My Final Election Thoughts

By Jedediah Bila

With just a couple of hours before election returns start rolling in, I thought I would share some final thoughts.

I voted for Mitt Romney bright and early this morning because I believe he is the best man for the job. Mitt and I haven’t always agreed on everything, that’s for sure, but he certainly presented a bold alternate vision to that of Barack Obama this election cycle. That’s what I wanted from the start–a candidate who would offer a strong alternative to voters, one that would exist in stark contrast to the policies of our President. That is precisely what Romney did.

I learned a lot about Romney this election cycle. I learned that he can hold his own quite well in a debate. I learned that he’s not afraid to talk tough on the issues. I learned that he can be funny and is a downright likable guy. I learned that he can get voters excited about turning things around. Most importantly, however, I learned that he is a solid leader. See, I always knew that Mitt was a competent businessman with valuable executive experience, but there was a time when I doubted his ability to galvanize voters, to exhibit gutsy leadership, and to be unafraid to tackle the big challenges of our time. I no longer have those doubts.

It was an honor and a pleasure to vote for Mitt Romney today. He and Paul Ryan ran an optimistic, solutions-driven campaign that I’m proud to support.

I know that Romney and Ryan believe in their policies, but more importantly, I know that they believe in our country. They believe in me and in you. I wish them the best of luck as the night unfolds.

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