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Florida’s 2018 Election for Governor is a Proxy for 2020

Florida Governor Election Proxy 2018You are forgiven if you don’t yet know who Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis are. They are the Democrat and Republican candidates respectively for Florida Governor this November. DeSantis is a Florida Congressman who garnered 57% of the vote in the Republican primary on August 28th. Gillum is the mayor of Tallahassee who got 34% of the vote in the Democratic primary. Gillum openly ran to the left of the other four major Democratic candidates. He benefited from a late visit to the state from Socialist Bernie Sanders and drew high votes in Florida’s big cities. The liberal media ate up the story of a “late surge” and “upstart candidate” and a “fresh face”.

CNN cited these five takeaways from what they dubbed a ‘shocking win’: 1) “you can’t be too liberal; 2) younger is better; 3) African-American candidates are winning; 4) voters still love a powerful personal story; 5) money matters less than you think.”

Say what? By simple math it is evident two out of three Democrats did not vote for Gillum. But no matter. He’s now the media’s darling.

But stay tuned. Pundits are calling this the Donald Trump vs. Elizabeth Warren pre-show before the main event. Of course, no one knows who the real Democrat candidate will be in 2020, but the 2018 Florida Governor’s race is one the nation should watch.

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Donald Wood
3 years ago

As of today, Oct 25 2018 Gillum is running 6 points ahead of DeSantis. Gillum played the race card in the debate last night, while DeSantis came across so whinny. I can’t imagine Gillum as Governor, horrifying. I haven’t seen any campaign adds on TV, Fox News guest only, what is he doing? He was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, I’m retired Navy and expect that his military back ground would be a big plus. I didn’t vote for him in the primary, I will now.

3 years ago

I will be voting for DeSantis. Gov Scott has done a lot for Florida and if Gillum is elected he will do to Fla what Obama did to the whole country. This is going to be a nail biter election because Fla is a transient state – transplants from other states because of jobs. Also there is the marijuana issue. A lot of people want it legalized & not just young people.

I urge all Florida Republicans (& Democrats too if they don’t agree with socialism, higher taxes & a depressed economy) to vote in November for DeSantis❗️

Donald L Nusbaum
3 years ago
Reply to  HAP

Want to turn Florida into southeast California? Vote democrat.

Dan W.
3 years ago

I hope that Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis can have a least one debate and not invoke the dreaded “scheduling conflicts” excuse that infects so many politicians.

Irene Aponte
3 years ago

Thank you !!! God Bless You !!!

3 years ago

I predict that Desantis will wipe the floor with this left wing zealot! Gillum may play well in Tallahassee, which has been taken over by left wing loons, but he is not going to play well in the rest of the State! He is not going to play well in Miami either! A left wing anti gun Tax Raising, Pro sanctuary city Democrat, and he is black too? I DON’T THINK SO!

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