Fake News Abounds as New York Times Excludes Socialism from Venezuela Report

venezuela-protesters-maduroFirst were the leftist dictators.

Then came the economic turmoil, the riots, secret police, social upheaval, raised inflation, mass starvation, and millions of citizens left struggling to acquire basic needs like food and clean water. In the past year alone, the country of Venezuela has seen indescribable chaos, all of which can be attributed to socialism.

The New York Times recently ran a story on the state of disarray in Venezuela, detailing the country’s financial collapse and the widespread starvation Venezuelan citizens have been suffering for years at the hand of President Maduro’s regime.

Missing from the article, however, is any mention of Venezuela’s socialist government—the same government that was once praised by American liberals as an example of a successful socialist nation. The article only once references the country’s ruling socialist party, and this mention is towards the article’s end, making no connection between the harmful leftist system and the country’s total collapse.

While many were understandably disappointed with this blatant display of fake news on The New York Times’ part, others were frustrated that the publication had carelessly helped propagate the myth that socialism is “harmless”. For those of us who understand history and know better, this is troubling for a number of reasons.

In case you’ve forgotten, liberal elites in the United States hailed Venezuela for years, propping it up as some sort of leftist utopia. Once the country spiraled into economic chaos and reinforced what most of us already knew—that socialism can never work– these leftists were silent. As Maduro stifled his critics and political opponents with threats of violence, American leftists were silent. As the country’s ruling class secured absolute power through a repressive government and the subjugation of its citizens, American leftists were silent.

In an AMAC Advantage Magazine article from July, author John Whelan discusses some of the factors that lead Venezuela to the point where it is today, explaining:

“Despite possessing the largest oil deposits in the entire world, Venezuela’s per capita gross domestic product (PCGDP) averaged a negative 0.10% for the 40 years from the 1958 establishment of a “social democracy” (replacing earlier dictatorships) to the 1998 assumption of power by Chavez, who quickly installed himself as a new dictator destroying the oldest democracy to fall into totalitarianism since World War II. Chavez nationalized more industries, implemented exchange and price controls, and corrupted the national bank, oil companies, and the judicial system, while aligning with Castro’s Cuba. Secret police (the Colectivos) enforced Chavez’ will with strong-arm tactics.”

If “successful socialism” means operating under an illegitimate democracy and turning your country into a criminal enterprise, then Venezuela gets an A+. But for those of us who have the common sense to recognize this system for what it is, the cause of Venezuela’s destruction is clear. Any country where socialist policies take root will ultimately collapse. In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”.

Despite The New York Times’ irresponsible reporting and the rallying cries of American millennials who insist that so-called “social democracy” is harmless, history has shown us that socialism, no matter where, is doomed to fail.

Those who willfully ignore this history are doomed to repeat it.

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Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

“the rallying cries of American millennials who insist that so-called “social democracy” is harmless”. This is the stuff that the leftist union controlled schools in our country are shoving down the throats of our kids while we are hard at work producing tax money to FUND this stuff. These “young skulls full of mush” are being slowly and quietly turned into good left wing Democrat socialist voters who will eventually make it impossible to turn around. Most kids believe their teachers (and professors) are little Gods who know all there is to know about all there is to know. I… Read more »

2 years ago

Hearing the horror first-hand from my son-in-law–a native Venezuelan living legally in the USA–is extremely devastating. His family is stuck there and living day-to-day not knowing what will come next. Make no mistake, China, Cuba and Iran are a big part of taking control in Venezuela, as well. Maduro is a total self-serving idiot with not a care in the world except for himself. He is a thug and criminal, and i pray everyday that Almighty GOD will deal with him to remove him from power. Socialism has definitely wreaked havoc on this beautiful country, to say the least, and… Read more »

Rick johnson
2 years ago

I lived there for four years under El Commandante Chavez. The middle class that had been emerging was destroyed. The ‘new’ middle class … those who have a few more tidbits thrown their way are like ‘outer party’ of George Orwell’s 1984. Those who want socialism for our country should make it easier on themselves and just relocate to Venezuela, Cuba, or other socialist paradises…..and leave the rest of us the heck alone!

2 years ago

It is not true that socialist dictatorships can’t produce anything. There is one thing that is produced universally in every socialist dictatorship. REFUGEES.

2 years ago

“……..Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness……”. That phrase is part of our capitalist Democracy. It entitles you to a life, with inherent liberties. It entitles you to the PURSUIT of happiness, not the guarantee of same. You must WORK to achieve the level of happiness you desire. No one is going to give it to you. That is where the left has it wrong. I worked for what I have. So must everyone else. End of story. Don,t like it here, MOVE somewhere else like Venezuela.

2 years ago

The sad part is there are so many on the left that do not know they are being lied to or don’t want to know the truth. The NYT and Washington post leave out important facts make references to things that did not exist or that were in related and then infer they were true. It so sad they resort to cheap lies to prop up a decaying democrat party filled with hate and intolerance. I am so ashamed I ever voted democrat. They are everything they say they hate. This is not the party I voted with most of… Read more »

James c. Sauer
2 years ago

Thanks, why can’t the mainstream media publish a exilent article like that?

2 years ago

Kudos to the editors of the NYTs. It makes no sense for a leftist/socialist newspaper like the NYTs to mention that the government of Venezuela is socialist. It would be an admission of the failure of socialism. After all, the NYTs wouldn’t want its readers to be that informed.

2 years ago

Mr. Lopez
You need to get this information to Tucker Carlson at Fox News….its needs national attention!

2 years ago

Charity stems from profit and productivity. Socialism stems from charity. When your goal is to break even, charity dries up. Socialism seems to be working in Sweden (Thanks to state-owned North Sea Brent Oil, Sweden has a positive cash flow.) But Socialism can become excessive – it is beginning to fail in the Netherlands. It is beginning to fail in the US, indicated by two successive years of escalating, deficit spending. Hopefully, Trump can get [US] back on track.

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