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Far Left Continues Stealthy Push to Nationalize CRT, Politicize Education

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn

Just before Christmas, the Democrat-led Congress passed a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package that included $20 million for “Civics National Activities” grants – a seemingly benign budgetary measure that actually represents the latest attempt by left-wing activists to force Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “protest civics” into schools throughout the country.

While parents and state and local governments have made progress in getting Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other political agendas out of K-12 classrooms, the liberal crusade to hijack the American education system is far from over.

The “Civics National Activities” grant program has been up and running since 2017, but the spending bill passed last year provides a more than fourfold increase from 2021. Even a cursory dive into the successful proposals posted on the Department of Education webpage “American History and Civics-National Activities Grants” provides clear evidence that taxpayer dollars are indeed funding leftist ideology in America’s schools.

In 2022, for example, Purdue University was granted more than $1.3 million for a proposal that emphasized “culturally relevant digital civics instructions” that lean into leftist ideas like “understanding and addressing systemic inequities” and “highlight[ing] historical grand challenges.” The grant specifically targets the learning of “middle and/or high school students.”

Also last year, the National Council for History Education (NCHE) received nearly $1.4 million for its “Equality and Power in Civics and Histories” project, with a goal of “expanding the American narrative through a recognition of diverse and evolving histories” – liberal doublespeak for eviscerating the legacy of the founders and castigating America as an irredeemably racist nation. NCHE has also previously used federal grant dollars to hold a summit “in pursuit of equity” – the leftist term that holds that schools and other institutions should strive for equality of outcome, rather than equality of opportunity.

In 2021, Street Law Inc was awarded more than $1.1 million for a project titled “Talking About Local Current and Contested Issues in Schools (TALCCS),” with the stated “goal of this project…to ensure an increased frequency in discussions and deliberations around contested and current issues in Maryland classrooms and communities, with particular focus on serving diverse and under-resourced areas.” Over three years, the project aims to reach more than 36,000 elementary, middle, and high schoolers.

One of the primary left-wing special interest groups who pushed for the $20 million in grants to be included in the spending bill last year was iCivics, which has been one of the foremost organizations in the country in infusing woke curriculum in American schools. Shawn Healy, the policy leader at iCivics, even penned an op-ed taking a victory lap over the funding. He claims that money for the competitive grant program will “improv[e] teaching and learning about the history and principles of the Constitution of the United States,” specifically making the case that the grant program is not ideological.

But as AMAC Newsline has previously reported, iCivics is a left-wing activist organization, and Healy himself is a committed leftist. As far back as 2018, iCivics was replacing “the highly regarded Massachusetts K-12 standards on the history of America, the West, and the world while putting oppression-obsessed curriculum standards in their place.” iCivics staffers have also exclusively donated to Democrat politicians and bankrolled the campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Stacey Abrams, and Joe Biden.

The lesson plans and curriculum that iCivics provides to teachers and schools are also transparently political and far removed from the traditional version of history and civics that most Americans grew up with. iCivics has, for instance, openly promoted the idea that America is “systemically racist” and advocated for students to be “anti-racist” – two hallmarks of Critical Race Theory. Healy himself has counted the repeatedly debunked 1619 Project as a “highly reputable source” teachers should use in the classroom to address controversial topics like racism and slavery.

Aside from advancing their ideological interests, Healy and iCivics also stand to receive a huge financial windfall from the Civics National Activities and similar grant programs. In 2021, the Department of Defense awarded the organization $2 million to peddle their leftist curriculum to students in the military’s K-12 education program. Last January, the National Endowment for the Humanities also awarded iCivics $400,000 to create a “unique, game-based experience” called “Supreme Justice.” While the organization is technically a non-profit, its members and contractors still stand to gain financially from such lucrative grant awards.

