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Fire Builds Under Obama – Leads to Hard Questions

Three odd things happened last week.  For those who believe in government accountability, they matter.  They raise an important – disturbing – question.  What was the Obama team up to?

First, the acting Director of National Intelligence, Ambassador Richard Grenell, declassified names of 39 high-ranking Obama Administration officials who urgently sought between November 8, 2016 (two days after the election) and January 12, 2016 (eight days before inauguration) to “unmask” private calls between incoming Trump National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn and foreign leaders, including Russian Ambassador Kislyak.

See: www.grassley.senate.gov/sites/default/files/2020-05-13%20ODNI%20to%20CEG%20RHJ%20%28Unmasking%29.pdf).

Unmasking requests are rare, as they involve invasion of an American’s 4th Amendment rights against “unreasonable search and seizure.”  This list is odd.  It involves a machine-gun style set of requests aimed at the incoming Administration, fits a story the Obama team kept pushing that would delegitimize the election, and includes eye-popping names.

To be specific, the list includes seven unmasking requests from UN Representative and former Obama White House official Samantha Power; three from Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (impugned for lying to Congress in March 2013, caught in unauthorized press disclosures); two by CIA Director and former Obama White House official John Brennan (who admits once voting communist; see www.cnn.com/2016/09/15/politics/john-brennan-cia-communist-vote/index.html); two by Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury and former White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew (who served President Clinton); one by Sarah Raskin, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury – married to Trump critic Jamie Raskin (D-MD); one from FBI Director James Comey (enough said); one from Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough;; two from aides to Clapper, 29 from others, including five redacted names, and one – on January 12, 2017 – from Vice President Joe Biden.

Since unmasking is a non-political process, why did eight Obama White House members invade the privacy of incoming Trump officials?  What was the motive?  Did no warning signs go off in their heads – saying this is utterly wrong? Ask yourself: What was their aim?

Second odd event:  Documents continue to vindicate General Flynn, indicating he was entrapped by Obama’s FBI appointees – beginning in November 2016.  Handwritten notes confirm an effort by then-FBI Director Comey and Deputy Andrew McCabe “to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”  See www.foxnews.com/politics/michael-flynn-fbi-handwritten-notes-get-him-lie-fired.  Ominously, the “302” recording a later interview with Flynn appears to be gone. See: www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/stolen-or-destroyed-trump-seeks-missing-fbi-document-on-flynn-interview.

The obvious question: Why – in November 2016 – did high-ranking Obama appointees want to undermine Flynn?  Why the scramble before January 20?  The biggest bombshell of the past week is that President Obama knew his closest allies – including Vice President Biden – were going after Trump’s national security advisor – and there was no criminal basis.  Obama knew that on January 5, 2017.  That was 15 days before the inauguration.

According to documents filed by Justice seeking to dismiss the case, Obama knew intimate details of the Flynn intercepts, and knew there was no criminal basis.  His knowledge surprised his Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates. She was “flabbergasted” and “dumbfounded” when she later learned Flynn was being interviewed by FBI without DOJ authorization. See: www.foxnews.com/politics/obama-knew-details-of-wiretapped-flynn-phone-calls-surprising-top-doj-official-new-docs-show

All this raises profound issues. Why would an outgoing president be intimately familiar with wiretaps of his former rival’s team?  Knowing no criminal basis, why not stop the process – before the January 20 inauguration?

Knowing his Vice President had sought unmasking of their rival’s team on January 12, that a Washington Post ran the next day, why not stop this narrative?  Classified leaks are illegal.  Was Obama part of the narrative, bystander or director?  The nagging question – what was their objective?

Third odd event:  As documents continue to be declassified and released, the fire under Obama Administration officials – and Obama himself – is getting hotter. One sign is that the former President spoke out last week – throwing a punch from the sidelines.

Old boxer Jack Dempsey quipped, “The best defense is a good offense.”  In that context, Obama’s remarks may make sense.  With nothing particular to say, he hears footsteps.

Said Obama, perhaps redirecting: “More than anything, this pandemic has fully, finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing.”

That is rich from a president who capitulated to Putin on an open mike, gave hundreds of millions and nuclear deterrence to Iran, allowed China to dominate global trade and the South China Sea, raised national debt 74 percent, and presided over a near-stagnant economy for eight years. It is particularly rich from a president who knew about and did not stop abuse of our intelligence and law enforcement authorities in pursuit of his political opponents.

