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Finances, Medical and Politics

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This week’s edition of your AMAC weekly news is a unique show all about YOU and dealing with the coronavirus. We will discuss three topics that will affect your life. We will talk about the politics in Washington around COVID-19. We will speak with a doctor about health and what you should be doing. Finally, we will be discussing finances and how to protect yourself best.

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Jim oneill
2 years ago

If an attempt to boycott China help or hurt the USA

Marlene Turner
2 years ago

I think he is doing a great job sure glad its him ant a democrat i hope this is not another plan to hurt president ibhope its investiged

2 years ago

THe media like to blame everything on Trump,there news is always one sided, it’s sad the soo many Americans don.t thimk for themselves, and are so easily influenced.

Lincoln Sorensen
2 years ago
Reply to  Tillie

They do NOT think, It is easier to parrot what one hears so one doesn’t have to go to the effort of thinking. They are too lazy to think, just like they are too lazy to work.

Jack Muckey
2 years ago

The media should print their faults since they would have a better chance of being correct than blaming President Trump for everything.

John Canfield
2 years ago

I do a lot of walking in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. My convenience stores are all located within 1/2 – 1 mile away from my home. Does CVID-19 respond differently, I wonder, to open air as opposed to a closed car or bus environment? Any takers? By the way, this was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen from AMAC, and it has convinced me to seek membership.

John Canfield
2 years ago
Reply to  John Canfield

Just an add-on. I indeed joined AMAC for the 1-year rate, with Auto-Renew for next year. GO AMAC and AMACKERS!!

2 years ago

I had the Asian flu in 1957.(now known as (H2N2) It was evil; I thought I would die. It seemed like everyone in NY city had it. We were all really sick. There was no instant communication, no safe places, and no hoarders. A much different American attitude. We all helped each other. Of coarse without some of the guidelines like ‘social distance’, we were probably giving the virus to each other. One day the sun came out and we all got better. Life moved on. I’m in the red zone now. ninety years old with COPD .This too shall pass.

Raymond Lechner
2 years ago

Thank God President Trump is our leader during these unstable times. He will fight against the left and socialist agenda of the youngsters of today. As well as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Communist Red China and the evil George Soros with all the media & democrats on his payroll who are fighting to destroy the American way of life. We must follow the money trail of where all of the resistance is coming from and we will see George Soros at the top of the criminal empire. He is an evil man that destroys everything in his path.

2 years ago


Lincoln Sorensen
2 years ago

Soros has been buying influence in the media, and our elected employees as well as dumbing down our educators as well as our judicial system since the end of WWII.He prepped Obama with a personal trainer known as Valerie Jarrett through college, into the position of community organizer and then a brief term in congress for name recognition and then as our first “black president”, knowing that the racial stigma had been pushed out there during the campaign and even before, so the “white privilege ” syndrome would prevail at the polls.

Lynda Buchholz
2 years ago

As a senior the thing that worries me the most is the RMD. It is based on last years value and with the lower value this year is could be a problem having to sell to make that RMD.

John Canfield
2 years ago
Reply to  Lynda Buchholz

Lynda, for those who don’t know, following is Wikipedia’s definition of RMD:
Required minimum distributions, often referred to as RMDs, are amounts that U.S. tax law requires one to withdraw annually from traditional IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans. In the Internal Revenue Code itself, the precise term is “minimum required distribution”.
It would seem that AMAC is working toward the end to make your monies easier to access without penalties. Perhaps this issue is also being dealt with. I hope this can help with your concerns. Stay safe and healthy!

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