Healy has also expressed hope that the recent funding boost for the Civics National Activities grant pot will “lead to further action in the near future,” saying that “now the real work begins.” In all likelihood, he is referring to the so-called “Civics Secures Democracy Act” (CSDA) which has been introduced in Congress but has failed to pass the last two years. As a chorus of critics including the likes of Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, and Laura Ingraham have warned, the CSDA would essentially be a $6 billion slush fund for liberal education groups such as iCivics.

With Republicans now in control of the House, it should be within their power to stop the passage of such a bill. But Democrats and Healy have previously been able to dupe some Republicans into supporting the CSDA. Conservatives must remain vigilant to ensure that their hard-won gains in education are not lost.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch.

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Rob citizenship
14 hours ago

Very important, well researched , well written article Claire. I believe that the foundation of education should include the development of good character, and from that an understanding of what good citizenship involves , a respect for history, and a respect for truth. Abraham Lincoln once said
” There are few things that are wholly evil or wholly good, almost everything, especially government policy is an inseparable compound of the two, so our best judgement of the preponderance between them is continually demanded , ” That sounds like a very realistic observation. Being relatively young at 72, I am hoping that Conservatives will greatly outnumber liberals, ( especially the far left variety ) by 2050 , when I will be 100 and near old age.
Just thought I should mention it, the public health law field seems to be busy with all manner of ideas for continuing mask and so – called vaccine mandates. That sort of development could have some indirect bearing on education and is part of the overall strategy of the ultra left liberals to gain power and control . Education, public health, environmental matters all important and all need to be defended by those of us who respect the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution , and who respect Truth and the will of God. The left wing ideology is a form of pollution to the atmosphere of truth and respect for the will of God ,and the idea of freedom. Conservatives need to develop an education system that is based on the qualities of honor, honesty, integrity, courage and loyalty.

Randall L. Beatty
22 hours ago

Parents need to band together and start to sue the schools and teachers or pull there children from that school I know a lot of people that have started to home school tired of the public schools and young adults that plan to attend college look over everything they teach there are many schools out there that are better then some.

Rob citizenship
11 hours ago

Your suggestions make very good sense. This ultra liberal education strategy is an attack on good sense, and fundamental ideas , principles that involve ethical standards. Having an alternative to it presents one way to deal with the situation . I believe that these very strange ideas coming from the left do need to be challenged at least to the extent that proves what they are promoting is not factual, not true . Thanks to God for everyone who understands how serious this corruption of education matter is and have the courage and sense of responsibility to defend the truth and defend an education system that respects freedom.

James P.
23 hours ago

I despise the public school system(Government Indoctrination Centers), now more than ever the public school system needs to be overhauled. More education…less crap..

1 day ago

I hope that the private school/home school industry is growing at least 20% per year. How do we
spend our money to make this happen ? What is the cause ? We need an organization that we
can trust to raise money for this #1 cause

David Millikan
2 days ago

Excellent article showing how the Braindead liberals are trying to create another generation of ‘DUH’s’ that will be loyal only to a one party system and question nothing and obey regardless.
This is CRT turning your children into the Braindead ‘DUH’ generation.
Is that what you want for your children?

Greg E
2 days ago

Yet another fact free article written by a far right extremist.

Dr. C
2 days ago

This so-called Government is composed of useless depraved Godless friends and needs to be destroyed, otherwise, they will destroy us.Satan’s demons are doing their best to beat us into submission to accept his vile corruption that will cause God to destroy this depravity.

Greg E
2 days ago
Reply to  Dr. C

Your post is complete nonsense. The far right is trying to destroy our nation. America needs someone like AOC as president.

1 day ago
Reply to  Greg E

Are you living under a rock?

Bob L.
2 days ago

The federal government should be removed from any connection to public education which was once and should again be strictly a State responsibility.

Patriot Will
2 days ago

My heart weeps for the many innocent American children who are being groomed to be believers in CRT and the evils of whiteness. We are witnessing the death of humanity and individual excellence. More and more young people are being brainwashed to be underachievers, parasites, and racists. Dr. Martin Luther King would be very troubled and angry by the Marxist Democrats if he were alive today.