In a swipe at President Trump’s unwillingness to federalize coronavirus response, which would violate the 10th Amendment, Obama added: “A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.” For good measure, he tagged Trump for “being selfish, being tribal, being divided, and seeing others as an enemy.”  Remarkable words from a president under fire for political abuse, who advised Democrats that if Republicans “bring a knife” they should “bring a gun.” See: www.snopes.com/fact-check/bringing-a-gun-to-a-knife-fight/

Bottom line:  Americans are sick of political intrigue, abuse of power, and lack of accountability – including by senior Obama officials. A moment of truth is approaching.  These events suggest a closing circle.  They also raise a seminal question:  Why was the Obama White House so urgently seeking to delegitimize the 2016 election?

If not just after Flynn, whom they knew committed no crime; if not just opening the door to future investigations, after they were gone – what were they up to?  Were they aiming, with judicial intervention based on these urgent wiretaps, to stop the inauguration?

That question is solemn, sobering, and arresting.  But it deserves asking, as the theory of the case points to something bigger than Fynn – something urgently sought between November 8 and late January.  If not that, what?  Odd events happened last week.  More may lie ahead.

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Paul Jordan
9 months ago

Obama is a criminal He needs to be stopped dead in his tracks. What he has planned will make his actions as President pale in comparison. He is trying to become the next Secretary General of the United Nations. if he succeeds, he will have more power than he ever had as President. He has been planning this sense he became President. That is why he gave dollars to Iran ,and many other Islamic .countries. If he is in power at the UN he will have control over our military, access to our Intelligence agencies will have our soldiers in the UN army use Islamic terrorists to do his bidding. These are just some of the things he is planning in his walled compound in Washington DC Don’t let him succeed.

1 year ago

It’s Time for Accountability. These people need to be prosecuted and where wrongdoing they should be required to pay back into the Federal Government all money received during this time, also they must get prison time for their crimes. My tax money and Your tax money has been wasted – taxes are for legal activity in the Federal Government for the good of ALL Americans.

JoAnn Toles
1 year ago

I am so ready to see some charges against Obama and his cronies. And the Clintons also. They seem to be Teflon coated!

Frank " Scot " Diuguid
1 year ago

I have been watching Judicial Watch dot org’s Weekly Report by President Tom Fitton for 2 years & therefore I have known ( highly documented by Judicial Watch) about most of these events. As a native
Washingtonian & college History Major graduate, these events by MANY INDIVIDUALS in the Obama
Administration have GREATLY IRRITATED ME.

Glenn Upchurch
1 year ago

We can get nothing done because the democrats are constantly badgering our president….only agenda the Democratic party has is turning this country to communism so they can tell you what to do….. Ever notice when a Democrat is in power it’s listen to me.. But when it’s a Republican in power the Democratic message is use your own judgement…….socialism is just one step from communism… Is that what we really want!!!!!!!-

Iccabod Craine
1 year ago

For those with a continued desire to remain, slaves, the Democratic Party shall and always remain your owners.

The OLD Warhorse
1 year ago

The people elected a Chicago thug to the presidency and are now surprised that he acted like a thug???? Really????
I remember during the 2008 Primaries, when Obama and Hillary Clinton were vying for the Democrat nomination, a statement made by Geraldine Ferraro. Ferraro, a former Vice Presidential candidate was, at that time, a very vocal supporter of Clinton. She was asked about Obama by one of the talking heads on Sunday morning television and replied, “If he wasn’t black, he would be laughed off the stage.”, or words close to that. She pretty much disappeared from the scene after that and Obama went on to win with the support of the media. Of course, she was right.

Word of Truth
1 year ago

Trump should have cleaned house of the Obama-appointed rot even more than he did. All these traitors in high govenment positions needed to go.

Judy Godino
1 year ago

Clint Eastwood said it best obuma is the biggest hoax played on the American people.it’s time for a lot of arrest.

1 year ago

Sarah Raskin, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury–married to Trump critic Jamie Raskin (House Rep D-MD-8th District). This low-life trash lives right here in Montgomery Cty, MD (MoCo) and the radical progressive Jamie Raskin is my congressman (he is nothing but a wild-eye, screaming fool–he has shown his style on committees). Maryland has to be credited with many corrupt politicians. Spiro Agnew, 39th VP, took kickbacks from contractors during his time as Baltimore Cty Exec and Governor of MD… Agnew pleaded no contest to …charges of tax evasion and resigned from office. Many corrupt politicians are out of Baltimore but MoCo has its elite scumbag politicians too. How about Tom Perez, Dir of DNC, who was lawyer for illegal aliens at Casa de MD. MoCo progressive politicians provide hefty “grants” out our tax money to Casa de MD, which supports illegal aliens. The illegals are of upmost importance in MD and MoCo in order for the democrats to stay permanently controlling MD legislature. All the good people are migrating out of MoCo/MD and what has replaced them is elites who fit the progressive ideology.

