Flying Over America

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Cynthia Blevins

joined AMAC this year just something about AARP never got me to joined or my mother will sign my mother up soon. love AMAC for the standing up for what is right in America

R. Smith

This is a fantastic video. Thanks for it. Am a brand new member of AMAC and cancelled my membership to AARP. I
am a widow of 9+ years and recently retired for the second time. Looking for a long term with AMAC.

Robin Harrison

I loved the video! To those who would criticize it for not showing their choices, MAKE ONE YOURSELF! You can only include so much in a short video. I too dropped AARP once I found out whose views they really represented, not mine!

joe sparks

P. S. I cancelled AARP long ago!

joe sparks

Beautiful!!! Thank you, Amac.

Raymond Benning

I am happy for what they did show. It was enough to make me appreciate America and the video.

George Monk

I joined AARP as soon as I possibly could and the day I found out that some of my dues money was being given to anti gun groups I dumped them. Now when I get a mailing from them I stuff the return envelope with everything I can put in it so they can pay extra postage.
George Monk

Jeff Claiborne

I’m another happy AMAC member the loved the video…I keep getting solicitations from AARP…they always go into the fire pit…make really good kindling.

Chuck Andreas

You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to AARP! I quit them when I found out their founder was totally
Anti-Gun & still is. They don’t respect Our Second Amendment Rights then they shouldn’t expect to get
Our Business. I’ll stay with AMAC.


Re: AARP…to use a fitting phrase used by Paul Ryan at the recent RNC in Tampa…. AARP is trying to sail their boat with yesterdays wind.

Sandy Reiber

Loved the video….but you missed the whole midwest, Nebraska (Chimney Rock), Texas, Utah. Love what you’re doing tho, not liking AARPs policies…..they certainly don’t represent most older Americans I know.


America, the beautiful!


Take all the AARP junk mail. Place it in there own return envelope (postage free) anjd send it back to them

william loan

Mr. Jennett,

You have a very smart wife. Please tell Barbara I just finished tearing up my final notice for AARP renewal. Currently they are offering a discount…….. I think I’ll let Clint Eastwood tell then what they can do with their renewal.

Tom Kerestes

Nice clip, only criticism is they missed the whole midwest – our bread basket of the world!

Paul Jennett

My wife Barbara takes great pleasure in tearing up contiunued advertisments from AARP. Thanks AMAC for being there.