in the Democrat party, but now that defines it.

If you hate The United States of America, vote for Democrats.

6 months ago

We can stand inline for everything else we should be able to stand in line to exercise our right to vote. Democrats’ are only wanting mail in so they can cheat. That is the only possible way they could win.

s walker
6 months ago

I have written and email to our Senators here in Arkansas telling them No mail in Voting.. I am guessing it didn’t do any good. So I will say this… Anyone can see the Comments on Social Media about our President and Joe Biden. There is No way Biden is in the lead.. Numbers don’t lie.. They are trying to get people to believe Biden is in the lead in hopes of getting more Voters interested in him.. Just like they did with Hillary.. So I Hope and Pray there is someone making sure the votes are accurate. Wasn’t there a story once about the overseas Service men that voted and somehow their votes got lost? We will lose this Country if we lose this President. Why that is so hard for people to see is beyond me.. Vote Red all across the board so we can Finally put an end to the corruption that has been going on for a long time… God is in Control.. I am Praying Daily!!!

6 months ago
Reply to  s walker

Keep Praying and Thanking Him for Donald Trump. Also, give to his campaign. He has lost many of his big donors and Biden has Soros, etc. Every donation counts.

Patriot Power
6 months ago
Reply to  s walker

Agreed! I pray daily too for President Trump to have wisdom! He is doing a fantastic job! Some black Americans, since the George Floyd theatrics was on the “tell a vision” has wounded the EMOTIONALISM of the weaker black community more that it already was! The Open Society organization needs to come down! Yes, they do have some Americans weaker in emotion and education when it comes to the black community which have been programmed “operation mockingbird” by the democratic party right before the elections with their pandering! I am a retired postal worker of 36 years and was in management and there is a very easy way to detect the FRAUD for mail ballots. I do wish I could contact our new P,M, DeJoy and tell him the managerial secrets to determine mail destinations from the automation DBCS machines that arrive in a 3 foot tray to be counted. It would make his life soooo much easier and the Pelosi and Schumer would have Covid-20 diarrhea when they speak to him! I pray he waits to schedule in September . Trying to see if I can e-mail him. One must know the postal jargon in order for the management employee to give to the newly appointed Board Members by DeJoy. The Level 19 and higher will resist ANY and all information to protect themselves from DeJoy and are working toward their retirement savings in the thrift savings plan or TSP. I was responsible for closing reports for the district and NOTHING has changed since I have retired because with those reports they determine the letter count, flat count and parcels that are sent from the P&DC to the area offices for route delivery. The machinery is older and the P.O. Unions want new equipment so they can represent LAZY employees! It is really horrible with 25% of the work ethic! It was a great job for me as I love a challenge because I am good with strategic situations! I would love to see it privatized because stealing would cease and OIG and Postal Police would work for the 80-100K plus bonus salary they make every year. In the mid 2000 (under Bush administration) cutbacks and closures of Product and Distribution Centers (P&DC) took place THROUGHOUT the United States. DeJoy can also act like them and just give them what they want to hear and do what he is planning, lol

Last edited 6 months ago by Patriot Power
6 months ago
Reply to  s walker

It wasn’t just a story. That was done when gore tried to win over Bush.

Brenda Blunt
6 months ago

Lord help us all.

Jeannie Storey
6 months ago
Reply to  Brenda Blunt

If I can go to Wal-Mart, Kroger, Walgreens, then I can go to my own voting poll!

6 months ago

And the gelded “Republicans” do nothing about it. Sad to say, but Mr Trump pays lip service about it, but he’s done nothing either. He’s voting on an absentee ballot from Florida. Time to lead by example, sir. Talk is worthless.

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