Darla R Ratliff
1 year ago

Obama Is a despicable miscreant along with ? tooth. They deserve prison along with the snake clinton and schmuck schumer and piglosi andnadler and schiffty and a host of others. Seriously, if aconservative we r to do any of this, they would be in prison WITHOUT DUE PROCESS

1 year ago

Why does this article beat around the bush? B.H. Obama is a Muslim who hates America, Trump & Legal Americans (not just Trump Supporters). It was his agreement with H.R. Clinton (“Private meeting” B4 his election) that he would be President First, to set the over throw of the USA in place and she could be the next President to take us down under Muslim/Socialism Domination! DECEIVED voters were Anxious to vote for the “First Black President” and then for the “First Woman President”. BUT GOD stepped in and said, “NO” to their Evil Plot. Donald J. Trump is GOD’S choice to protect the USA from their Evil Plot, (he’s not GOD, just the Instrument in GOD’S hand) so they quickly formed a Coup with false evidence to disqualify him, his family AND destroy everyone in his Administration. These Evil People have tried Everything to wear down President Trump, his family, his Administration members and friends. BUT GOD has given them the strength to keep going forward. I have never seen such a Strong Family! Whether Obama, Clinton & All the other Traitors are brought to Justice by Orange Suits or Hot Flames is going to be their choice. Who knows, maybe they will chose both! As for President Donald J Trump………..IF GOD B4 HIM, WHO CAN BE AGAINST HIM! Their fighting against GOD!

1 year ago

Why is Bill Barr already saying that what he has seen so far he will not be calling Obama and Biden in for questioning. REALLY???? Nothing is ever done to the left and that’s why they are out of control. Look at the Crooked Clinton’s…look at the worst President in history, Obama. Look at Crooked Fienstien, Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest. The Republicans have investigations and expose them and then it is dropped or someone has to resign while the rest of Americans would go to jail for the same thing. Fed up with Republicans doing nothing but howling for awhile to appease us.

E. Fletcher
1 year ago

Want to talk about election fraud?? Let’s examine the 2012 election. Obama is known slime. How did he get two terms? Look at the damage left in his wake. Some people call me racist because I dislike Obama. I don’t care if the man is purple. He is corrupt. I did not vote for him because he is a Muslim. Now, there is my prejudice. Muslims want us dead for world power. Now we have some in our govt. and listen to what they say. You go along with that? Look at Obama’s actions. You go along with that? Some call me racist. I just explain it to them this way……….Obama is half black and half white. I dislike both halves. Therefore, I cannot possibly be a racist.
As for election fraud, it worked for Obama, failed for Hillary. And they are p——d.

Judy Tiberio
1 year ago

Wow! Who are you Robert B. Charles? Finally a writer that gets it. You are AMAC! Looking forward to your next piece… don’t make me wait too long.
God bless and keep you!!

1 year ago

They are all brought up on charges and found guilty. Whats next ?? 12 months in a boy scout camp in Fla. ??

1 year ago

Replace the word accountable with prosecute. Enough is enough!
Rotten apples do not fall far from the tree.

Mark Preibisius
1 year ago

If this author can get his facts straight there was no unmasking as shown recently. Even so unmasking is very common Trump has done it 8,000 times. Obama did it half that amount. Also then Secretary of State had the so called smoking gun letter that proved only to say that Obama asked for some information and that it be done totally BY THE BOOK, or author don’t you watch current events. More conspiracy BS by Trump lovers, Get your facts straight people!! and wake up to the president that will go down in history as the worst US president of all time.

1 year ago

Why is AG Barr not doing enough re: the Obama administration. Also why Is the Director of the FBI investigating Flynn again? This is b.s. I want justice on everyone and the previous administration.
I’m so tired of the dems literally getting away crime, murder — God love those 4 men who died in Benguzi. And what difference does is matter H.C. everything because the Dems are Not above the law and who is paying for them ? oh I know George Soros

Lewell Austin
1 year ago

If the media had done their job Obama would have never been elected president.
He had less qualifications than anyone ever elected President.
Now the media is trying to defeat one of the best presidents we have ever had.
It is amazing how many attacks have been made against him and he is still wanting to make America Great Again.

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