Fire Brenda Snipes

Florida Election votes flag Brenda Snipes fireBrenda Snipes, the supervisor of elections in Florida’s Broward County, does not deserve to be within a thousand miles of any election office anywhere in these United States. She should be fired at the earliest possible opportunity.

Snipes has held her position since 2003, in which year her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, was suspended for “grave neglect, mismanagement and incompetence” and, quite literally, marched out of her office. Alas, Snipes has proven no better at fulfilling her duties than was Oliphant. On Friday, a court in Broward County found that Snipes was guilty of violating both Florida’s public-records laws and the state’s constitution by failing to provide mandatory updates to the public, and it ordered the immediate release of the missing information. As that ruling was coming down, Snipes’s office was laying out more lawsuit bait. According to the Miami Herald, an election worker found bags of “uncounted early ballots” in the Broward County office — ballots whose provenance could not be established. Snipes, meanwhile, was busy mixing together rejected provisional ballots and accepted provisional ballots, processing them all together. She justified her decision to add these provisional ballots to the official tally on the grounds that it would be better to include some illegal votes than to nix the legal ones with which, by her own incompetence, they had been blended.

Such behavior is by no means out of character. This year alone, Snipes has been reprimanded by the courts twice: once, in May, for illegally destroying ballots during the 2016 Democratic primary, in violation of both state and federal law; and again, in August, for illegally opening mail-in ballots in secret. How long, we wonder, does it take to establish a pattern?

Although Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott hold electoral leads that are unlikely to be reversed, both races remain close enough to have triggered recounts. One does not need to believe that Snipes is engaged in widespread fraud to grasp that her rank incompetence is guaranteed to diminish faith in that process. Florida has a host of laws on the books that were designed to ensure that its citizens can track elections in as close to real time as possible. When those laws are ignored — and when the press is met with hostility, defiance, and indifference — it becomes more difficult to guarantee that nothing untoward is going on. During elections, “Trust us” is an extraordinary request, even from a figure of unimpeachable record. From Brenda Snipes, it is farcical.

It should be clear by now that Broward County has a systemic problem with its management of elections. (Guess which county was at the heart of the 2000 Florida recount?) 2018 is the 18th year in a row in which its elections commission has been headed up by an arrogant bungler (in the best case), and yet voters in the county keep reelecting those bunglers every two years. On present evidence, if Brenda Snipes is to be removed from her role, it will once again be because the governor cries “Enough.” When Ron DeSantis takes office in January, he should fire Snipes. And when he has done that, he should insist that Broward County take a good, hard look in the mirror, the better to ask how long it wishes to remain a den of blustery incompetence, or worse.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by The Editors

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If Brenda Snipes KNOWINGLY added the illegal votes to the batch of legal ones (any emails out there?), why is she still drawing paychecks from the taxpayers? I don’t understand how so many public servants, usually of the liberal persuasion, are permitted to get away with this nonsense. If Republicans did this, there would be no end to the public ridicule heaped on them! Residents should be demanding FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY and ACCURACY in the voting process.
Are the governor and the state attorney’s office powerless to do something TODAY? Maybe the federal government should be involved, since a U.S. senator’s seat is up for grabs. Broward County polling booths and the locations where the ballots are counted should be roped off in yellow “Police–Do Not Cross” tape. This must stop.


She needs to be arrested and charged with violating STATE ELECTION…LAWS…which she violated many times and frequently without any remorse……imo…JAIL time after her trial is better then firing her….imo


How is this woman not in prison, much less still have her job?


This has gone on far to long. In my mind, all of these close elections are now suspect.

Paul W

I’m sick of conservative commentators calling this incompetence. This is criminal intent. Snipes is, and has repeatedly and willfully, obstructed election law. Call it what it is and stop worrying about what the other side will say. They’re going to condemn you anyway. Why would you care what they think!? Seriously! Just call her out for what she is…a criminal.

Keith H

Should have been fired years ago. She is a plant that takes orders from the dildocrats she’s put there to rig the ballot box. And she has every election. She along with the rest of them need to be fired and brought up on federal corruption charges !!! Just another example of the trash left.


She should be fired and put on trial for election fraud. If found guilty send her to prison.



Tom Evans

What more do you expect when Brenda Snipes and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are from the same county. Both should be in jail for the crimes they have committed over the years.


Who hired her in the first place? Who has responsibility for firing her? I heard that several people have already complained to the Governor about her, warning that illegal things were going on. Why is she still in that position?

Army Vet

She should be in Leavenworth bustin’ big rocks into small rocks only to have to glue them back together so she can keep bustin’ them again tomorrow. Election fraud is not a victimless crime. It robs all of us from having a say in our country’s elections, and it is not local either because it determines which faction gets to make our laws.


Why is she even allowed to be in her building if there is an investigation ongoing/pending? She could be standing there right now, ordering her people to continue to destroy/fill out new ballots (both actions being illegal), in the midst of a recount. Please!


seems like one too many of this instances are happening in tightly contested races’ falls under things that make you go “hmm”

Rev. R.S. Helms

It is my studied opinion that the DOJ should have the FBI investigate all voter fraud complaints or suspicions, and prosecute the fraudulent lawbreakers under the RICO Act and give a maximum sentence at Gitmo Prison. Crimes against the United States should not be tolerated from anyone.

Elaine Post

Fire Brenda Snipes


Since before the 2016 election a Hispanic(notice not American) group registered 70000 new voters in the state of AZ. Wow think that had anything to do with the election results in AZ. The Maricopa Country person in charge of elections is now a demonrat(I cannot call these people democrats as that party no longer exists.)..

Dale Newton

How this woman still has a job is a mystery. She should be fired on the spot. This would not be tolerated at any company where I have worked. Only in government…

Herb Lieberman

I am a Fiscal Conservative and Social Liberal…..With regard to Ms Snipes….She was caught once…What happened?? She is still there….I do believe that a person must be considered innocent until proven guilty….Does not look good for Ms Snipes…SO WHERE IS THE LAW?? If it points to committing a crime then where is the Arrest???

Ed H

So why hasn’t the justice system charged her resulting in her dismissal already?

john a smith

It is about time this so called govt. election has done it for me i wouldnt trust a politian any further than i could throw one i am 78 yrs. old and i keep thinking things are going to change in this country and they have gotten worse i am a trump backer but i have had a gut full of politians and theres the president who can do something about these crooked people in office he would rather take a trip to france 1 FED up voter this is crazy