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Former Black Lives Matter Founder Reveals the ‘Ugly Truth’

Rashad Turner was born in 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the age of two, his father was shot and killed, leaving his mother alone with no means to take care of him. His grandparents took on the role of raising him. His grandparents told him, “That if he wanted to change his life for the better, education was the answer.” He drove himself to succeed in school and worked hard for his education. He graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota with his master’s in education. He is the first in his family to graduate from college with a degree.

Turner believes that “no matter your start in life, quality education is the pathway to success.”

He set out to bring this success to the communities to help better education. In 2015, he was the founder of the Black Lives Matter in St. Paul, Minnesota. He believed that the organization stood for what the name implies, “Black Lives Matter.” Within that first year of the organization, he learned – ‘ugly truth.’ The organization had little to no concern about strengthening black families, nor did they care about improving their education for the students in the community.

Turner learned this when the organization publicly denounced charter schools alongside the teacher’s union.

As an insider, he learned that the moratorium of the charter schools did not support rebuilding black families but instead created a barrier to better the education for black children in the community.

After a year, he left Black Lives Matter and continued to work hard to better education and black families in the community.

He now serves as the president and executive director of Minnesota Parent Union, which strives to help parents place their children into successful schools from failing schools. This program has placed hundreds of children in better education to help them succeed and break the generational curses of poverty.

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1 month ago

Bless you Rashad Turner!

1 month ago

love it and so true… a good education gives you the tools for success. That’s why I am so concerned with what is happening in our schools today. Good history, grammar, reading and writing are vital to success and a future for this country.

1 month ago

Turner, you are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. We can only pray that other people who get involved with these tyrannical organizations are as bright as you are and eventually see the chaos and destruction that they are causing

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Any more like him in BLM

The Rebel
1 month ago

Hard to respect people who do not respect themselves and others !!!!!!

Fred Noel
1 month ago

Quality education and an even playing field was Dr. Martin King’s vision for all America. Black leaders hijacked the movement to enrich themselves and keep black communities in poverty. Just look at Democratic representatives in Washington D.C. They all make money off the poverty industry

George Washington's Admirer
1 month ago

Whilst we all contemplate the excellent article here; the head of ‘BLM’ is enjoying a life of palatial luxury. One can envision them sitting by the poolside; waiting for their private jet to arrive. They have a busy day ahead of them, selecting yet another mansion; (after all, they only have four already.) Selecting the ‘mansion maintenance staff’ is also a strain. Now, what to order from the private gourmet chef for lunch?

1 month ago

They can start paying for all the welfare benefits all the government assistance programs that white working tax payers have been forced to pay for decades especially now with all white people being told of their white privilege forcing our kids to be indoctrinated with this 1619 project garbage drilling it into their heads to hate their country to hate their skin color to feel less than which is child abuse so much for ending racism in America but then again you know all about that don’t you Jim crow racist joe pelosi and all the other hypocritical racist democrats! Blacks seriously need to do their homework to see who really was there to help them all along it sure wasn’t the democrats who’ve did nothing but suppress them use them for decades even loser obama turned his back on them while he was in our white house stopping the voucher program which helped out poor black children obama was lucky enough to attend private school he didn’t give a damn it was President Trump who helped the black community out!

1 month ago

I applaud him for realizing BLM does NOT care about Black Lives and got out early and is doing something better with his life .
People can and do change.
I’m willing to give him the benefit of doubt.

1 month ago
Reply to  Linda

I’m not ready based on this article … actions speak volumes more about what a man does than what he says. Let’s see some honest earnest reactions from him before we reevaluate him. Scam artists are artistic in deception.

Hal Lemoyne
1 month ago

Regardless how rashad turner tries to spin has black lives matters only testimony

about a terrorist organization he created

I’m not buying it at all

he’s still definitely enjoying all raised donation from george soros contributions

because it is george soros is the biggest/only donor

and george soros hates Donald J TRUMP as all his neverTRUMP politicians cohorts have also

from the start

????????????CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
Amen & Amen????????????

1 month ago

Whatta breath of FRESH AIR and Truth in this young man’s story. His courage also abounds in the story he tells. All without raising his voice. I STAND WITH HIM!!!

Monika Butler
1 month ago

Yes, a great man. The only way to better your life is education. Not more children to leave behind, not destroying property and definitely not drugs of crime.

Ta Vinson
1 month ago

Sounds like a good man.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ta Vinson

Most scammers and BS artists do …. sound like something they are not!!!!

The Rebel
1 month ago
Reply to  Hal

AGREED !!!!!

1 month ago

That’s awesome, we need more people like him to help our communities. That is how we better yourself.

1 month ago
Reply to  T

Not too sure about this guy just yet we’ve been lied to scammed taken for granted had our cities burned to the ground our election stolen from us set up on January 6th in D.C. innocent Trump supporters are still being held have this 1619 project propaganda garbage crammed down our throats told everything is our fault because of white privilege so forgive me for being hesitant after all this guy will come out far better off much richer for what he’s doing now than ever before….time will tell maybe

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