Greg E
2 days ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

Your post is a lie. It’s your party led by Donald Trump which is the party of hate.

teresa Ann d'alessandro
2 days ago

only stupid people will allow this nonsense to be taugh! why don’t the left leave America – it’s obviously not for them

Lawrence Greenberg
2 days ago

“Far Left Continues Stealthy Push to Nationalize CRT, Politicize Education”
And they are doing this for the same reason the Nazis and the Soviets did it: to brainwash, indoctrinate, and control the up-and-coming generations.

2 days ago


Sharon Ormsby
2 days ago

CRT teaches that all whites are born racist. That’s absolutely not true. Little kids love other little kids no matter what color they are. People in Africa were still killing other Africans in the 1970’s just because their noses and foreheads weren’t the same-however, their skin was Black. Racism is just that-it’s learned when people are old enough to teach it and CRT teaches racism against white people. We in the South have worked hard to stop racism. If it’s still in the northern states, that’s on people there. We protect people in Texas, you harm one of us, we’re going to go after you. That’s all there is to it. Of course, if you’re a newcomer, you better quickly learn to be one of us, cause that’s the code. If you’re white, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Indian, indigenous Americans now, we’re going to protect OUR OWN. Our neighbors ARE OUR FAMILY. Doesn’t matter if they are LGBTQ either. We might not agree with the lifestyle, they might make us mad, but they’re still one of us. Harm them, we UNITE.

teresa Ann d'alessandro
2 days ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

people with common sense agree with you it’s the stupid ones you need to convince. they are the haters

Philip Hammersley
2 days ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

Blacks are still killing blacks in Africa. The Muslim blacks murder and kidnap the Christian blacks. It was certain black tribes which captured others and sold them to Muslim slave traders who sold them to whites!

2 days ago

People are going to want to rest after fighting perverts doing drag shows for their six yr olds. They might even be somewhat successful. Crt is a different animal in that it deals with the sacred cows of our country. As of yet, hardly anyone other than a few really brave pocs have dared to stand against it. Check out Kendall Qualls and his website Take Charge.

2 days ago

Must be stopped. They are teaching traitorous values to innocent minds. How sick is that?

Philip Hammersley
2 days ago

Shut down the federal Department of Education; Peanut’s payoff to the NEA and AFT for their 95% support of DIMMs. Test scores have fallen since it was established and Marxist indoctrination is pushed more and more.

2 days ago

We already have lots of weak minded, indoctrinated people, one more generation being taught these distortions and lies and its over for this country.

Ann S
2 days ago

Republicans in control of the house means nothing. The communists are and have been dictating since O became president. Their agenda along with the WEF agenda this will become part of the curriculum.
Rewrite our history to their norms and standards.

2 days ago
Reply to  Ann S

This has all been occurring since way before Obama. The Council on Foreign Relations have pushing this communist crap since its inception. And it started a long time before that. Woodrow Wilson and his coherts had a lot to do with it. Each year they gain more confidence that they will be able to bring the world to a “New World Order”. What do you think the WEF and World bank are all about, world domination. Check out the attendees at the WEF and look at their affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations. Wikipedia has the list. Even though some are shown as Republican, they all are liberal in thought! Even current members of Biden’s administration are high officials in the CFR.

Rob citizenship
8 hours ago
Reply to  Ann S

What you said in the last sentence of your comment, that is the challenge Ann . We , those of us who believe in the principles and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, those of us who respect the will of God, and value Freedom, we need to stop the communists from rewriting our history . Their norms and standards are corrupt and contrary to the principles of freedom. Courage ! We can do it, I truly believe that . May God guide all of the right thinking people in the United States of America in the defense of freedom.

anna hubert
2 days ago

I am waiting to see how long will it take before kids are taught that all the discoveries made by white men sailing the seven seas were stolen from black seafaring men

2 days ago

For the descendants of the 500,000 lives lost during the civil war.

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